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Offline Marketing an Internet Marketing Niche

Xsitepro users can easily tap into the offline marketing niche. Showing brick and mortar businesses how to use a website to create a following is very easy if they have Xsitepro. Xsitepro makes the entire offline marketing process really easy because xsitepro is so easy to use. Below you’ll read about a couple of different offline marketing or offline consulting business models….. you really should give this some serious thought if you’d like to make some quick money.

I ran across a post regarding offline marketing the original poster offered a great business model for doing offline marketing and obviously he had some experience in it. He wasn’t proposing that this was the ultimate “offline gold”, simply one type of method to use in offline marketing.

Many of the readers weren’t really getting it. Their lack of understanding might indicate their inexperience since they wanted to know the OP’s sites, how much he was making, how come his sites weren’t listed….in other words they didn’t believe this was a viable business model.

Read his orginal quote below and then my response below it. Offline marketing works…you just need to do it!

I’ve been combining my offline and online marketing skills for quite sometime now. Im going to show you a method that can make a you limitless money if you rinse and repeat it.

It involves local search. The best way of describing this method is by showing you a real life example. This example uses local dentists but you can do it for literally any type of business. The reason I used dentists is because here in London they make an absolute fortune which means they have the funds available to invest in advertising their services.

What I did was buy up a load of domains. I bought about 50 of them but im just going to show you 2

So what I did for the first one was chucked up a wordpress blog on the domain, upload a nice theme and write a quick 200 word article with the domain keyword which is “Dentist in Leyton” In leyton there are about 20 dentists but ill go more into that in a minute. I then stick a few “Advertise Here Banners” in the right side of the margin.

What I then did was buy one of these 200 blog comment packages and get the provider to get me 200 links to my TLD with the anchor “Dentist in Leyton”

Now the thing you need to remember is you Obviously want to go for a term that you will rank for and appear on the first page immediately so don’t go for anything crazy like “Dentist London” go for something with a bit less competition, like I’ve done above.

Once the site is ranking. I then went to and made a list of all the dentists in leyton and rang them one by one. I told them I had a site that was on the first page of google for the keyword “Dentist in Leyton” and was currently getting around 10-15 visitors a day. We’re talking ultra targeted traffic.

Now 10-15 visitors a day could quite easily be an extra $1000 a day of income for a dentist depending on the work that needs to be done to the persons teeth. So I explain this to the dentist and they like the idea and ask me how much. I tell them it will cost $400 a month but potentially that could bring them in about 20K worth of business in that time. They love the idea and sign up. I get my partner to set up an invoice and get them on a monthly billing plan. I then put their contact details on my site and move onto the next dentist.

When I have 3 dentists signed up I close off the signups to that particular site and move onto another location. I don’t want to sarurate the site with too many ads because otherwise the dentists start complaining that they are not receiving enough calls so the optimum number i have found to work is about 3 dentists max per location, which is about $1200 per site per month! This whole process takes about a week to set up and doesn’t really require you to be that persuasive. Once the dentists see the potential in what you are providing they are eager to get signed up. Once I saw the potential for this I then set up another 20 sites in another niche.

As you can see with about 10 sites you should be able to turn this into a $10k a month business and the money is RECURRING every month. All you need to do is make sure the sites are ranking for the keyword every month and bringing in enough traffic to warrant the dentist to stay hooked. What you might also want to do is get people to mention your site when they speak to the dentist to show the dentist you are actually bringing them in decent leads.

Anyway just giving you guys an insight into the power of local search and how you can make money from it.

The OP talks about using one aspect of internet marketing to market to one aspect of the offline or brick and mortar world. In my eys, an excellent post with great ideas. A business model anyone could follow and a niche most anyone could target. Yet I see questions on the reality of the idea….does it work…will it work for me….my dentist’s are poor….my dentist’s have too much money….my dentists won’t talk to me, my dentists won’t pay that much…..and on and on.

Offline marketing works only if you make an effort to apply it. If dentists don’t work for you, try chiropractors or…..just keep trying till something clicks. I said it works but it isn’t necessarily easy. If you’re looking to have your paypal account magically filled over night… ain’t gonna happen :(

The biggest joke was the so called “mentor” who said it the idea stunk….yep, and Al Gore invented the internet!

Here’s what you have to remember. Chances are, if you’re here, you know buckets more than any brick and mortar store, service or professional about marketing online. These guys are clueless…period! You have one of the most sought after assests in the whole world…that is, KNOWLEDGE!!!

