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Article Marketing has been the cornerstone for many online and offline businesses. There’s no denying that articles generate traffic and will continue to do so for future. You can write a new article for each keyword and then write multiple versions of that article for maximum effect. However, there is a better way of creating all those articles so that each article you place on your Xsitepro Website is unique!

You might have said at one time “The best things in life are free”?

Well, I think that’s true on the internet.

I was reading a post in a famous Internet Marketing Forum called Earn1KADay and found a link to a free article spinning site. I really didn’t expect to find anything of any quality, some kind of poorly designed script or just some below average giveaway in an attempt to get my name and email address. Holy Cow…I was shocked.

I’ve been using Power Article Rewriter to spin my articles into unique and readable articles….and this free service was almost as good!

I won’t get into the reasons for using spun articles but will say that I get very good results with them.

OK…., here’s the link to “The Free Article Spinner”. I dare you…check it out!

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Now You can Easily Integrate a Shopping Cart into Xsitepro

Xsitepro and Shopping Cart were two words that were difficult to use in the same sentence. Simply because there wasn’t a lot of information about how to add a shopping cart to xsitepro.

Well….now you can watch a video that explains how to use Xsitepro and a Shopping Cart.

This is good stuff and answers the questions regarding ecommerce and Xsitepro!xsiteproandshoppingcart

Integrate a Shopping Cart into Xsitepro for a quick ecommerce website.

In less than 10 minutes this video tutorial will show you how incredibly easy it is to create a fully e-commerce enabled website in XSitePro, complete with shopping cart page and payment processing. Very cool!

And if you are an XSitePro Club member (you need to buy a copy of Xsitepro), you can see an extended version that goes into a lot more depth about exactly how to set things up.

And if you need to find out more on shopping carts, grab this free book, no optin required (at least not yet)

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Benefits of Outsourcing when Building Xsitepro Websites

Xsitepro helps to easily build websites, however, once you get your business jumping it can become hard to keep up with all the tasks needed to keep your website fresh and growing.

Take a moment to expand your goals into the future. Maybe you want 10 sites up and running. You want them indexed, you want traffic, you want to use it to promote various offers….maybe even your own product. Keeping the site fresh becomes a problem.

It doesn’t matter if you have an Xsitepro website, a WordPress Blog, or a Standard Static website….each has the problem of managing new images, new articles, new products, and you want to build sub-lists, maybe you want to add a blog to your static Xsitepro Website and aren’t really sure if you could use xsiteprotowordpress to add a blog. Soon, your easy way to make money at home is looking like you have to work 24 hours a day 7 days a week! Or….you could hire some help….but that really cuts into profits, still it’s an option.

One direction many internet marketers gravitate toward is Outsourcing. A lot of people freak out when you mention outsourcing your work, there seems to be so many layers to overcome, how do you find competent people…..what do you ask for and on and on with the questions. It can be complicated and I’ve seen $1000 dollar packages that guarantee you to fully understand and easily start outsourcing your own work. That’s a lot of cash….must be a simpler solution.

Read this Article on the Benefits of Outsourcing

The best thing to do if you want to understand outsourcing is to work with someone who knows how to outsource from head to toe and with total confidence meeting all their outsourced goals. This person would know how to use outsourcing sources, what to ask, how much to pay, when to pay and how to negotiate. They probably even know the best outsourcing agents to use from a place like

Well…..since you’re probably not in a position to hire someone to coach you on the benefits of outsourcing I’ve found someone who can teach you the in’s and out’s of outsourcing. Someone who has been doing oursourcing work and accomplishes her own tasks by outsourcing them out….so she knows the full benefits of outsoucing and has decided to share them with you.

Nicole Dean and Jimmy D Brown have developed a low cost membership that explains the benefits of outsourcing and gives you everything you need to have and know to outsource any aspect of your business to increase your productivity. Take a look at this snippet from a press release: is a 52-week training program that teaches business owners how to outsource many tasks within their business so they can focus on opportunities for revenue growth and sustainability.  This program also offers participants access to a growing list of nationally recognized service providers in various fields.

“With this service, small business owners don’t have to be human resource experts to get the right people to do the right tasks. They also don’t have to worry about the technical aspects of arranging a work agreement with an outside provider.  With all of those details are clearly explained through written materials and examples that are provided to subscribers,” adds Dean.

