WP Twin Reviewed with Xsitepro

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Have you heard of WP Twin yet?

I had to take a minute and share some pretty cool wordpress blog information. Some of you guys are using WordPress and Xsitepro together. Surprisingly I’ve run into many situations where its very beneficial to use Xsitepro and WordPress while taking advantage of the benefits both systems provide.

Simply put, WP Twin makes duplicating or cloning your wordpress blog a 30 second process and WPTwin isn’t a wordpress plugin. WP Twin is a script, basically 2 files that are uploaded to your wordpress installation, next you paste your url in the browser, type in your registration code and bingo bango….you get a file to download that has all the settings of your wordpress blog.

To recreate or start another blog you simply upload the special file that was produced by WP Twin to your new wordpress installation and you can have an exact duplicate of the original blog.

The simplicity of WP Twin is a large part of it’s beauty. The process of duplicating or cloning a wordpress blog is so simple that any newbie can clone or backup their blog. The implications of being able to duplicate a wp blog using WP Twin are mind numbing! If all it did was backup your blog…. WPTwin would be a bargin.

In some ways WP Twin is very similar to the backup process of Xsitepro. With Xsitepro all we have to do is “Export” a site and we have the template along with all the contents in a single “.xse” file. Until now, you could not easily do this with wordpress. WPTwin allows you to create a single file of your wordpress blog that includes everything from your blog, that means templates, plugins, themes, htaccess files….and I believe it will even copy files out of the wordpress structure.

Jason Fladlien and Wilson Mattos are the creators of WP Twin and have big plans. I’d watch this script closely and I would grab it before the price goes up. They aren’t doing some scarcity thing…..I think they just realize that they have their hands on one hot script. Both of these guys have been around for a while. Wilson is the brains behind this piece of work and Jason will be developing the direction it will go in. I was on a webinar where they were talking about all the possibilities, other than just backups or clones that WP Twin will be suited for. Services you could offer those who aren’t in the know. Sell your cloned sites by niche…and much more. So the forum will be an active place for WP Twin users as they discuss unique ways of using it.

I love my Xsitepro…. but I also really enjoy WordPress. Even as an Xsitepro user you cannot ingnore this review of WP Twin and you would be doing yourself a favor by picking up a copy of WPTwin.

I’ll do a more thorough review of WP Twin as I start to use it.

Check out this psuedo WP Twin Review

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Benefits of Content Syndication Using WP Syndicator

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wp syndicator review free ebook the benefits of syndicated contentYou can download a free copy of “The Benefits of Content Syndication” by clicking on the link or the image in this post.

Content Syndication is one of the quickest ways to get hordes of visitors to your website….. you know what I’m talking about WEBSITE TRAFFIC!

After all, a website with no traffic really doesn’t exist, so we spend out effort and money on strategies that will bring website traffic to our websites. Syndicating content can be done by writing articles and sending them to directories and is probably one of the most used methods or strategies used today. Its used because it works. If you have some degree authority or expertise, you can syndicate your blog posts, that is, give people the permission to reprint your blog post in it’s entirety with a link back to your site.

A new wordpress plugin that automatically syndicates your content has entered the blogging scene. WP Syndicator is a wordpress plugin that automatically grabs a 500 character snippet of your blog posts and sends it to 15 or more Web 2.0 properties. Each snippet has a backlink at the end of the post that says, “Read more…” and this is hyperlinked to the orginal post. So….you get an instant deep link backlink. It gets better. Now you can take the standard “Read more…” anchor text and change it to your keyword! Do you have any idea how powerful this is…… ?

Download the ebook or go to the Wp Syndicator site to find out more about the different Web 2.0 sites involved in the content syndication. It’s tough to keep up with the exact specs of this plugin because Andy Fletcher, plugin author, has kept cranking out constant upgrades. Each upgrade seems to add a new feature. If you’re looking for a long lasting way to develop backlinks and to syndicate your content at the same time do yourself a favor and pick up a copy of WP Syndicator by Clicking Here!

Don’t forget to grab a copy of “The Benefits of Content Syndication” ….its free of charge!

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WPSyndicator Reviewed for Fast Automatic

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One of the benefits of combining Xsitepro with WordPress is that you can take advantage of wordpress plugins. WPSyndicator was  reviewed for the effectiveness of creating quick and automatic backlinks…..and boy oh boy does it do the job!  Everyone needs backlinks and if you want to start a steady and conservative approach to adding backlinks automatically for your Xsitepro Websites…. then check out the WPSyndicator Review and think how easy you can get your Xsitepro Websites ranking in the SERPS.