For one minute forget about your pockets and concentrate on the pockets of your customer or client. If you approach this market from the genuine standpoint of providing value, help and profit for your customers…’ll win. You see, this philosophy is counter intuitive to most. In fact, most people on this forum are interested in one thing….that is, making money for themselves.

Get this concept right and the mechanics of developing websites, directories or whatever for offline clients will work. You provide the best solution for their business to start making money or start making more money. Its all in the mindset and people can sense that….even through email or just phone calls.

There are so many different angles you can approach the offline world with that it really is mind bending. The OP’s concept will work if you only try it. I’ll give you a simpler model to follow.

Pick a business in your town….could almost be any business, and find their webpage. Lets look at restaurants. So we go to Google, and search for “restaurants in XXXXXX” go through the first 10 results. How do their websites look? Could you improve them? What could you do to help them make more money?

Here’s where you’ll look like a star. How many of the restaurant websites have an autoresponder form on the first page…at the top, or above the fold? Find the one’s that don’t. Now make contact with the owner and ask what their slowest day is…they say Tuesday. Ask them if they’d like to make it one of their busiest. Ask them, “What if you had a way to contact all your best customers and tell them you had a special gift for them on Tuesday….a free meal…2 for 1, free sandwich….you get the idea. Explain further ways could build a list of customers from their website and how they could market to that list to make more money.

If they aren’t interested….just walk away. You might want to tell them you are going to their competitor next :)

Next you need to figure out what you want to charge for simply putting up an autoresponder form. Maybe $100 or how about $400 one time charge….sign them up for an Aweber account with your affiliate link…..or put them on your own account. Up to you how you want to configure your offline marketing business model.

I guarantee you get more business from them regarding their website because you are now the local internet marketing expert. Of course, you could set this up any way you want and live on the east coast and market to businesses on the West coast.

I could go on with this but let me tell you about another offline project that works.

Set up a Local Business Directory. Do some SEO and get your site on page 1 for “YourCity Businesses”

You can put up free listings of local businesses. Send an email and tell them of the business when you get their listing on page 1….tell them its free, tell them it will stay there for 10, 50 or 100 bucks a month. Whether you charge for the listing or give it to them free, offer a complete web package…with autoresponder.

I can tell you from first hand experience that the “Mentor” doesn’t know his ass from a hole in the ground and I certainly hope he didn’t charge you for his advice because this works. WordPress brings excellent results, and Xsitepro sites are just as good if not better when developing directories….but you really need to know how to use Xsitepro and all it features.

The bottom line is, any method or platform you use when contacting an offline customer can be used to build and expance your business model. Whether you start pounding on doors selling autoresponders or start by developing some sort of local directory…use them as a funnel to bring your prospect and customer into more development, adding monthly or yearly charges. Provide outstanding value and you will have customers and friends for life!!

Hope this helps


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WordPress Unique Review

If you are an Xsitepro user, you know and understand how easy it is to set up a site with Xsitepro. However, I wonder if you realize how powerful it is to add a wordpress blog to your site. There’s several ways to do this, you can use Xsitepro to WordPress or you can simply add a wordpress blog via cpanel and link to it from your Xsitepro site. Either way, you’re missing out on some powerful linking and other symbiotic benefits from working with xsitepro and wordpress.Nothing  beats Xsitepro’s power in organizing and setting up static content while nothing beats WordPress when dealing with dynamic content.

I ran into a powerful plugin that creates unique content from duplicate content…..nothing you’ve used before. Anyway, rather than talk about WpUnique or WordPress Unique…..check out the rest of the post and do yourself a favor and grab a copy today!

“Just Think…Your Blog Post Ranked and Indexed
In Less than 5 Minutes Even When Using
PLR or Reprint Articles….or Any Content
By Just Pasting It Into Your Blog!”

wpunique-uniquecontentI’ve been using a new wordpress plugin called wordpress unique or wpUnique for the past couple of months with outstanding results. In fact, this is one case where I’d prefer to be selfish and keep this information to myself….however, the wpUnique has been released to the public and by virtue of the fact that “It Works!” I’m sure everyone will be using it….so, jump to the front of the line and grap a copy of WordPress Unique today!

Simply said, WpUnique is a wordpress plugin that automatically creates unique content from any blog post you place on your wordpress blog. It amazingly converts a unique version or any PLR article or duplicate content you feed it! However, the article looks exactly the same as the original plr or duplicate content….. the magic happens behind the scenes, in the html coding of the blog!

