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I responded to a post, regarding xsitepro,  on a private forum I belong to. The person was interested in comparing xsitepro to wordpress and wondered what the scoop was with rss feeds and xsitepro. Actually they wanted to know how to create a rss feed for their xsitepro website. Below you’ll find some of my comments.


Up until recently I created monthly graphics and minisites for a PLR membership and I used Xsitepro for the minisites.

I found that Xsitepro was really simple and quick to use for making the minisites….better yet, was the ability to easily add pages, articles etc. I really didn’t want to use Xsitepro but was forced to because of the PLR site owner.

I found myself liking Xsitepro more and more. It’s perfect for any internet marketer or niche marketer. I ran into a guy who has a product that shows you how to create a wordpress blog from the same template of your Xsitepro site….so you get the best of two worlds.

This book is called Xsitepro to WordPress

Anyway….I did a small test using a couple of articles and a video or two on a new site (it was actually in a directory (folder) of another site). I created an xlm file (rss feed) for the site from within xsitepro and submitted the feed. I wanted to see how long before the pages were spidered and indexed.

If I remember correctly it took less than six hours for the spiders to get there and a couple of days for the pages to get indexed. I was shocked! I ended up with a couple of the pages being on page 1 and 2 of google.

If I didn’t submit the rss feed…..I know it would have been untouched for weeks….maybe months.

Creating an XLM file for your site is really easy. Click a few buttons and enter some text and your done. But you can read about it here RSS Feed for Xsitepro Website

James Schramko has an ebook called Xsitepro Cheatsheet Vol2….it covers xsitepro version 2. There is a nice section on XLM with more screenshots than the link I showed you, plus he shows you how to use the xlm file.

He also covers XML broadcasting which means submitting the feeds to directories and pining. Two important things to use.

Link for Xsitepro Cheatsheet

From an seo standpoint, Xsitepro really shines. One of the major efforts in creating Xsitepro was to create a program to spit out seo optimized pages…..or at least give you the tools that will help you to create properly seo’d pages. I don’t think any other static website builder will do this.

If you asked me which is better….wordpress or xsitepro. I don’t think I could fairly answer that. It really depends on what you’re doing and it depends on your intimate knowledge of both programs. Most of my sites are now made with WordPress or will contain a wordpress blog and I use Dreamweaver most of the time and Xsitepro only for special niche related projects.

I think wordpress has an seo advantage…but keep in mind, you need to use a theme that is known as being SEO optimzed.

I’m sure as you move along in your business. You’ll end up working with both tools…Wordpress and Xsitepro.

One more thing, you’re probably familiar with all the offline buzz, well, I started recently doing little quicky sites with Xsitepro. It’s perfect for that purpose, plus there is an added benifit, once a site is created in xsitepro, the customer will have to retain you to do any further editing….or else they’ll have to purchase a copy of Xsitepro :)

Hope I might have babbled something worthwhile here!

Good luck,


I almost forgot….if you haven’t already…..stop by the Xsitepro forum, you might pick up some additional ideas and of course you can ask your questions there.

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    RSS feeds are really great because you are always updated with the latest news or blog posts.’`’

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