Xsitepro and Main Street Marketing Machines

Working with offline marketing Main Street Marketing MachineYou’d probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that people use Xsitepro for many different reasons. I spend much of my time in the internet marketing niche, graphics niche and offline marketing niche and I’m always surprised to see innovative uses of Xsitepro.

The key to this diversity is the use of templates and I’m in the process of creating an advanced template that can be used for any niche with just a few tweaks… I’m making the videos now and will be sending an email out to my list as soon as its available.

Here’s a sample of one of the template configurations.

Still testing but click here to see the basic template

Let me change gears and talk about making money online using your website….whether for an offline business or online business.

It’s a difficult task to make a living online, it’s even more difficult to have a brick and mortar store and create a website that brings you leads and sales. I don’t think it ever was easy, however, today’s economy makes the task even more difficult.

Your inbox is probably filled on a daily basis with offers for one money making product after another. All promising to make money. They might work to some degree….but never as easy as it might portray.

We live in a unique period of internet history. Today, April 2010, offers you an opportunity that won’t last forever. I’m trying not to sound too hypey….I hate that tactic, but what I’m about to show you will make a difference in your life and those you do business with.

I love this saying:

“Help enough other people get what they want from life and you’ll get everything you want and more” Zig Ziglar…..a very true saying.

Offline Marketing provides an opportunity for you to help others. A number of systems have been developed but none can compare to what I’m about to show you.

First…very very few people can go out and make money on their own. If you have a system to follow, building a successful business becomes much easier. Think of things like franchises.

Well…the folks at Traffic Geyser have been experimenting with their system of video, article, podcast ..ect. submissions and combining them with keywords for local businesses. Their desire was to create a system that would get local businesses top position on Google and the other search engines. For instance a painter in Chicago would want love to have “Chicago House Painter” turn with his website on position 1 of Google.

That’s exactly what they’ve been able to achieve. A system for ranking local businesses for their keywords to bring them leads and sales.

How can this benefit you? Actually…a couple of ways.

This system is called Main Street Marketing Machines

If you own your own brick and mortar business you can use it simply for yourself and get your business ranked for a variety of keywords that will bring you either leads or sales or both. Unlike purchasing a yellow page ad, this is an investment in a system that costs less than yellow page advertising and will last the lifetime of your business.

Main Street Marketing MachinesThe other option

This system really will shine if you’ve been part of the internet marketing community and trying to make money online. This system takes what you’ve learned and you can apply it to any local business with excellent results. Meaning, they will be ranked on the first page of Google.

This system of offline marketing to local businesses can become your business. Their method of promotion and development will bring clients running to you and your business can be as large as you are able to imagine.

The key to the success of Main Street Marketing Machines is that it works!

Go to this page:

Main Street Marketing Machines

Fill in the form and watch the videos, you’ll get everything you need to make an intelligent decision about this.

By the way, even if you are a complete newbie….this system will allow you to set up your own offline marketing business. With so many people looking either for a new job, replace their job or just looking for some extra income….this is a business opportunity you will want to at least look at.

Wishing you much success!

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Xsitepro Slicing Template

February 19, 2010 by  
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Xsitepro 2 templates can be customized to add many more new content areas when compared to Xsitepro Version 1. While not all are necessary, they can all be used at once. Plus there are many different ways to manipulate the content within those designated areas.

The areas in red in the below images represent slices. This means you create a seperate image from that area and use it to put a new template together. It’s really a fascinating and simple process once you understand it. The more advanced you are with css and html will mean you can further enhance and develop your own special templates.

Learn how to Create Your Own XsitePro Templates by watching the video series. It’s only 10 dollars and shows how to create templates from existing jpg or psd created templates. I was originally made for Xsitepro version 1, however, it equally applies for version 2. The only difference is that version 2 allows for more custom sections as per the images below.



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Local Business Directory Template with Gas Prices

January 28, 2010 by  
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I know I keep threatening to release the Xsitepro Local Business Directory Template and I apologize for the delay. I keep finding ways to improve the template and working on a script for rotating some of the contents.