Seriously, this thing works so good I wish no one else knew about it….it works by using something called “html encoding” and alters the blog post on the html version and makes no change at all to the Visual Version of the blog post. There are other features that allow you to further alter the blog post in an effort to create a more unique blog post and in an effort to monetize the blog post. These are all options that are completely controlled by you! The entire plugin, all the features, can be applied to the entire blog or it can be applied to a single post….. giving you the ultimate control of your blog posts.

I think I’ve been using wpUnique for about 2 months…maybe more, and in that time there have been at least 4 updates. These haven’t been cheesey little updates but major upgrades to the plugin. Steve Fullman has gone all out on this baby and has made wpUnique a premiere wordpress plugin, in fact, Steve originally offered WordPress Unique on the warrior forum in the WSO section. It’s been one of the most successful wso’s that I can remember…..I’m surprised it took him so long to create an affiliate program and offer the plugin to the general market!

Testing Wordpess Unique on Blogs

I’ve been testing wpUnique on 2 well established blogs and 2 brand new blogs. I can get a blog post indexed ….literally in minutes on the established blogs. It doesn’t matter what the article is….it gets indexed. For instance, I get an article a day from one membership. The owner of the membership usually already has the article indexed on his blog in the SERP’s. And sometimes a couple of days will go by and the article is indexed on another member’s blog. In both cases I search for the “title” of the article in google or the first sentence. Often times there are 5 or more other results in the supplemental results….but as you know they do not show up unless you force them to.

This is the cool part. I’ll copy the article into a blog post exactly the same as it was sent. Next I tick the box for wpUnique to “Uniquify This Post” That’s the only option I use…there are other options such as:

  • Uniquify Comments
  • Auto-Spin This Post
  • Keywords to Cash Links

I haven’t use any of those other options and then I “publish” the post. I’ll check Google for the “Title” of the article or blog post and voila… post is on top of the SERP’s….that’s right….WordPress Unique altered my post so that in Google’s eyes the post was actually different than the posting’s previously indexed. That is some powerful stuff. Like I said….I wish I was the only one to know about this. I didn’t think the SERP circumstances would last very long, however, all articles and posts have maintained their positions! I almost feel guilty using wpUniqe :)

In the interest of full disclosure, I need to report that WordPress Unique did not work the magic as fast on new blogs. As with any new site or new blog, the new blog really needs to be indexed by Google before you’ll start to see your articles in the SERPS. WpUnique still works, it just might take a little longer for the results to show up.

You might be confused and wondering exactly how wordpress unique works. You might think that it changes your plr article or blog post somehow. Maybe you think the wpunique spins new content out of your blog post. Actually, the plugin has grown to include many features since its inception, but the main way it changes the content is by doing something called “html encoding” which changes the html view of the post but not the actual words. I’m not sure how, but to the search engines, the content appears unique enough to be considered different than the original article or blog post.

Here’s a view of a post that has been “uniqified”….it looks as standard as any blog post:


Here’s a view of the same blog post from the “source code” view….as you can see the text has been changed to the html encoding.


So…if you need to know how it works…now you know :)

If you’re like most of us you just need to know THAT WpUnique works….and I attest to the fact that it does!

WordPress Unique has many other features….I think I’ll discuss those in another post. Suffice it to say, these other features serve to further change your blog post so that it becomes even more unique and thereby overcoming the duplicate content issues. WpUnique also has features that helps you to automatically monetize your blog posts with affiliate links and keywords or keyword phrases.

Check out these videos, they’ll help you gain a better understanding of WordPress Unique, how it creates unique content and how some of the features work!

I don’t do this often, buy click on WpUnique and grab a copy of this awesome plugin and watch it work it’s magic!!!

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Creating A Link Network… Added Stages of Menopause Blog

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Like most internet marketers I use a variety of tools, WordPress and Xsitepro are just a small part of an online marketers tookit. I wrote the blog post below to outline how anyone can use some of the premade blogs and websites that are available. I was just going to link to the blog post, but I decided to post it in it’s entirety here….after all I wrote it :)

The main reason I decided to share the information here is because you can take the same concept to Xsitepro. When using Xsitepro you can create small mini-sites with a handfull of articles that will do basically the same as a wordpress blog… fact, you can do this with any of the free blog platforms….except you’ll have to build the sites yourself.

stagesofmenopause-home-250That is with the exception of Xsitepro. You’ll find some authors creating weekly minisites on a variety of subjects using Xsitepro. You can even search through the warrior special offers and find premade Xsitepro sites. Follow the guidelines below and don’t forget to submit the sites to rss directories and you’ll be amazed at the traffic, in some ways these sites are more easily managed than wordpress sites. Keep an eye peeled at Niche-Minisites , that’s one of my sites. After the first of the year I plan on creating a memebership where you can pick up a couple of premade Xsitepro Sites for peanuts :) I should get my act together and get a presign up page!