I have been using a terrific wordpress plugin called WpSyndicator plus have already been making use of it for a number of weeks now. It truly is fantastic regarding setting up inbound links immediately and is just one more strategy to be able to automate all your posting activities, therefore I figured I could complete a quick WpSyndicator Review.

Other than producing article content, the most challenging problem about running a blog can be marketing and advertising it…

Ensuring you obtain web-site visitors, ranked within the various search engines along with eventually creating a weblog which makes money is a full time chore inside of it…

What if a person’s blogging site could advertise itself when you actually created and made a post?

Check out Build Backlinks Today Right Now

Andrew Fletcher developed a different WordPress tool that will immediately promotes a person’s blog page anytime click on submit post…

The application spreads your articles through the top rated web 2. properties as well as immediately provides high quality, high traffic backlinks while using anchor text in the key phrases which you decide on back to your blogging site.

Check out WPSyndicator Review Before Everyone Else Starts Using It!

All of the reviews are in and users are really witnessing awesome results.

This takes a project which could ordinarily require all day long and also does it on auto-pilot…

Each time you develop a brand new blog post, you will get cost-free long-term inbound links including a flood of targeted visitors. This is certainly hands-down the coolest “recommended” WordPress plugin I’ve seen this year…

Take a Look At Build Backlinks Today Right Now

If you need more traffic to your blog, or maybe you desire to get a completely new wordpress blog found and search engine positioning significant in the various search engines in record breaking speed, then you need to check out this page…

Consider WpSyndicator and then Get started Creating Backlinks Immediately!

Best Wishes


P.S. Furthermore, you simply ftp this wordpress plugin and it works immediately. It’s very amazing, I have not witnessed something so comprehensive. You can take a look at it out right now…

You know Backlinks Are Important…but, How do you Get BacklinksAnswer====> WpSyndicator

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Review of MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet

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Subscribers Magnet WordPress PluginIf you’ve been following me for a while you know how much I love Xsitepro and how easy it is to build websites using Xsitepro. You also know I believe you need to mix it up a little and in certain circumstances its a benefit to combine your Xsitepro Sites with a WordPress Blog!

That being said, you’ll find the discussion of wordpress plugins pretty interesting….especially when it comes to getting more members on your list…..always…always….always…think of ways to build your list, and with that you need something to manage your optin forms. Subscribers Magnet by MaxBlogPress is exactly what you need!

The folks at MaxBlogPress have come up with a wordpress plugin called Subscribers Magnet that literally gets your visitors thinking “not whether they will subscribe but how!”

Not sure who MaxBlogPress is….read on.

Seems like everyone and their brother is coming out with some type of wordpress plugin these days. In fact there are so many plugins available it’s tough to know which ones are really important to your marketing efforts.

To make matters worse….many of these plugins are free. Free is a good thing if the free wordpress plugin is provides a benefit to your blog. Most of you are probably using the basic free wordpress plugins so I won’t bore you by naming those.

Have you heard of www.MaxBlogPress.com? Chances are you have if you’ve been online for any period of time. They are creators of some of the finest premiere wordpress plugins, such as their new optin plugin called Subscribers Magnet.

First, let me tell you about some of their free wordpress plugins.

MaxBannerAds is a free wordpress plugin that allows you to manage the banners you place on your site. Sure there are other plugins that do this but nothing like the masters at maxblogpress.com, these guys have put together a banner management system that is second to none. Not only can you place your banners but you can manage and track them.

Another free plugin they off is the MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer. Now, you probably didn’t know that you can be banned from the ping services, but you can and like I said, you wouldn’t even know. This is just one of the functions of this plugin.

A third free wordpress plugin is called the MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad wordpress plugin. Did you ever see a yellow stripe with advertising across the top of browser window, right on top of your blog? Did you know this is prime virtual real estate? This plugin is just awesome and I can’t believe its free. You have so many different ways to configure this ad, colors, message, borders, rotate messages….more and more, check it out! You can use it to wish your wife “Happy Anniversery” …..or promote your latest and greatest product.

maxblogpress free optinform pluginThe folks at MaxBlogPress have many more free wordpress plugins, all helping to monetize the traffic coming to your blog. Let me share one more of these free plugins. Its called the MaxBlogPress Optin Form Adder. You do know how important it is to build a list….regardless of the topic or purpose of your blog. You want to make money….right? Start building a list and this plugin will make it easy for you to get an optin form on your blog. If you haven’t tried you know what a pain in the butt it is to get an optin form on a wordpress blog…..well, not anymore! These guys did an amazing job with this plugin and one that I consider the function that it performs to be one of the most important. When you see all the features this free plugin presents you’ll simply be amazed. Are you just starting and on a budget….well, get an aweber account and use this plugin to start building a list!