The Mchenry Local Business Directory has been gaining visitors steadily and I haven’t really done anything with it. By that I mean, I haven’t added any more businesses or other content. I’ve been surprised at the number of returning visitors along with the steady increase of traffic. It’s not much, but Mchenry isn’t a very large town….in fact it’s quite small.

The performance is just as good, if not better than a wordpress blog.

I found 2 tricks that keeps Xsitepro sites ranking in the SERP’s and the rankings have staying power….that is they don’t drop in rank for the keywords I’ve targetted. Here’s 2 results:

Mchenry Oak Flooring Contractor

Mchenry Oak Flooring Contractor

Mchenry Oak Flooring Contractor

Or how about Mchenry Chiropractor

Mchenry Chiropractor

Mchenry Chiropractor

As you can see both keyword phrases are on Page 1 of Google. The best part is both businesses list for a handful of buying keywords each!

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I was experimenting on adding a script to the local business directory template that will hopefully turn browsers into regular visitors. I purchased a script that pulls in gas prices from across the country. I put up a quick page, however, I haven’t had a chance to customize the gas price page. The idea is simple. You simply enter the zip code or city and state and you’ll get the gas prices for your area. Check out Mchenry Gas Prices and let me know what you think of the idea!

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Make Your Own Xsitepro Templates

November 12, 2009 by  
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You Can Make Your Own Free XsitePro Templates

Learn how to create your own Xsitepro Templates by watching this video tutorial showing you step by step the methods and concept behind slicing up a website template and creating a Xsitepro Template!

Since XsitePro is one of the easiest site builders available on the market, there has always been the problem of the XsitePro “footprint”. This is because most xsitepro templates and websites pretty much look the same, and this is made worse by people who use the templates that come free with the program and do not change them at all.

This is always a mistake, and only a newcomer to the world of internet marketing would use the same template that thousands of other people have.

It is fairly easy to build your own site with the new Xsite Pro, using paid or free software that is available to all or software.

Plus the sense of satisfaction at looking at a web site that you have created is second to none in the world! Of course, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and you don’t want a web site that nobody ever sees, either. You want to remember that many people who can make up great websites on their own do not because they prefer to work on things that they feel confident or expert in, like article writing or keyword research, and leave the graphics part of it to people who are experts in that field.

Of course, there are lots of free XsitePro templates out there, but usually, they are not all that attractive, and have the maker’s link permanently embedded into the site. To create a nice site does not take all that long, you just need a few guidelines. Look around at other sites and see what it is you like, and then you can use them as a basis for your own site.

We need a template to start out our new site, and usually people use Photoshop to make slices to be used in XsitePro. There are many tutorials on how to use Photoshop, just Google it

After you are happy with your header, go to the side panels, making sure that they match nicely in color with the header colors.

Now, you have to make sure that everything fits together nicely, so make sure your slices are as follows: Header should be 160 by 700 pixels; the footer should be 60 by 130. The Panels, both right and left, should be 65 by 500, and the Main Body 65 by 500.

Of course, these are just basics, and you can do many other things with different sizes and with the XsitePro Preview, it is easy to see what they look like before you publish on the web.

Importing your new site into XsitePro is a snap. Create you project, then new website; click the page layout, and then start importing your new information. The page layout is the key to this; make sure you watch all the videos at Xsitepro main site.

Another thing that people do is take an existing template and “fiddle” around with it, making a new and unique template up that way.

Of course, if you are more interested in letting the experts handle creating Extraordinary Websites, Templates and Graphics so you can get down to actually creating and publishing websites, then check out my limited time offer at http://xsiteprodesigns.net

Learn how to create your own Xsitepro Templates by watching this video tutorial showing you step by step the methods and concept behind slicing up a website template and creating a Xsitepro Template! Find out how you can get 20 Xsitepro templates for the cost of a cup of coffee!

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Importing PLR Salespages Like PHP Tutorials for Beginners Into Xsitepro

September 11, 2009 by  
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I had a new user to Xsitepro ask me how to import PLR, RR, or MRR salespages such as I Hate PHP which is a PHP tutorial for beginners. Initially I knew there wasn’t any easy way to take prepackaged sales materials and import them into Xsitepro….but I went to work!