Come to think of it, a good strategy would be to create your link networks using both wordpress,, blogger and xsitepro sites. The more variety …..the more natural it will look to the search engines.

Enough babbling by me, let me know if you have any questions and make sure you get a chance to read the post below. It’s a sure way to build a slow but steady income online.

I just set up a blog in my health niche blog sites called Stages of Menopause. I’m working on setting up a network of my own blogs concerned with various subniches of the health niche. The idea is to create a network of blogs that has interconnections similar to that of a spiders web….the more blogs the better.

One of the easiest ways to develop a series of blogs is by purchasing a premade or preexisting blog.

You can find blogs for sale on ebay, look for auctions on blogs that fit your niche.

You can find blogs for sale on sites like or other marketing related websites and forums. Flipping blogs or flopping blogs has also become popular, just google “website flipping” or “blog flipping” and you’ll find sites and reports on how to start building and flipping your own blogs.


The first thing I do is to look at some of the forums to see what’s available (see below paragraph). After finding the appropriate niche, I look for some long tailed keywords using a tool like Micro Niche Finder or Keyword Research Pro. I develop a list of keywords and then I see which of those are available as a domain. Purchase the domain and then set it up as one of my domains on my reseller hosting, either Ultimate Marketing Center or Site5 Reseller Hosting ……both have been excellent with support second to none.

One of the places I constantly keep my eyes on is the Warrior Forum, in the WSO section you can find special offers for premade websites and blogs. Often times you can pick up a blog that is prepopulated with 10 to 20 PLR articles in a custom wordpress theme for less than $20. Remember, chances are the creator of the blog sold at least 10 of these sites and could be as many as 50 of these same sites on the internet. It really doesn’t matter how many are sold because 90% or more of those purchased won’t do anything with it, secondly those that do upload the site won’t make any changes to the site or articles at all. Here’s a list of things to do before and after purchasing one of these premade blogs.

  1. make sure the site comes with plr articles you can edit
  2. transferring wordpress blogs can be difficult, make sure the creator has a clear cut set up pdf or video, and make sure you’ll be able to contact them after you purchase in case you run into trouble during the installation…..ask these questions in the open, as in the forum environment….if the seller is short with you….don’t expect much help
  3. if you are planning to flipping the site make sure you have the proper rights or license
  4. change any and all affiliate links
  5. edit any optin forms to your own autoresponder
  6. find long tail keywords that correspond with the content of each article or blog post
  7. Rewrite the title of each blog post, be sure to include the long tail keyword…this is important!
  8. Rewrite each blog post so that it is unique, be sure to include the long tail keyword that was used in the title, in the blog post at least 3 times
  9. add an image to each blog post, make sure you use the long tail keyword in the name of the image and in the alt tag
  10. publish the post
  11. after publishing, go back and submit the blog post to social bookmarking and networking sites
  12. pick out 10 more long tail keywords and write or edit 10 more articles for blog posts and submit
  13. chances are you will have a very healthy piece of virtual real estate otherwise known as VRE

There’s much more you can do with these sites, but if that were all you did and you did this 5 or 10 times a month you would create a nice little network of blogs that would be valuable for all kinds of different purposes besides a monthly number of clicks from Goggle :)

You could drip feed articles if you have them.

You could build the blog further by any number of autoposting or autoblogging methods.

Bottom line, at least for me, is that finding a prebuilt blog saves me some time….If you find one in the niche you’re interested in, or want to develop it’s a quick way to get some content up quick. You can always develop it latter.

Of course it will take some time to get traffic to the site, I use Auto Social Poster plugin a well kept secret used by so called gurus for quick spidering, fast indexing and constant traffic, its well worth the price because your blog will get indexed and spidered quickly. I also use Slick Auto Poster and Article Stalker for autoposting full lenght keyword rich articles. Once established, I’ll add Google Adsense, Ebay, Amazon and add an optin form…..I might do only one of these or all of them some of these plugins allow you to use your keywords in the plugin to pull in relevant products or articles when autoblogging.

