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Even though you’re building Xsitepro websites it can be of great benefit to add a folder in your website structure and include an Amazon Store. I found a great script that allows you to easily create Amazon stores and the script is called Auto Amazon eStore Script. Here’s a possible strategy I would use. Let’s imagine we’re in the grandfather clock niche. First create your standard Xsitepro website with about 10 articles discussing various aspects of grandfather clocks. Now you could create a new folder or directory and install the Amazon eStore Script using your keywords and you could instantly have a web store filled with amazon clocks. Next you would go back to your xsitepro pages and link back to some of the pages in the Amazon Estore.

Take your traffic strategy one step further and create a squidoo and hub page, both about grandfather clocks. Now link from the squido pages and hub pages to the Amazon E-Store. Now submit your Xsitpro site, Amazon Store, Squido page and Hub page to the social bookmarking directories. There’s a terrific piece of automated software that submits your feeds to 100′s of rss directories and is called BadAssRSS….not a name I would choose, but I can tell you it works astoundingly.

Let’s go one step further. Xsitepro pages can product a rss feed. The Amazon eStore can produce an rss feed. The Squido pages produce rss feeds. And the Hub pages product rss feeds. Now take all those rss feeds and submit them to the rss directories. There’s a terrific piece of automated software that submits your feeds to 100′s of rss directories and is called BadAssRSS….not a name I would choose, but I can tell you it works astoundingly.

Allright….you’ll start seeing some decent traffic coming in if you did the above. One more step is necessary to get things really humming smoothly. You’re going to want to do some social bookmarketing of the blogs, website and squidoo pages. Howie has an awesome tool called Book Mark Generation 2.0 and it will automatically submit your pages to the appropiate directories. Anyone who is getting indexed in minutes is using rss and bookmarking. All in all, your site will experience a surge of traffic, but only if you follow the above recipe!

OK, let’s see how the Auto e-Store Script works.

After you’ve learned the basics of internet marketing most people start looking at more advanced methods of making money online. Affiliate marketing is usually at the top of the list. Auto eStore Script is just such a script.

Affiliate marketing can be approached from many different angles. The most basic method is to get an affiliate link for a product or service and post it on a blog or website. Datafeeds are a method of getting a lot of products with their associated affiliate links on your blog or website fast and are used by more advanced affiliate marketers.

Of course you know that vendors such as Ebay and Amazon have their own affiliate programs which allow you to promote their products in a variety of ways which enables you to make a nice income. Of course it isn’t as easy as some would allow you to think. You have to build your sites and then get traffic to them….the whole process worthy of an ebook with video series!

The Auto Amazon E-Script is a custom script that allows you to automatically set up a Niche Website based on keywords and Amazon.com. I first saw this script on the warrior forum and was amazed at the ease of how this script works and the results that were attainable simply by setting up this script.

If you’ve created some amazon affiliate links you know how detailed the process can be, but you also know the unending number of products you can choose from, so, you can effectively compete in just about any niche.

Automatic eStore Script does this automatically and will greatly develop your assets in virtual realestate. Let me show you some of the things that auto eScript can do:

It’s fully Automatic

Once you set it up, you don’t have to touch your sites again. Your sites will grow naturally by these features.

* Automatically pull the latest products from Amazon
* Automatically pull the latest user reviews/comment
* Automatically Generating RSS Feed based on user search
* Widgets to show latest and top user search


Another great features of the script:

* Build for SEO and Keyword targeting
* SEO Friendly URL
* Just Put-n-Go 0 minutes easy Installation. Yes! It’s 0 Minutes!!!
* Very Easy Admin Management
* Widgets Ready for Banner, Adsense and Google Analytics Easy Integration
* Featured Products Widgets to handpick the best product.
* Comes with 2 color schemes
* Themes can be modified easily (More color schemes and themes will be added on updates)
* Unlimited Domain License
* Lifetime updates

Check out these sample sites:

Leather Case
Shoes n Sandals – Online Shop

You can built affiliate sites like this without the use of datafeeds or anything else complicated. You can build a site that is 1000′s of pages.

You could build these sites and then sell them….or flip a site, I’m not sure, but you probably have to purchase the license again so you would want to include that cost when considering what you should sell it for.

One of the coolest ideas for Auto Amazon E-Script is using it on some of those dormant domains you have sitting around. I don’t know about you, but I have at least 100 domains sitting around that cost me 10 bucks a year, why now put Auto Amazon E-Script to work and set up some amazon stores.

Anyway this is a great script that was a bit hit with the Warriors on the Warrior Forum, here’s what a few had to say:

Just bought the script and have only one word to say about it “WOW”

This is by far the easiest script I have found that can build ecommerce stores so quickly. With the hundreds of thousands of products available from Amazon there is no limit to the different niches you can get into, what I really like about this script is that I can add banners to other affiliate programs or Adsense.

I built this site in under 30 minutes and that includes messing about with the css file to change the colours. Halloween Costumes

For this price it is a steal.

Thanks again


Hi gang, this is a great script.
Not only is it easy to install and setup, Ayaw more importantly went out of his way to give good support and answer any questions I have. And despite English not being his strengths too.

Thanks again Ayaw.


As I said, this is nice little script for your website or blog that can be used to create a complete niche site with products right from amazon. Not only products but you’ll get additional content in the form of responses.

Let me know if you take Auto Amazon E-Script for a ride!

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