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I had a question about using Xsitepro and Clickbank and mass creating pages. I really don’t know of any method of doing this….if someone has the answer it would be great if they took the time to write a reply in the comment section below. Anway, here’s the question and my response.

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> Hi,First of all i must appologise if i have posted this before.I am looking for a script that will allow me to place clickbank products on my xsitepro site.I would like to place a keyword and have the relavent niche downloaded to my site.I know that xpro does it with Amazon but i can’t understand why it does not do the same with Clickbank,after all they pay a higher commision
> Thanks Dave

Hi Dave

I don’t think this is available anywhere yet. If I understand your question, you are thinking of auto creating pages with clickbank products….correct? Just nothing that does this….if you find something let me know….I’ll keep my eyes peeled.

There’s several scripts available that you can install and it basically turns one page into a Clickbank Directory….but I don’t think that’s what you’re looking for.

I did something that would rotate clickbank affiliate links. First I created a number of pages….any number you want 10, 20 or 100 pages with individual articles. Then I found related clickbank products. I created a small paragraph and sometimes an image for each clickbank product….obvisously I included a link to the product. If there were only a couple of related products I would use an article spinner to spin multiple versions of the paragraph. I installed a php script that rotated the text snippets and I inserted a php include in each of the Xsitepro Pages for the rotating php script. I might have 100 to 500 unique paragraphs for the clickbank product and at each page refresh the xsitepro pages would show a new clickbank paragraph.

You can do the same with amazon products. Here’s an example the rotating content is the content surrounded by the solid border in the middle of the content. I believe its set to rotate on a 24 hour basis… it won’t matter how many times you refresh, you’ll see the same content.

Here’s one with clickbank products

Hope this is some help to you

Best Wishes,


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