My goal is simple, get the site to produce $10 a month. I keep it simple. I know if I can get 10 sites to produce $10 a month, I’m making $100 a month. That’s not much money but it’s a very real number. Now all you need to do is expand your efforts, shoot for 100 sites a month making $10. Maybe it takes me a year to do that, but I’ll be making $1000 a month on autopilot. I know from experience some of those sites won’t make $10 a month…..some will make less, some will make a lot more!

Here’s an example of one of the sites I purchased on the warrior special offers forum, a blog on “menopause“. All I did was create a new header and install according to the authors instruction. Take a look at Stages of Menopause

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Now You can Easily Integrate a Shopping Cart into Xsitepro

Xsitepro and Shopping Cart were two words that were difficult to use in the same sentence. Simply because there wasn’t a lot of information about how to add a shopping cart to xsitepro.

Well….now you can watch a video that explains how to use Xsitepro and a Shopping Cart.

This is good stuff and answers the questions regarding ecommerce and Xsitepro!xsiteproandshoppingcart

Integrate a Shopping Cart into Xsitepro for a quick ecommerce website.

In less than 10 minutes this video tutorial will show you how incredibly easy it is to create a fully e-commerce enabled website in XSitePro, complete with shopping cart page and payment processing. Very cool!

And if you are an XSitePro Club member (you need to buy a copy of Xsitepro), you can see an extended version that goes into a lot more depth about exactly how to set things up.

And if you need to find out more on shopping carts, grab this free book, no optin required (at least not yet)

[tags]xsitepro and shopping cart, ecommerce and xsitepro, choose a shopping cart, xsitepro tutorial[/tags]

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Benefits of Outsourcing when Building Xsitepro Websites

Xsitepro helps to easily build websites, however, once you get your business jumping it can become hard to keep up with all the tasks needed to keep your website fresh and growing.

Take a moment to expand your goals into the future. Maybe you want 10 sites up and running. You want them indexed, you want traffic, you want to use it to promote various offers….maybe even your own product. Keeping the site fresh becomes a problem.

It doesn’t matter if you have an Xsitepro website, a WordPress Blog, or a Standard Static website….each has the problem of managing new images, new articles, new products, and you want to build sub-lists, maybe you want to add a blog to your static Xsitepro Website and aren’t really sure if you could use xsiteprotowordpress to add a blog. Soon, your easy way to make money at home is looking like you have to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Or….you could hire some help….but that really cuts into profits, still it’s an option.

One direction many internet marketers gravitate toward is Outsourcing. A lot of people freak out when you mention outsourcing your work, there seems to be so many layers to overcome, how do you find competent people…..what do you ask for and on and on with the questions. It can be complicated and I’ve seen $1000 dollar packages that guarantee you to fully understand and easily start outsourcing your own work. That’s a lot of cash….must be a simpler solution.

Read this Article on the Benefits of Outsourcing

The best thing to do if you want to understand outsourcing is to work with someone who knows how to outsource from head to toe and with total confidence meeting all their outsourced goals. This person would know how to use outsourcing sources, what to ask, how much to pay, when to pay and how to negotiate. They probably even know the best outsourcing agents to use from a place like

Well…..since you’re probably not in a position to hire someone to coach you on the benefits of outsourcing I’ve found someone who can teach you the in’s and out’s of outsourcing. Someone who has been doing oursourcing work and accomplishes her own tasks by outsourcing them out….so she knows the full benefits of outsoucing and has decided to share them with you.

Nicole Dean and Jimmy D Brown have developed a low cost membership that explains the benefits of outsourcing and gives you everything you need to have and know to outsource any aspect of your business to increase your productivity. Take a look at this snippet from a press release: is a 52-week training program that teaches business owners how to outsource many tasks within their business so they can focus on opportunities for revenue growth and sustainability.  This program also offers participants access to a growing list of nationally recognized service providers in various fields.

“With this service, small business owners don’t have to be human resource experts to get the right people to do the right tasks. They also don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of arranging a work agreement with an outside provider.  With all of those details are clearly explained through written materials and examples that are provided to subscribers,” adds Dean.

Its very important to treat your business as a business as you progress. One way you can do that is by learning new and profitable skills. Outsourcing Weekly will show you how to benefit by outsourcing just about any aspect of your work…check it out :)

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Create RSS Feed for Your Xsitepro Website

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I responded to a post, regarding xsitepro,  on a private forum I belong to. The person was interested in comparing xsitepro to wordpress and wondered what the scoop was with rss feeds and xsitepro. Actually they wanted to know how to create a rss feed for their xsitepro website. Below you’ll find some of my comments.