I’ve been experimenting with xsitepro in an effort to find out how to add the sales pages, thank you pages and download pages that often times come with PLR and various Resell Packages. I’ve done some research and so far I haven’t been able to find an easy method of importing these pages into a xsitepro website.

The reason is in part due to the fact that xsitepro is a template based system of creating websites and web-pages. Once you pick a template for your website you are pretty much committed or stuck with using that template for the entire site. Consequently every web page of content is placed within your choosen xsitepro template. If you wanted to add a standard html salespage from a resale rights package, somehow you would need overwrite or ignore the original xsitepro template.

I thought I found a way to create a page that ignores the template you pick for the site. When creating a page, go to the advanced featues at the bottom of the page. You can select a radio button that says ignore site layout. I thought for sure this would be the magic bullet. So…I created a page, with the Ignore Site Layout selection ticked and thought I would be able to paste in the html code for the PLR salespage.

I copied and paste in the salespage html as I mentioned, I knew I would have to also include the images so I used Xsitepro’s file upload feature to upload the images for the template. I should make note that I put the code into the “source page” of the xsitepro page editor. I had to change some of the image paths in the html of the sales letter and I then tested in the browser. It worked to some degree, however, some of the code was left out and when viewed the sales-page was corrupted. I tried the process several times with several different resale rights packages and it just wouldn’t work. Probably the most upsetting part was that the page was scattered, corrupted and mixed up when trying to view in the WYSIWYG editor.

After trying several times, I found out that Xsitepro strips out the standard html code for a webpage and other code as well. Consequently, things like some images, background colors and background images did not work. Basically the PLR sales page looked like crap and would not be an acceptable way to promote any type of product.

I also tried the same method with several different PLR products just to make sure the method wouldn’t work with all different types of html coding.

I tried another method of importing html pages into Xsitepro using the import function of Xsitepro in the “Other” tab and the results were the same.

In each method I tried to import and upload an html page into xsitepro I did so with the intent of being able to use the WYSIWYG editor in Xsitepro to edit the sales page. I wanted to be able to use the xsitpro editor to add Paypal Payment button code. I wanted to be able to edit the text and to add or delete images. Simply put, it could not be done!

If there is a way of importing and editing a standard html sales-page from a PLR, Resell Rights or Master Resell Rights product with Xsitepro, I simply do not know about it and as Xsitepro version 2 stands now, it will be impossible to do.

There is some good news for those who have PLR products and want to use Xsitepro to manage the pages.

First you must edit the PLR salespage outside of Xsitepro. You can use a free program like NVU or Kompozer.

I did this with a product called I Hate PHP, Learn PHP Basics you can see the sales page here:
Php Tutorials For Beginners
which is in a directory that was created by Xsitepro!

Then I used a super secret method of showing the salespage ….Php Tutorials For Beginners and I used the same method to include the thankyou page and the download product for I Hate Php.

I think this method is pretty unique and I will reveal how to do in a pdf and a couple of videos. I plan to have the videos and pdf done in the next 2 weeks sometime and I’m sure many Xsitepro users will find this method an easy way to add either a whole directory of products or for adding one simple PLR product!

I plan to set this up as an example for the process and will use the page at PLR Directory to set up a type of directory of a handful of PLR products just so you might see how to do it. Keep in mind, if you happen to be confused by the template at PLR Directory its simply because I haven’t changed it yet.

Some might argue that Xsitepro really isn’t suited to compile, display and sell PLR, resell or mrr products. I would have to agree to a certain extent. However, remember, Xsitepro’s structure for SEO is superior to everything and probably equal to a blog. Plus, syndicating pages as xml or rss pages is extremely easy with Xsitepro and when the user implements all benefits provided by rss…..traffic will soar!

Properly used, Xsitepro and it’s advanced features beats the pants off of any static html editor. I’ve seen far too many so called internet marketers claim that wordpress is far superior to Xsitepro. That statement is simply false and based on ignorance. They don’t know how to use Xsitepro and like most marketers they take the route of least resistance. Anybody can install a wordpress blog and write a blog post….not everybody can make the magic happen with Xsitepro!

