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A site where the graphics are second rate, and formatting is way off usually indicates that it was built by a rank amateur. That’s not to say its a bad site however.

For a website that somebody is maintaining just because they like the subject matter and caters to a very specific set of people, such things can be ignored. However if your website is to make you money, and you want your business to look professional, then your site had better look top notch.

There’s a bit of a catch-22 in that, though. You can’t hire a professional graphics and web designer to make your site look great if you aren’t making money from your website, and you can’t make much money if your website doesn’t look great. What’s a person to do? Well, you use templates, that’s what you do. The best website building software will include a large range of built in templates. They were created by the top graphics designers in the business, so its a given that they will look great.

Standing Out

Of course, the problem with the templates that are packaged with most web design programs is that they all tend to look the same. They don’t look bad, really, but you have the feeling that you’ve seen that sort of thing before.

The designers of the top rating website building software for internet marketers acknowledge the fact, and devised with a top solution. Instead of giving you a handful of templates that are all basically the same thing only with different color schemes, they hired some of the premier graphic designers around and had them create hundreds of different templates.

These templates were created with unity of design in mind, so if you want to tweak a template a little bit to better suit your needs, that change will be automatically applied to all of your individual pages.

And here’s the best part: if you ever want to change the layout of your website without having to re-enter all of the content, you can do it with a couple mouse clicks. When you enter content into a template page, that content is entered into a specific place. So, if you enter a few paragraphs of text into the body section of a page, the program automatically knows that that text is for the body. If you switch templates, that text will automatically be shifted to the body section of the new template.

With versatility like that, you could change your site design every day with only a few minutes time!

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