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When it comes to choosing web design software, there are many different options.  To choose which web design software package is best for you, you should consider the different features that the software comes with.  Following is a list of different features that you may want to look for when you choose a software package to design your website.


“What You See is What You Get” web design software allows you to visually design your website and have the program generate the HTML code for you.  This feature is especially important for designers who are not familiar with HTML and CSS.  If you decide to use this type of web design software, it is important that it allows you to view and directly edit the HTML.  Even if you’re not HTML literate now, you may be in the future, and being able to directly edit the code gives you added versatility.


Many web design software packages include templates that you can build your website around.  Some of these web design software programs such as XSitePro offer hundreds of different professional-level templates.  By using templates that have already been created and tested, you can be sure that your website will be readable and attractive to your visitors.  It’s also important that you’re able to create your own templates so that you can customize your pages and reuse the design.

Affiliate and PPC Management

Affiliate marketing and pay-per-click advertising are two of the most popular ways to make money with a website.  Because of this, having the tools to take advantage of these two methods built in to your web design software can be very helpful.  By keeping your affiliate codes organized and easily accessible, certain types of software can reduce site creation time.  Direct interface with a PPC provider, such as Google AdSense, can also save time and make your advertising more effective by only displaying ads that are directly related to the content of your site.

SEO Tools

Search engine optimization (“SEO”) has become an increasingly important part of making sure that your website gets seen; because of this, web design software that automates optimization can be very useful.  By making suggestions based on analysis, some software packages can greatly reduce the time spent on SEO through automation.

Script Insertion

Scripts allow a website designer to customize their page with both useful and interesting actions and events.  Because of this, script insertion can be a very useful tool within web design software; instead of re-writing the script each time it is to be used—which can be extremely time-consuming—the web design software is able to automatically insert it upon command.  This is an important time-saving feature available in many software packages.

The needs of every web designer are unique and require different features from their web design software.  Some tools, like those listed above, are useful in almost every situation.  Before choosing a software package to invest in, it is important that the designer determine the functions that the software needs to perform.  This can save a great deal of time when it comes to choosing the correct program. A web design software package like XSitePro has all these tools and many more.

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