Xsitepro and Main Street Marketing Machines

Working with offline marketing Main Street Marketing MachineYou’d probably wouldn’t be surprised to hear that people use Xsitepro for many different reasons. I spend much of my time in the internet marketing niche, graphics niche and offline marketing niche and I’m always surprised to see innovative uses of Xsitepro.

The key to this diversity is the use of templates and I’m in the process of creating an advanced template that can be used for any niche with just a few tweaks… I’m making the videos now and will be sending an email out to my list as soon as its available.

Here’s a sample of one of the template configurations.

Still testing but click here to see the basic template

Let me change gears and talk about making money online using your website….whether for an offline business or online business.

It’s a difficult task to make a living online, it’s even more difficult to have a brick and mortar store and create a website that brings you leads and sales. I don’t think it ever was easy, however, today’s economy makes the task even more difficult.

Your inbox is probably filled on a daily basis with offers for one money making product after another. All promising to make money. They might work to some degree….but never as easy as it might portray.

We live in a unique period of internet history. Today, April 2010, offers you an opportunity that won’t last forever. I’m trying not to sound too hypey….I hate that tactic, but what I’m about to show you will make a difference in your life and those you do business with.

I love this saying:

“Help enough other people get what they want from life and you’ll get everything you want and more” Zig Ziglar…..a very true saying.

Offline Marketing provides an opportunity for you to help others. A number of systems have been developed but none can compare to what I’m about to show you.

First…very very few people can go out and make money on their own. If you have a system to follow, building a successful business becomes much easier. Think of things like franchises.

Well…the folks at Traffic Geyser have been experimenting with their system of video, article, podcast ..ect. submissions and combining them with keywords for local businesses. Their desire was to create a system that would get local businesses top position on Google and the other search engines. For instance a painter in Chicago would want love to have “Chicago House Painter” turn with his website on position 1 of Google.

That’s exactly what they’ve been able to achieve. A system for ranking local businesses for their keywords to bring them leads and sales.

How can this benefit you? Actually…a couple of ways.

This system is called Main Street Marketing Machines

If you own your own brick and mortar business you can use it simply for yourself and get your business ranked for a variety of keywords that will bring you either leads or sales or both. Unlike purchasing a yellow page ad, this is an investment in a system that costs less than yellow page advertising and will last the lifetime of your business.

Main Street Marketing MachinesThe other option

This system really will shine if you’ve been part of the internet marketing community and trying to make money online. This system takes what you’ve learned and you can apply it to any local business with excellent results. Meaning, they will be ranked on the first page of Google.

This system of offline marketing to local businesses can become your business. Their method of promotion and development will bring clients running to you and your business can be as large as you are able to imagine.

The key to the success of Main Street Marketing Machines is that it works!

Go to this page:

Main Street Marketing Machines

Fill in the form and watch the videos, you’ll get everything you need to make an intelligent decision about this.

By the way, even if you are a complete newbie….this system will allow you to set up your own offline marketing business. With so many people looking either for a new job, replace their job or just looking for some extra income….this is a business opportunity you will want to at least look at.

Wishing you much success!

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WordPress Unique Review

If you are an Xsitepro user, you know and understand how easy it is to set up a site with Xsitepro. However, I wonder if you realize how powerful it is to add a wordpress blog to your site. There’s several ways to do this, you can use Xsitepro to WordPress or you can simply add a wordpress blog via cpanel and link to it from your Xsitepro site. Either way, you’re missing out on some powerful linking and other symbiotic benefits from working with xsitepro and wordpress.Nothing  beats Xsitepro’s power in organizing and setting up static content while nothing beats WordPress when dealing with dynamic content.

I ran into a powerful plugin that creates unique content from duplicate content…..nothing you’ve used before. Anyway, rather than talk about WpUnique or WordPress Unique…..check out the rest of the post and do yourself a favor and grab a copy today!

“Just Think…Your Blog Post Ranked and Indexed
In Less than 5 Minutes Even When Using
PLR or Reprint Articles….or Any Content
By Just Pasting It Into Your Blog!”

wpunique-uniquecontentI’ve been using a new wordpress plugin called wordpress unique or wpUnique for the past couple of months with outstanding results. In fact, this is one case where I’d prefer to be selfish and keep this information to myself….however, the wpUnique has been released to the public and by virtue of the fact that “It Works!” I’m sure everyone will be using it….so, jump to the front of the line and grap a copy of WordPress Unique today!

Simply said, WpUnique is a wordpress plugin that automatically creates unique content from any blog post you place on your wordpress blog. It amazingly converts a unique version or any PLR article or duplicate content you feed it! However, the article looks exactly the same as the original plr or duplicate content….. the magic happens behind the scenes, in the html coding of the blog!

Seriously, this thing works so good I wish no one else knew about it….it works by using something called “html encoding” and alters the blog post on the html version and makes no change at all to the Visual Version of the blog post. There are other features that allow you to further alter the blog post in an effort to create a more unique blog post and in an effort to monetize the blog post. These are all options that are completely controlled by you! The entire plugin, all the features, can be applied to the entire blog or it can be applied to a single post….. giving you the ultimate control of your blog posts.

I think I’ve been using wpUnique for about 2 months…maybe more, and in that time there have been at least 4 updates. These haven’t been cheesey little updates but major upgrades to the plugin. Steve Fullman has gone all out on this baby and has made wpUnique a premiere wordpress plugin, in fact, Steve originally offered WordPress Unique on the warrior forum in the WSO section. It’s been one of the most successful wso’s that I can remember…..I’m surprised it took him so long to create an affiliate program and offer the plugin to the general market!