Up until recently I created monthly graphics and minisites for a PLR membership and I used Xsitepro for the minisites.

I found that Xsitepro was really simple and quick to use for making the minisites….better yet, was the ability to easily add pages, articles etc. I really didn’t want to use Xsitepro but was forced to because of the PLR site owner.

I found myself liking Xsitepro more and more. It’s perfect for any internet marketer or niche marketer. I ran into a guy who has a product that shows you how to create a wordpress blog from the same template of your Xsitepro site….so you get the best of two worlds.

This book is called Xsitepro to WordPress

Anyway….I did a small test using a couple of articles and a video or two on a new site (it was actually in a directory (folder) of another site). I created an xlm file (rss feed) for the site from within xsitepro and submitted the feed. I wanted to see how long before the pages were spidered and indexed.

If I remember correctly it took less than six hours for the spiders to get there and a couple of days for the pages to get indexed. I was shocked! I ended up with a couple of the pages being on page 1 and 2 of google.

If I didn’t submit the rss feed…..I know it would have been untouched for weeks….maybe months.

Creating an XLM file for your site is really easy. Click a few buttons and enter some text and your done. But you can read about it here RSS Feed for Xsitepro Website

James Schramko has an ebook called Xsitepro Cheatsheet Vol2….it covers xsitepro version 2. There is a nice section on XLM with more screenshots than the link I showed you, plus he shows you how to use the xlm file.

He also covers XML broadcasting which means submitting the feeds to directories and pining. Two important things to use.

Link for Xsitepro Cheatsheet

From an seo standpoint, Xsitepro really shines. One of the major efforts in creating Xsitepro was to create a program to spit out seo optimized pages…..or at least give you the tools that will help you to create properly seo’d pages. I don’t think any other static website builder will do this.

If you asked me which is better….wordpress or xsitepro. I don’t think I could fairly answer that. It really depends on what you’re doing and it depends on your intimate knowledge of both programs. Most of my sites are now made with WordPress or will contain a wordpress blog and I use Dreamweaver most of the time and Xsitepro only for special niche related projects.

I think wordpress has an seo advantage…but keep in mind, you need to use a theme that is known as being SEO optimzed.

I’m sure as you move along in your business. You’ll end up working with both tools…Wordpress and Xsitepro.

One more thing, you’re probably familiar with all the offline buzz, well, I started recently doing little quicky sites with Xsitepro. It’s perfect for that purpose, plus there is an added benifit, once a site is created in xsitepro, the customer will have to retain you to do any further editing….or else they’ll have to purchase a copy of Xsitepro :)

Hope I might have babbled something worthwhile here!

Good luck,


I almost forgot….if you haven’t already…..stop by the Xsitepro forum, you might pick up some additional ideas and of course you can ask your questions there.

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Secret…..How I Learned PHP!

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plankblog-300pxlSomeone asked me, “How do you know so much about PHP?”.

Short answer…Robert Plank! And he has a course called Hypnotic PHP designed especially for interent marketers, actually marketers of any kind can use the material you learn in this course about how to use php effectively to create more sales and bring in more money!

Back to the above question…….it really gave me a good laugh!  I really don’t know a whole lot about how php works, but I can copy snippets of php code and use them when building websites.

About three years ago I heard the term “php include” and was introduced to the concept of using it to build websites. I was totally baffled by the thought and the concept.

Now I use php includes in just about every website I build, and I use php includes easily in my Xsitepro websites. Sometimes I’ll insert a php include that points to an empty file, at the beginnning, middle or end of a webpage. As long as the file that is being “included” is empty, nothing will show. However, you can add anything to that empty file, at anytime, and the content will immediately show up.

Let’s look at the code for a simple php inlcude.

php include (“page.html”);

Where ‘page.html’ can be any page with text or html coding. For instance, let’s say you insert the php include in the beginning of your website article. If ‘page.html’ doesn’t include any content, your webpage will simply consiste of the basic article. However, if ‘page.htm’ had the following html coding:

<p>This article about php includes is one of the best I’ve seen, be sure to read it completely and check out the rest of the articles about php coding on this page.</p>

You would then see the above sentence wherever you inserted the php include.

