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Like most internet marketers I use a variety of tools, WordPress and Xsitepro are just a small part of an online marketers tookit. I wrote the blog post below to outline how anyone can use some of the premade blogs and websites that are available. I was just going to link to the blog post, but I decided to post it in it’s entirety here….after all I wrote it :)

The main reason I decided to share the information here is because you can take the same concept to Xsitepro. When using Xsitepro you can create small mini-sites with a handfull of articles that will do basically the same as a wordpress blog… fact, you can do this with any of the free blog platforms….except you’ll have to build the sites yourself.

stagesofmenopause-home-250That is with the exception of Xsitepro. You’ll find some authors creating weekly minisites on a variety of subjects using Xsitepro. You can even search through the warrior special offers and find premade Xsitepro sites. Follow the guidelines below and don’t forget to submit the sites to rss directories and you’ll be amazed at the traffic, in some ways these sites are more easily managed than wordpress sites. Keep an eye peeled at Niche-Minisites , that’s one of my sites. After the first of the year I plan on creating a memebership where you can pick up a couple of premade Xsitepro Sites for peanuts :) I should get my act together and get a presign up page!

Come to think of it, a good strategy would be to create your link networks using both wordpress,, blogger and xsitepro sites. The more variety …..the more natural it will look to the search engines.

Enough babbling by me, let me know if you have any questions and make sure you get a chance to read the post below. It’s a sure way to build a slow but steady income online.

I just set up a blog in my health niche blog sites called Stages of Menopause. I’m working on setting up a network of my own blogs concerned with various subniches of the health niche. The idea is to create a network of blogs that has interconnections similar to that of a spiders web….the more blogs the better.

One of the easiest ways to develop a series of blogs is by purchasing a premade or preexisting blog.

You can find blogs for sale on ebay, look for auctions on blogs that fit your niche.

You can find blogs for sale on sites like or other marketing related websites and forums. Flipping blogs or flopping blogs has also become popular, just google “website flipping” or “blog flipping” and you’ll find sites and reports on how to start building and flipping your own blogs.


The first thing I do is to look at some of the forums to see what’s available (see below paragraph). After finding the appropriate niche, I look for some long tailed keywords using a tool like Micro Niche Finder or Keyword Research Pro. I develop a list of keywords and then I see which of those are available as a domain. Purchase the domain and then set it up as one of my domains on my reseller hosting, either Ultimate Marketing Center or Site5 Reseller Hosting ……both have been excellent with support second to none.

One of the places I constantly keep my eyes on is the Warrior Forum, in the WSO section you can find special offers for premade websites and blogs. Often times you can pick up a blog that is prepopulated with 10 to 20 PLR articles in a custom wordpress theme for less than $20. Remember, chances are the creator of the blog sold at least 10 of these sites and could be as many as 50 of these same sites on the internet. It really doesn’t matter how many are sold because 90% or more of those purchased won’t do anything with it, secondly those that do upload the site won’t make any changes to the site or articles at all. Here’s a list of things to do before and after purchasing one of these premade blogs.

  1. make sure the site comes with plr articles you can edit
  2. transferring wordpress blogs can be difficult, make sure the creator has a clear cut set up pdf or video, and make sure you’ll be able to contact them after you purchase in case you run into trouble during the installation…..ask these questions in the open, as in the forum environment….if the seller is short with you….don’t expect much help
  3. if you are planning to flipping the site make sure you have the proper rights or license
  4. change any and all affiliate links
  5. edit any optin forms to your own autoresponder
  6. find long tail keywords that correspond with the content of each article or blog post
  7. Rewrite the title of each blog post, be sure to include the long tail keyword…this is important!
  8. Rewrite each blog post so that it is unique, be sure to include the long tail keyword that was used in the title, in the blog post at least 3 times
  9. add an image to each blog post, make sure you use the long tail keyword in the name of the image and in the alt tag
  10. publish the post
  11. after publishing, go back and submit the blog post to social bookmarking and networking sites
  12. pick out 10 more long tail keywords and write or edit 10 more articles for blog posts and submit
  13. chances are you will have a very healthy piece of virtual real estate otherwise known as VRE

There’s much more you can do with these sites, but if that were all you did and you did this 5 or 10 times a month you would create a nice little network of blogs that would be valuable for all kinds of different purposes besides a monthly number of clicks from Goggle :)

You could drip feed articles if you have them.

You could build the blog further by any number of autoposting or autoblogging methods.

Bottom line, at least for me, is that finding a prebuilt blog saves me some time….If you find one in the niche you’re interested in, or want to develop it’s a quick way to get some content up quick. You can always develop it latter.

Of course it will take some time to get traffic to the site, I use Auto Social Poster plugin a well kept secret used by so called gurus for quick spidering, fast indexing and constant traffic, its well worth the price because your blog will get indexed and spidered quickly. I also use Slick Auto Poster and Article Stalker for autoposting full lenght keyword rich articles. Once established, I’ll add Google Adsense, Ebay, Amazon and add an optin form…..I might do only one of these or all of them some of these plugins allow you to use your keywords in the plugin to pull in relevant products or articles when autoblogging.

My goal is simple, get the site to produce $10 a month. I keep it simple. I know if I can get 10 sites to produce $10 a month, I’m making $100 a month. That’s not much money but it’s a very real number. Now all you need to do is expand your efforts, shoot for 100 sites a month making $10. Maybe it takes me a year to do that, but I’ll be making $1000 a month on autopilot. I know from experience some of those sites won’t make $10 a month…..some will make less, some will make a lot more!

Here’s an example of one of the sites I purchased on the warrior special offers forum, a blog on “menopause“. All I did was create a new header and install according to the authors instruction. Take a look at Stages of Menopause

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