Testing Wordpess Unique on Blogs

I’ve been testing wpUnique on 2 well established blogs and 2 brand new blogs. I can get a blog post indexed ….literally in minutes on the established blogs. It doesn’t matter what the article is….it gets indexed. For instance, I get an article a day from one membership. The owner of the membership usually already has the article indexed on his blog in the SERP’s. And sometimes a couple of days will go by and the article is indexed on another member’s blog. In both cases I search for the “title” of the article in google or the first sentence. Often times there are 5 or more other results in the supplemental results….but as you know they do not show up unless you force them to.

This is the cool part. I’ll copy the article into a blog post exactly the same as it was sent. Next I tick the box for wpUnique to “Uniquify This Post” That’s the only option I use…there are other options such as:

  • Uniquify Comments
  • Auto-Spin This Post
  • Keywords to Cash Links

I haven’t use any of those other options and then I “publish” the post. I’ll check Google for the “Title” of the article or blog post and voila…..my post is on top of the SERP’s….that’s right….WordPress Unique altered my post so that in Google’s eyes the post was actually different than the posting’s previously indexed. That is some powerful stuff. Like I said….I wish I was the only one to know about this. I didn’t think the SERP circumstances would last very long, however, all articles and posts have maintained their positions! I almost feel guilty using wpUniqe :)

In the interest of full disclosure, I need to report that WordPress Unique did not work the magic as fast on new blogs. As with any new site or new blog, the new blog really needs to be indexed by Google before you’ll start to see your articles in the SERPS. WpUnique still works, it just might take a little longer for the results to show up.

You might be confused and wondering exactly how wordpress unique works. You might think that it changes your plr article or blog post somehow. Maybe you think the wpunique spins new content out of your blog post. Actually, the plugin has grown to include many features since its inception, but the main way it changes the content is by doing something called “html encoding” which changes the html view of the post but not the actual words. I’m not sure how, but to the search engines, the content appears unique enough to be considered different than the original article or blog post.

Here’s a view of a post that has been “uniqified”….it looks as standard as any blog post:


Here’s a view of the same blog post from the “source code” view….as you can see the text has been changed to the html encoding.


So…if you need to know how it works…now you know :)

If you’re like most of us you just need to know THAT WpUnique works….and I attest to the fact that it does!

WordPress Unique has many other features….I think I’ll discuss those in another post. Suffice it to say, these other features serve to further change your blog post so that it becomes even more unique and thereby overcoming the duplicate content issues. WpUnique also has features that helps you to automatically monetize your blog posts with affiliate links and keywords or keyword phrases.

Check out these videos, they’ll help you gain a better understanding of WordPress Unique, how it creates unique content and how some of the features work!

I don’t do this often, buy click on WpUnique and grab a copy of this awesome plugin and watch it work it’s magic!!!

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Xsitepro Business Directory Template

July 23, 2009 by  
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Offline marketing has been the big buzz lately and for good reason. Brick and mortar businesses are realizing the value of having a web presence. I’ve been working on a xsitepro business directory template for the last couple of weeks and finally put up an uncompleted prototype at Best of Mchenry.

This xsitepro portal template is more advanced than the standard xsitepro template and will use all the panels in the Xsitepro version 2 setup. There will be a complete set of videos explaining how to set the template up and how to monetize the site. You could easily develop a $2,000 a month with one of these sites and with a little effort I can’t see why one site couldn’t generate $10,000 a month and lead into larger jobs. There are so many different ways to monetize this type of site! Of course, any claims of income are totally dependent upon your efforts and I do not mean to imply that you will make any specific amount with this template.

The header will be able to be edited in either photoshop or from within Xsitepro. In the header is a 3 celled table that will have 3 small image ads with appropiate ad copy. These ads will be on source of monetization and the final version will have the ability to rotate these 3 ads with different advertisements. So you could possibly sell 12 ads and rotate them at equal amounts…..if you charged $50 a month this could give you $600 a month!

The info bar has a dynamic linking system.

The main panel header would have a custom preminum space ad. Of course all ad prices will depend on the traffic you can get to the site. If you’re getting a good amount of traffic this space might be worth $300 to $600 per month. This ad like the 3 small ones appears on each page of the site.

The left navigational colum has yet to be finalized. You can see what I have so far, not sure I like the look but will play around with it. The nav bar will have simply links to pages, or categories and to a Links page, Sitemap Page and Major Categories.

The Categories will be in the form of a template. There could be a main category, sub-category and vendor page. The Vendor Page could be your clients main web page. If they already own a website then this page could serve as an additional traffic source.

Xsitepro  has a Links Page function and this would be included in a special way. I found by using the Links Page the spiders seem to grab these first.

I should be ready to launch in the next couple of weeks. If you want to be notified when this template is ready to go, please leave your name and email address below.

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Custom Xsitepro Templates

December 21, 2008 by  
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Xsitepro is a powerful website editor and builder. It uses templates and you can see here the custom template designed for displaying articles and images related to Alternative Health.

You can contact me for your custom xsitepro templates. If you want a site that really stands out, then you need a custom xsitepro template!

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Xsitepro Guide Transferred from WordPress.com

December 21, 2008 by  
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Specializing in Custom Xsitepro Templates,  The Xsitepro Guide …a blog transferred from a wordpress.com blog. One the wordpress.com blog I wanted to post a couple of articles an keep a diary of xsitepro, problems and solutions. I didn’ t think it would be a big deal.

Time passes and I added images, along with pointing people to the correct products to purchase or examine, I even lightly promoted my xsitepro templates.

I was woefully ingnorant of the rules in wordpress.com, basically you can’t have any affiliate links or post anything about making money or selling. If they find a blog like that they delete it. Well, I was promoting and had a few affilaite links so I unknowingly broke the law, they took down my blog. However, I was about to export all the posts and comments and I’m going to be back at it in full swing before the year ends.

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