It’s really amazing what you can do with php includes, and this is only the very basic of basic php code snippets. In one of Plank’s warrior forum blog posts he reveals a very simple php code snippet designed to rotate images, text, files or just about anything on your webpage. A simple piece of code that brilliantly rotates content….that means keeping information fresh on your website without having to edit it constantly.

Bobby Plank (I bet he would hate being called that….I kinda enjoy annoying him :) ) has produced a brilliant set of tutorials in the form of pdf’s and screen capture videos covering a gamut of php code for the internet marketer. Too many products to mention…but that is my secret source of figuring how to use php when building and designing websites.

My goal with this blog about Xsitepro is to help as many people as I can. In some cases that might be a newbie who doesn’t know the meaning of ftp…..or maybe you’re more advanced and are interested in learning how to use things like php includes…..hopefully, I can add to your knowledge which will encourage and help you to build the most effective websites available! Keep in mind, xsitepro is a platform or application used to build websites……very good websites, but they only become very good once you began to learn and implement things like php, advanced html coding and maybe a little javascript. So….make sure you invest some time in learning how to create one extra effect…..and that my friend will cost you the price of an ebook, seminar, video series or maybe a webinar or two.

So….check out Robert Plank’s blog, he has a lot of coding and marketing information there that won’t cost a penny. His latest post is on an unusual approach to membership sites….worth checking out. Also, he has all or at least most of his products listed in the right navigation bar….check those out, buy them one at a time and learn how to get a jump on your competition.

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Adding Scripts to Xsitepro

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Scripts are generally small pieces of code (often Javascript, or another programming language) which, when inserted into your Web page content, give a specific piece of functionality.

XSitePro itself has some scripts built in (Image Galleries, Random Quotes, News Scrollers, etc.) but you may choose to use third party scripts in your Web pages, in which case you may find you need this particular advanced page setting feature.

Many scripts freely available for your download and use, in your Web page(s), require specific pieces of script code to be copied and pasted into specific positions in your Web page’s HTML code – or else the script simply will not function.

Note: You will generally be informed of this when downloading, or copying, the script.

Using the controls on this tab is very straightforward. Essentially, if you have been informed that in order for a script to work on your Web page you must copy a certain piece of code into your page’s ‘Head’ section, ‘Top of Body’ section or ‘Bottom of Body’ section you’ll be able to do just that, right here on this tab.

While not essential, a basic knowledge of the terms ‘Head’ and ‘Body’ sections (within a Web page’s HTML code) is useful if using this tab, in the advanced page settings.

Unlike the ‘global’ script settings for your site’s pages, accessed via the Global Scripts button on the Other Tab, the settings on this tab, in advanced page settings, give you control over script code placement at an individual, page-by-page level.

The user guide will inform you further…just know that there is an easy way to add tracking codes, popups and other 3rd party scripts to your xsitepro sites without having to jump through hoops :)

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Xsitepro Version 2 Video Tutorials

November 14, 2008 by  
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xsitepro200-1Here’s a quick look at the Xsitepro Version 2 Video Tutorials

You can have full access to these xsitepro tutorials!

Lesson 1: Managing Projects and Web Sites
This first lesson will ease you in gently by showing you the basics of working with XSitePro. You’ll learn how to add, rename and delete a project, add and edit metadata, add, rename and delete a web site and how to export and import web sites. You’ll see how easy it is to work with multiple projects and you’ll even learn how to move your work from one computer to another, from a desktop to a laptop for example. (6 minutes)

Lesson 2: Page Layout
In this lesson you’ll see the power of the page layout tab and how it helps you to create the overall look of your site quickly and easily. You’ll learn how to separate ANY web page into sections and how to adjust the elements in each section to meet your specific needed. You’ll also find out how easy it is to add navigational menus, and you’ll get your first look at the Designer window. To finish off you’ll preview what’s been done so far. (8 minutes)

Lesson 3: Adding Web Pages
The third lesson covers creating and editing web pages. You’ll learn how to add and manipulate web pages, the importance of keywords and page descriptions and how to specify whether a page appears on either the left (or right) navigation menu or on the menu that appears at the bottom of the page. We’ll also share a few tricks-of-the-trade such as how to insert category headings and links to external pages to your navigation menus. (5 minutes)

Lesson 4: The Designer
This is where we add the actual meat of your website such as the text and graphics of your pages. You’ll learn how to enter content into the Designer section of XSitePro, what each of the buttons on the Designer toolbar are for and how to insert design elements such as shaded boxes, graphical bullet points and lots more using the right-clicking Design Wizard. You’ll also learn how to switch between Design and Source views just in case you want to tweak your html code. (6 minutes)

