Xsite Version 2 Allows for the Creation of 5 Custom Folders

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Create Custom Folders for Files from Your Local Folder….New Benefit from Xsitepro Version 2

I found a fellow user with an interesting problem, he needs to create some php pages that will all be in a seperate folder. Fortunately, Xsitepro version 2 allows you to create up to 5 custom folders and import files into these folders. A nice step forward for the Xsite folks.

Here’s the question:

1. I’d like to make a separate “advertisement” folder within a website, where I’m going to put several php duplicated landing pages. For SEO purpose I’d like to add this “advertisement” folder to the robots.txt file as a disallowed folder to avoid some duplicate content issues.
How can I create this folder within a given website with Xsitepro 2.0?

2. How can I create a php page with XsitePro 2.0?
I have the php code. Now I’m using Notepad to create this php file.
The drawback is that file should be uploaded separately.
Is there any possibility this file to be created with XsitePro and uploaded with other pages belonging to a website?

My Answer

You could try changing the extentsion to .php when you create the page….but I’m not sure you can get you new page in the folder you need. There may be a way to do it but I haven’t discovered how to manage files and folders from the main Web Pages—-> Page Settings If it can be done from here maybe someone will enlighten us.

I do know one way of doing it that should work for your project.

I would continue to use notepad or something, and create your files, dump them into a folder on you local hardrive.

Next go to the “Other” tab and then the Resource Button.

Once in the Resource Manager…go to the bottom of the window and click on Folder Name Settings….here you have an option to put your files in existing folders or you can create a new folder….Based on what you want to do, I think you would have to create a new folder. So use one of the Custom tabs to create your new folder….it looks like version 2 gives you the ability to create up to 5 custom folders.

After you click the Resource Button, you’ll have the option to import files. A new window will pop up and there will be small button on the upper top left with a green plus called “Add”.

Click on Add and you will be able to Navigate to your local folder with your php files. Select all the php files you want to import. Hold shift and click on the files you need. Go down to Open and click on Open.

A small window will open that will allow you to choose the folder you created. Pick your folder and click on Add.

That’s it.

Remember if you update the files on your local folder, you will have to repeat this process to get the latest folders into your New Xsite Folder.

Maybe someone has an easier way, but this is better than what was available in version 1 and should do the trick for you.

Option 2

At first glance you would think that you could upload your xsite website and then with a ftp program upload your folder and files. This would probably work, however, you will lose the updateing, saving and exporting functionality of xsitepro. In other words, if you moved the site or backed it up or sent a copy to someone else, your new folder and files would not be in the .xsp files that are created by xsitepro…..Remember this only happens if you decide to use a ftp program to upload your folder and files….hope that makes sense.

Good luck


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Xsitepro or WordPress

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The question always comes up whether someone should use Xsitepro or WordPress. Well, there are some very subtle differences and some very unique differences between wordpress and xsitepro.

First Xsitepro is a website editor that builds static website pages. It’s good for the newbie and experienced website builder, especially with the advent of Xsitepro Version 2.0 and WordPress is a blogging platform. WordPress is more of a dynamic type of website. Actually, it would be smart if you learned how to do both, because you can use static websites and a dynamic websites together to create a flow of traffic to the website that makes you money….whether it be a blog of static website.

XSite Pro Web Sites vs. WordPress Blogs–Which is Better?

If you’re not sure about whether XSite Pro is for you, why not attend one of the upcoming webinars? No cost, and you’ll get a feel for the features. You can sign up here. http://www.wordstoprofit.com/xspweb.html Dates are July 2,4, 8, …

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Xsitepro Version 2 Webinar

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You might not have heard but……

Xsitepro Version 2 is out.

Yep, Xsitepro Version 2 is ready for you to download or upgrade. If it’s early enough you can sign up for one of 2 webinars coming up in the next few days. If you miss the live presentation, you should be able to see a playback of the webinar….not sure though you’ll have to check one of these links.

That’s right. XSitePro version 2 has finally been released into the eagerly-awaiting arms of a huge and growing loyal base of supporters.

- Want to know exactly why this application is taking the Internet Marketing world by storm?

- Want to know why people are getting SO excited about this product?

- Want to say a bunch of money and do your own website design and development?

- Want to at least know what you don’t have and could have?

Just take 5 minutes of your day to check out the page below and you’ll know exactly why. And I guarantee you’ll thank me for it :-)

Click here to watch a new Webinar on XsitePro Version 2

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XsitePro Version 2 for Building Quick Websites

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Xsitepro Version 2.0 has been released. So why should I make mention today. It is one of the easiest ways to create and edit webpages to date. You see, at some point in your online venture I guarantee you will need to know how to edit if not build and website. In fact, using a strategy of static webpages and blogs can be very effective….so you will have to know how to build html websites and Xsitepro Version 2 is the answer.

In discussing how to make money with public domain material you will eventually have to set up a webpage that sells a product, then you’ll need a download page and you could also use a capture page. So, teach yourself how to create these pages, my suggestion is that you learn to use Xsitepro to build your static websites to sell and promote your public domain works, otherwise, you’ll be paying someone to do it for you.

The truth is you need tools to build your business, I only recommend what I use or truely know to be good….I use XsitePro and highly recommend it to anyone interested in building great websites. Please consider this as a needed tool in your online toolbox..

You may not be aware of this….

XsitePro 2.0 is now available.

That’s right. XSitePro version 2 has finally been released into the eagerly-awaiting arms of a huge and growing loyal base of supporters.

- Wonder why this new software has sold thousands of copies?

- Want to know why people are getting SO excited about this product?

Just take 5 minutes of your day to check out the page below and you’ll know exactly why. And I guarantee you’ll thank me for it :-)
Click on:

The New XsitePro

You’ll find some basic Xsite information below:

XsitePro in the News”

Take a look at these videos for easy instruction on using Xsite pro along with details on how to create Xsitepro website templates.

Xsitepro Video Tutorials

Xsitepro is an inexpensive website editor that is flexible enough to let the newcomer to get a webpage/website published in an hour or less…..yet xsitepro has many advanced features the allows more accomplished users a lot of flexibility for adding complex scripts and manual webpage editing.

I use Xsitepro to create minisites, it allows you to quickly create a 10 to 100 or more page site. The real beauty is in the linking structure that is automatically built. It provides automatic linking structures that are seo friendly and along with a sitepage, rssfeeds and other important seo features. I hate to admit it but Xsitepro version 2 really is a quick and easy alternative to Dreamweaver and it blows away any of the other editors….don’t even think about using FrontPage….and I’m a dreamweaver aficionado.

Take a look at XsitePro Version 2 Today!

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