Its very important to treat your business as a business as you progress. One way you can do that is by learning new and profitable skills. Outsourcing Weekly will show you how to benefit by outsourcing just about any aspect of your work…check it out :)

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Using Squidoo to Market Your Xsitepro Websites

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Why would you want to add an optin form to your squidoo lense? To Build a list? Maybe to start some hype about your Xsitepro website.

Well, its really important to expand your thinking beyond the confines of Xsitepro. There are many platforms for building and producting websites and webpages, some harder than others. Squidoo offers a free website with little effort and one of the greatest benefits of a squidoo lense is the ability to point a link back to your Xsitepro Website……and links are the holy grail of the interent.

So, while using a squidoo lense, you get a free link back to your website but you can do so much more. Today I wanted to talk a little about putting an optin form in your squidoo lense. You may or may not know, squidoo prevented you from putting an optin form on your lense….however, I’m about to show you a trick about how to get an opt-in form into you lense to take advantage of any traffic you might get there.

I know at one point in time Squidoo allowed you to paste your optin code into a lense. Then they allowed you to put your optin code into a squidoo lense using iframes. They stopped allowing both of those methods. Finally the only way to put an optin code was by creating an image of the optin box and putting that image into your squidoo lense and then linking to an off site landing page with the real optin code. Not very good for list building!

Finally there is a way to easily add your optin code to a squidoo lense using widgets. In fact, you can create a widget for just about any snippet of code including things like Amazon, Ebay and other affiliate program.

Well…I stumbled on a squidoo lense that actually tells you how to create a widget for just about any chunk of html coding….including your optin form code.

Stop over at Clearspring Tutorial and you’ll discover some tricks you can use to get a variety of html coding in your squidoo lense’s that was previously banned and from what I read, it is totally legal to use widgets for creating html or javascript optin code in your squidoo lenses.

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Xsitepro, Long-Tailed Keywords and Extra Cash!

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If you’ve been following my posts, you know how highly I think of the keyword tool called Micro Niche Finder…..just a terrific keyword tool for digging up long tailed keywords known as low hanging fruit. You don’t have to take my word for it, grab a copy and test it out!

Every so often I need to expand your thinking outside of Xsitepro in order for you to get the most of Xsitepro. Xsitepro can be used effectively in internet marketing, however, if you want to practice internet marketing you really need to find and invest in tools that will help you stay on top of the pile. Xsitepro is a fantastic application, however, it’s worthless without having the correct content. By that I mean writing articles and other content using keywords that will attract the search engine spiders so you can find your webpages which were developed with xsitepro on the first pages of google. Yes….you need keywords and of the plethora of keyword tools available which one should you use….let me suggest Micro Niche Finder.

Getting on with my story……

You’ve also probably heard of bum marketing or article marketing and one of the movements leaders, Travis Sago.

Well, Travis has made Micro Niche Finder the official keyword tool of Bum Marketing! That’s saying something because Travis is a heavy hitter in Bum Marketing, he makes a great living through article marketing and he is a man of character and integrity……so if Travis recommends a tool, you know it’s good.

Below is a video Travis did that can easily fit into the Make Money Online category….but it isn’t some cheesy promo type video. Travis reveals a business model anyone can use to make money online, and yes, he uses Micro Niche Finder in the development of this business model.

If you’re looking for a solid way to start making some steady money online, you really need to watch the below video. I say this at the risk of sounding full of hype….but you can easily develop a small business that pulls in $1,000 a month.

Enjoy the video :)

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Website Traffic with Video!

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If you’ve never used video for website traffic then you are missing a major component of your website traffic strategies. I’m sure you’ve seen what happens when a video goes viral starting from Youtube. Imagine if you had your video on hundreds of video sites and blogs, imagine if you could get close to a major viral video.

Most marketers don’t use video correctly. If you employ the correct game plan for your video submissions then, over time, you’ll develop a steady stream of traffic to your website.

Using a video submission service like Traffic Geyser you can get your blog posts and website pages on the front page of google….in fact, you can get number 1 and number 2 position. Imagine what type of traffic you could pull into your site if you were number 1 or 2 on google……imagine what would happen if you could stay in these top positions. Well….Traffic Geyser shows you exactly how to do this!