Lesson 5: Special Pages
This lesson starts off by showing you a time saving technique for creating product pages and then moves on to introduce a very powerful timesaving feature in XSitePro called Sub-Pages. Clever use of sub-pages allows you to create huge, well-organized, professional-quality sites in a fraction of the time it would take in any other software. To finish off you’ll be introduced to the auto-updating site maps and how to easily add articles manually so that they all follow the same style and layout. (5 minutes)

Lesson 6: Affiliates
In this lesson you’ll discover two powerful ways of using the web pages you’ve created to help you make money. You’ll see how XSitePro makes it simple to manage all of the information for the affiliate schemes you are a member of and how it allows you to add correctly formatted affiliate links on any page you want, with just a couple of mouse clicks. You’ll discover an amazingly simply way of inserting Google Adsense into your pages and how you can quickly and easily format the Adsense ads to suit the style of your site. (6 minutes)

Lesson 7: Search Engine Optimization

In this lesson, you’ll learn about the importance of the search engine optimization (SEO) phrase, how to appropriately choose it and how to make use of the SEO table inside XSitePro. You’ll learn how to use the Suggested Actions list to make sure your web pages are search engine friendly. You’ll also learn how to generate reports about the search engine friendliness of your site and learn how to fine-tune your search engine optimization settings. (8 minutes)

Lesson 8: The Other Tab, Volume 1
In this video lesson you’ll find out how to improve the navigation and file structure of your web site. You’ll learn how to add a breadcrumb Trail to your pages just like the professional sites have and how to customize your Navigation Bar to meet your specific design requirements. You’ll also pick up some file management tricks such as adding new files with the File Manager, changing file name conventions and customizing the page titles. (8 minutes)

Lesson 9: The Other Tab, Volume 2

In the ninth lesson you’ll find out how to build powerful pop-up windows that appear only when you want them to appear and stop appearing after the conditions you specify have been met (when an order has been placed for example). You also learn how to set up redirects, how to add scripts, handle robots, set up a links page and add your own or a ready-made privacy statement to your site. (8 minutes)

Lesson 10: PowerPack Features
In this penultimate lesson you are introduced to a collection of features created especially for power users. Don’t worry if you are an inexperienced user as this video will explain everything clearly in language you are sure to understand. Learn all about creating a specially formatted XML site map that could give your Google rankings a real boost. Discover how to use the Import Pages tool to incorporate pages into your site, including pages that were not even created with XSitePro. Find out how to use Tokens to automatically insert certain kinds of text into your pages and learn how to use the Multi-Page Creation Wizard to quickly create an effective site structure. (10 minutes)

Lesson 11: Publishing
In this final lesson you’ll learn how to publish your site to the Internet. You’ll be taken through getting a web domain name and hosting account and how to enter all of the relevant information into XSitePro so that it knows where to upload your site to. You also discover why the Extra Publishing Details screen is a great place to store all of the other information relating to the domain in question. (10 minutes)

You can get full access to the xsitepro video tutorials, just click on the link

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Create Tables with Xsitepro version 2

July 30, 2008 by  
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Xsitepro Version 2.0 has some great features for working with tables. The ability to enhance and customize a table has been greatly enabled in Xsitepro version 2.

Tables have long been the most popular way to design a website. Although those that command the web would like to see everyone using CSS, it still remains that working with tables is easiest and a great way to put together a quick website ranging from a simple salespage style to more complex forms of websites.

Xsitepro allows you to easily add or customize your site with css and I suggest you learn how to use it. The reason is because that is the direction webdesign is headed and it is most compatible with just about all the popular browsers. Websites load faster when using css, and I’ve been told that they are easier on the search engines.

Still for the newbie creating a webpage with tables is the simplest way to get started and organize a webpage. For instance you can draw out your webpage on a legal pad and visualize the page as a series or boxes or tables. It becomes easy to take your concept to webpage design.

Xsitepro really does make it easy to work with tables. In fact, the templates are all based on a table with a series of cells organized to give you a header, navigation tables, main table, footer tables plus a few extra with xsitepro ver. 2.0

I found a couple of videos that will help you understand the concept of tables and Xsitepro version 2.0, please check them out.

Xsitepro Version 2.0 Video 1

Xsitepro Version 2.0 Video 2

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