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Email Marketing and Product LaunchesI got an email today from Robert Plank about product launches. He says, “All a product launch is, is a bunch of emails.”!

Robert Plank has a unique twist and just about everything, but one thing I know….he does what he says and it works. Yep, he’s one of the unique IMer’s that actually talks about what he does and how he makes money. Some might think he’s a little harsh or a “take no prisoner type of guy”. Truth is, he knows what works, he tells ya and then doesn’t want to hear any whining about why you’re not making money!

If you’re on any internet marketing lists, then you know all about “Product Launches”, and you’ve more than likely been abused by them. Honestly, I can spot a product launch before it even hits my inbox…..I don’t care what they’re promoting, I won’t open any of their emails.

Plank sent me an email that really simplifies product launches…makes it easy for simpletons like me to wrap my head around. You don’t need to go through some big process if you have a product or service to promote. Robert makes it real easy, in fact he talks about how he simplifies the process of product launches. Instead of telling you about it, I’ll just paste the email here: (hope its ok with Mr Plank)

All a product launch is, is a bunch of e-mails.

It doesn’t have to be any fancier than that.
None of this “on day 17, tell them you just
remembered about a leaked chapter of the e-book
you just wrote…”

Screw that!  That’s too much stuff to remember.
If you’re launching something, just think of five
reasons they would want what you’re offering.

Or five things that would STOP them from buying
and your reason why that objection doesn’t matter.

Then that’s five quick e-mails.  At the end of
each e-mail give them a place they can go and

The problem with “product launch formulas” is
you’re expecting people to open and read every
single e-mail you send them.  They just won’t.

People are subscribed to so many lists.  You
might say one wrong thing in today’s e-mail and it
gets filtered.

Or they just don’t notice your e-mail.  Or they
open up your e-mail in one tab, along with a bunch
of other e-mails in other tabs, and forget about
clicking on your message… oops.

They might even read your e-mails out of order.

So my advice is just send them whatever is
easiest for you to write about.  The order you do
stuff in doesn’t matter.  All that matters is you
send more than one e-mail.

Big hint: one quick e-mail to your list doesn’t
make it a launch!!!

Here’s something interesting.  I had my first 25K
month back in 2007.  You know what I did?  I
e-mailed my list with a different offer every day
for an entire month.

My goal was an average of a thousand bucks each
day.  Some days I offered new products.  Some
days, old products.  Some days, resale rights.

Was I dead tired at the end of that month?  You
betcha.  Did I hit that 25K goal?  Yesirreebob.

Did my income take a huge drop the next month?
You better believe it.  You can’t offer resale
rights every single week and expect that offer not
to get worn out.

Instead of having one offer a day, just have one
offer a month.  Five launch e-mails for each

If you want to do 1 e-mail a day for 5 days,

But even an e-mail every other day for 10 days is
fine.  Or one e-mail every third day for 15
days… now you’ve spent two weeks launching a
product, great job!

I will allow you to re-mail for the same offer.
In fact, you have to if you want people to read
your stuff.  And next month, you can do it all
over again.  Just blend your content and pitch!

Did you like what I told you today?  Great, let’s
keep that party going if you haven’t joined yet:
Robert Plank Copywriting, Email Marketing and Product Lauches

Have a super duper fantastically terrific day,

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