Xsitepro is a fantastic program for creating websites and webpages that are properly optimized for your keywords if you use the program correctly. But, it takes a while to show up in the listings. By using Video correctly with your Xsitepro websites you will soar almost instantly to the top positions in Google. Traffic Geyser is a professional application and group designed to teach you about using video for search engine rankings as well as a method to submit and get your videos listed on hundreds of video directories and other Web 2.0 Social Sites without any type of spamming.

Using Videos to Dive massive traffic to your website by auto submitting to 100′s of video web 2.0 directories.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.742558&w=425&h=350&fv=]

more about "The Traffic Geyser for Massive Websit…", posted with vodpod

vodpod id=ExternalVideo.742558&w=425&h=350&fv=

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Xsitepro and Paypal for Automatic Download After Payment

November 3, 2008 by  
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Here’s the Question regarding setting up paypal buttons in Xsitepro

I have some software with resell rights that I want to sell on a website I have already built. I also already have paypal buttons set up for my own personal “website building” services. The problem is… I have to re-contact these people. This will not work if I am selling a software package with several different downloads. Does anyone know how to set up automatic download after a purchase is made through a PayPal button? You know… so I don’t have to manually send the stuff.

I answered and offered a free ebook about paypal below.

First you create a download page with xsitepro. On the download page you have links to the files that will be downloaded….ie, the products that were purchased.

When you make your paypal button…there is an option that will ask where you want the customer to go after making the payment… would enter the full url of the page you created in the first paragraph.

I put a paypal book up in this post, it’s free….plus the entire thread has some good conversation paypal buttons and how to download a product.

Something you might want to think about. Instead of sending your customer directly to the download page, you should create a page that has an autoresponder form on it so you can capture their name and email address….. now you can start building a marketing list. Once they fill out their name and email address they would automatically receive an email from you with the link for downloading the product they purchased.

You can use a product like Aweber or Getresponse for an autorepsonder. This is the way the big guys do it :)

Hope that helped


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Increase Your Internet Marketing Profits

August 12, 2008 by  
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Many people who use Xsitepro are Internet Marketers and are always looking for ways to make a little extra money. Although Xsitepro is an excellent way to build your website, you will need to learn the Internet Marketing skills needed to monetize your website. Below you’ll find some times that will help to increase your internet marketing profits by sharpening your internet marketing skills.

Your efforts in Internet Marketing will take hard work. There is no denying that. Especially in the beginning. Even if there is no free lunch, internet marketing still can provide a comfortable life and the key is to get your business up and running and then optimize your efforts by doing a couple of things that will give you an increase of profits and earnings. Here are a few steps that you can take which can make the difference between just getting by and really living life to the max.

Profit Exploision Number 1====Your Own Affiliate Program

I hate to tell you this, but without an affiliate program, you are leaving a wad of money to be picked up by the next smart marketer. Don’t worry if you don’t have an affiliate program and don’t have a panic attack at the thought of putting one together….it’s really pretty easy once you know how.

The two instant ways to set up an affiliate program is through or There is a big benefit using these solutions, both clickbank and paydotcom have an army of affiliates that are willing to drive traffic to your website. They are also pretty automated which means you don’t need to put much time into running the affiliate programme. Some internet marketers use both of these solutions because of their unique properties and their low cost.

Profit Explosion Nunmber 2….Use an Upsell

This technique allows you to capitalize on your existing traffic by a one time website edit and you can rake in the profits at each sale. There are many ways to create an upsell. You can offer an interview with an expert from your field, include or offer a more expensive ebook or even tempt the buyer with a software application of script that would be of tremendous benefit. Remember they have their credit card out and are in the buying moood.

Profit Explosion Number 3…Promote Another Affiliate Product on Your Thank You Page After Purchase

Similar to the Upsell, place an affiliate product on the Thank You Page. Think about it, they just purchased your product, they are hungry for information and they have just used their credit card. You need to capitalize on your customers emotions! This isn’t rocket science but by implementing it you can see a great increase in profits over time which is exactly what you’re after isn’t it?

So there you have it – 3 great ways to increase your profit margins without that much additional work. See Internet Marketing doesn’t always have to be hard does it?

You can make a lot of money in Internet Marketing. However, you really need to stay on top of the game with continuing education. Most folks fly from program to program and don’t know who to listen to. I belong to a membership site called Earn1KaDay that is filled with great members and mentors. You can find tools, ebooks and just about everything you need to start developing an online income.

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