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Offline Directory Template for Xsitepro

July 20, 2009 by  
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Offline marketing can be very profitable and there are many different types of business models to follow. Basically offline marketing is the concept of helping a brick and mortar type business by using your internet marketing skills to give the business an online presence.

From that definition you can see how it would be possible to come up with a variety of different marketing schemes. It could be as simple as creating a Blogger Blog with an opt-in form for building a list or even a Squidoo page with an otp-in form for list building. You could make it as complex as desired offering many different options for driving foot traffic to the offline or brick and mortar business.

I’ve been working on a Xsitepro Offline Directory Template that is a little more complex than the standard Xsitepro Template and is designed for the offline marketer. The template can be used for a simple offline directory or offline portal to a very complex directory or portal. The below image is a sample Local Offline Directory in Mchenry, Illinois.

bestofmchenry-3-shotsThis template is designed to be used by the offline marketer to go from city to city or town to town with the intent of advertising and marketing local business operations….driving traffic to their websites, advertising their business through appropriate keywords and marketing their businesses by offering list building through optin forms.

The Xsitepro Offline Directory Template is designed to provide a multitude of monetization models. Across the top are 3 ads with images. These appear on each page and can be sold for $100 plus per month. The ads can be stationary or rotating.

Below the 3 ads across the top is a Xsitepro’s dynamic menu. I’m working out a few kinks but it should serve perfectly as an easy method of navigation.

The main panel is configured with a premium advertising space. The premium ad could start at $200 plus a month, of course it depends on the traffic you’re getting. The space would feature an image along with an advertising message which would contain a link back to the advertiser’s site.

I haven’t really developed the left navigation colum yet. I’m not sure I like the scrap paper look….but we’ll have to see how it works out. The Nav Column could feature more ads or banner space to advertise along with providing some standard nav links. A rotating banner space could work out well….something like special of the day or week. Again, this feature would be sold as an add on.

I think one of the most interesting features is the premium advertising page here’s an example for Forever Floors in Mchenry. Many small businesses don’t have a web presence, they do not have any type of web page and the thought of getting online scares the crap out of them. The Premium Advertising Page is basically a single one page website they can have. It includes their basic information along with an advertising message and a few images. Most importantly this page can be used to get them on Google Local. I have a few things to do on this page yet, but take a look and see how you might use this page.

There’s more but this will give you an idea of what Xsitepro Offline Marketing Template will offer. All pages will come with basic templates that you simply copy and paste. Of course Xsitepro’s full compliment of features will be able to be used on the entire site. This will give you, the offline marketer, tremendous flexibility and power.

I have to say the income potential with this type of template is unlimited. You are limited only to your imagination and ambition. You won’t get rich over night sending out a few emails….but if you approach this as a real business, get on the phone, knock on doors and figure out how to set up a local business directory in your own neighborhood, town or city…..you can then take this worldwide.

Keep an eye on Best of Mchenry Local Business Directory and watch for my lauch of the template very soon! Leave your name and email address in the form below and you’ll get the template at a very special and reduced price when I release it…..only if you sign up to the list though!

[tags]xsitepro business portal, xsitepro business directory, offline consulting, offline directory template, offline market, offline marketer,offline marketing, offline portal template, offline template[/tags]

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Xsitepro Affiliate Review Site Templates

April 17, 2009 by  
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Not too long ago I thought WordPress was the best way to develop Affiliate Review Sites…..boy was I wrong because I discovered some Xsitepro Affiliate Review Templates that are really awesome!

Many internet marketers are achieving success in affiliate marketing by using affiliate review sites. These sites are most easily built by using affiliate review site templates. If you search, you’ll find affiliate review templates for many type of websites such as:

  • Static Html Pages
  • Xsitepro Webpages
  • WordPress Blogs

Chris Rempel popularized the affiliate review method known as The Conduit Method by posting a free post in the warrior forum (paid section) on his method of developing affiliate review sites along with discussing how successful he’s been while using this method.

Affiliate review sites are developed when comparing at least 2 products. The main page features both products, preferably with images. The subpages are individual product pages that contain a detail description, review and user comments…..finally a call to action. The main idea is to keep the concept simple and repeatable. Kind of like setting up a simplified McDonald’s Resturant…..their model is simple and the same for each resturant.

I’ve found Xsitepro the perfect platform for developing affiliate review sites. Xsitepro uses a template system for building websites, so it becomes very easy to develop an affiliate review site if you have a xsitepro affiliate review site template. You can find a ton of xsitepro templates, but try and find an affiliate review template!

One source of xsitepro review templates is Chris Rempel’s Vip Essentials and contains everything you need to build a 6 fixure affiliate business featuring:

  • High-Converting, “Just Add Content” HTML Templates (includes Xsitepro Review Templates)
  • Specialized “Conduit Review Site-Maker” For WordPress
  • Step-by-Step, Brainless Targeted TRAFFIC Blueprints
  • Quick-Start Outsourcing Templates & “Cheat-Sheets”
  • SEO Action Plans
  • Easy to follow Instructions

Chris’s package is the best way to go even if you’re simply looking Xsitepro Review Site Templates. These are the exact products and procedures that Chris has used to develop the Conduit Method and is the way he achieved success with affiliate review websites.

However, if you just want to get your hands on affiliate review templates consider the below sources:

Xsitepro Affiliate Review Templates

WordPress Affiliate Review Templates

If you invest in a set of  these templates you could easily do 2 a week!  Start sending some traffic and watch what happens :)

This video will give you an idea how the WordPress Affiliate Review Templates works.

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Creating Custom Xsitepro Templates for that Custom Website Look

March 27, 2009 by  
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Xsitepro can be confusing to the newbie and you find yourself asking all kinds of questions. Especially questions dealing with xsitepro templates.

How do I create a new xsitepro template?

What or how do I make the xsitepro template?

Do I have to know how to use photoshop to make an xsitepro template?

I just finished putting together a Dog Xsitepro Template and thought I’d see how I could share it with some of my fellow Xsitepro users. In fact if you find yourself here, please click on Xsitepro Dog Template and have one on me :) Below is a question I answered about xsitepro templates in one of the forums I visit.

One method of designing and developing a website is by creating an image of the desired website and then using a program like photoshop to “slice” the image into sections which are then used to build your actual website.

The same concept holds true to Xsitepro. Anyone with a knowledge of photoshop and understanding of how to slice images for importation into Xsitepro can create a website which is unique and looks exactly the way they want it to.

Bascially, you can use just about any template as an Xsitepro website template if you know how to create the template. Xsitepro comes with many standard templates, and I must say the templates that come with Version 2 look a whole lot better than those that came with Version 1.

Here’s a template I designed from scratch.

Free Xsitepro Dog Template

As you can see, the webpage or template has rounded corners….8 rounded corners to be exact :)

The site was put together entirely with Xsitepro Version 2

The template was custom created by me :)

So…your statement above about Xsitepro not using their own program is probably false, they just used a custom template to build their website.

Using the standard provided templates are great for adsense sites. Quick product sites and even doing a quick site for an offline client.

In my opinion you’d want to use a custom template to brand yourself and create your own look, if the website is your business or some sort of authority site you plan on spending a lot of time on.

Hope that helps!


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Custom Xsitepro Template for Dog Niche

February 18, 2009 by  
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You probably already know that the pet niche is really hot!

One subniche of the pet niche is “dogs”, google says the average search volume for that keyword is over 37 million a month!

With some diligent keyword research you can come up with some great money making terms. Also, there are plenty of products, both physical and electronic, that are affiliate products you can promote.

Since I’m such a nice guy, I created a custom Xsitepro template with a Dog theme, that is generic, you can use it to post articles, a sales page, affiliate products or just about any type of content to the web. And…….you can have this Custom Xsitepro Template for FREE!

Proper website templates are hard to find….especially xsitepro templates. The templates provided with xsitepro aren’t niche specific, now you can have a custom dog niche xsitepro template free of charge. Just go over to Dog Niche Xsitepro Template, fill in the optin for for even more goodies and you can start your own dog niche website in a couple of minutes! And it didn’t cost you one penny :)

I ask you one favor though.

As you probably know, there have been some terrible wild fires down in Australia this year. Many people died.  A lot of property was destroyed and so many lives have been in a state of upheaval. I actually created this Dog Niche Theme so I could build a website from some dog plr articles that were part of Dr. Audrey Harvey’s Dog PLR Warrior Special Offer which consisted of a Private Label Rights PLR package consisting of Dog PLR Articles, Dog PLR small reports and Dog PLR ebooks. Her package was put together so that all the proceeds would go to the fire victims in Australia. I created the Dog Niche Website for free and asked her if she would include it in her package…… Just my way of trying to help the folks down under.

Take a look at the Dog Niche Website, you’ll get the Xsitepro Version and the Standard HTML Version.

You can get the complete Dog Niche Website free of charge if you purchase her Dog PLR package. Please take a look at it and consider giving, the money is needed for these folks….put yourself in their situation. A helping hand is always a welcoming site.

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2 Xsitepro Templates Each Month and…..PLR Articles

November 5, 2008 by  
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Are you an Xsitepro user?

Do you want to further explore Internet Marketing?

Don’t know what niche or subject to get into?

Maybe you purchased Xsitepro just to manage your own personal or business website but now see the potential of xsitepro and how easy it is to build websites….on top of that, you’ve discovered the bold new world of internet marketing and you are thinking you’d like to explore it further and build some websites in other areas of interest to you that might generate some additional income.

Let me suggest that you use your Xsitepro program to build a series of health related websites, stick an email and name capture form on each website and start building a list. You could even add a wordpress blog to your xsitepro website, ideally, you would want your blog to seamlessly integrate with your website.

Your list could be based on health subject or some aspect of healthy living.

Search for affiliate products that might cure or help with the specific health topic and promote it to your list related to that health product or send it to multiple lists or even all your lists.

There are many health related products that are distributed through distributors. You can join that company, and promote that particular product. The key is that you first build a list. I joined and use a product called GoChi which is a hybrid of Goji juice. I’ve gotten tremendous results, so I can honestly promote it in an effort to help others like me.

A big problem in implementing the above business model is coming up with the content for your health subject, things like articles or ebooks and putting together the needed websites.

Well….I have the solution for you. A PLR membership called Niche Health Products provides you with 2 Health Related topics a month. Each month you get the following for each subject:

  • 1 Custom Designed Xsitepro and HTML website template
  • 1 Custom Website already built with 10 PLR articles ready to upload
  • 20 additional PLR articles
  • health snippets
  • Full Graphics Package, header, footer, ebook covers & more
  • 1 PLR ebook on the specific subject
  • high paying keyword list
  • Bonus Articles

The articles, ebook, and minisites provided by Niche Health Products are of excellent quality. You will not find better written PLR articles and with the keywords provided you can focus in on specific long tailed keywords which will bring visitors that are more likely to take action.

Let me tell you that one of the most valuable aspects of the Niche Health Products membership is the fact that you get 2 custom designed Xsitepro website templates. Do you realize that if you were to have a custom xsitepro template designed for you it could cost you up to $500 per template. You get all the images that make up the templates. You get the source code images so you can actually edit these images and create a new custom version of the templates. As an xsitepro user you will find out that the website templates are the main component of creating a website with Xsitepro Website Software….and having custom templates allows you great flexibility along with giving you the freedom you need to create many variations of a Health Theme. Check out this video for a little idea of what you’ll be getting, template wise:

You can see a full size video here.

There’s many things you can do with your Niche Health Products membership. You could develop you own minisite virtual real estate empire. You could use the templates on other websites you own. You might want to create websites for health professionals using the content rich minisites and articles as fodder for the search engines. Of course you’d want to encourage the health professional to join NHP through your affiliate link for additional monthly recurring income.

Don’t miss this opportunity because Kim puts a cap on the Niche Health Product membership in an effort to keep the competition low. I’ve only touched on a small number of ways to use your NHP membership, with a little imagination and creativity you could really make the most of this valuable PLR membership.

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