MaxBlogPress is offering a new wordpress plugin designed to help you make more money by building your optin lists. Its called the “MaxBlogPress Subscribers Magnet“. When I discovered all the features that can be manipulated with the Subscribers Magnet I was awestruck! You see, for me, building a list is the function you need to concentrate on if your desire is to make money online. So…..anything that enhances the ability to build a list should be implemented in your marketing efforts.

There are many plugins that offer some method to build a list…some good some not so good. For the first time I’ve seen a comprehensive wordrpess plugin for adding and managing optin forms in any wordpress blog.

Subscribers Magnet does more than just add and manage plugins it allows you to create new strategies…..no, let me rephrase. It creates new strategies for placement and implementing of your optin forms. This is important because you can now expose your visitor, wordpress commentor, or blog reader to your optin form in ways that are undeniable yet unobtrusive. Get this…..Subscriber Magnet will automatically fill in the name and address of the visitor in the name and email form of the optin form in your blog. Imagine what happens when your blog visitor see’s their name and address in the optin form….if they are even thinking about signing up all they need to do now is hit the submit button!

Imagine being able to effortlessly put your optin form anywhere on your blog, each blog post, selected blog posts, sidebar, footer and even in the comments section of your blog. Your visitor is exposed to your optin form multiple times, your offer is seen multiple times in a way that is user friendly….not obnoxious and completely non intrusive.

By the way, it works with all major autoresponders. Bottom line, I’ve never used a plugin that is so flexible when handling optin forms, the ablity to manipulate optin forms so they are both subtle and effectively prominent is something no other plugin can boast of!

And here is their guarantee:

“Double Your Blog Subscription Rate In 60 Days or Less, or Get All Your Money-Back, 100% Guaranteed!”

They actually claim increases of subscription rates tripling or quadrupling by users of Subscribers Magnet.

There are too many features for me to comment on in this short blog post, however you really need to see the “Silent Subscription” method. Watch the preview video on the salespage and you won’t believe how effective this method might be!

Check out the short Subscribers Magnet video to view all the benefits and features of Subscribers Magnet and then pick up a copy of the plugin. Let me know what you think!

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Xsitepro Site Indexed As Fast as WordPress

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mchenryoakflooringcontractor-1-2010Been using Xsitepro for about 4 years, I was hired to do graphics, custom Xsitepro Templates and minisites or adsense sites for a plr membership. At first, being a Dreamweaver fan, I really hated xsitepro. I thought Xsite to be somewhere between Front Page and Dreamweaver.

This was really before wordpress started to become popular, so the owner of the PLR site pressed me to crank out these Xsitepro adsense sites. The more I used it, the more I liked it and discovered how simple it would be for a newbie to use and start making websites.

I started using wordpress like everyone else….kind of forgot about Xsitepro and Dreamweaver. Then about a year ago, I dusted of Xsitepro and started creating some custom templates. I thought I’d try a sample site.

It was a small site with about 10 pages but designed to be 100′s. I purchased the domain, created and uploaded the 10 pages. Xsite creates a sitemap automatically, but you have to tell it to create a google sitemap. You also can tell it to create a rss feed….all of which I did. Next, I bookmarked the site. Pinged the site and submitted the rss feed to some rss directories.

I did everything in a couple hours one night.

This was a site focused on an offline directory for a local city. There was some good competition, in the directory I promoted several local businesses.

I had about 10 keywords and keyword phrases. 8 of the keywords were on page one the next day. A couple days latter all keywords were on page one at the top.

I was shocked. So I tried with another niche, almost same results. Been about 3 or 4 months and results have stayed right on top!

I love WordPress….. but proper use of Xsitepro can make those static pages shoot right to the top of the SERPS. In certain situations, Xsitepro is my tool of choice.

If you’re a newbie, don’t be discouraged. You need to practice proper niche research and development…dig out the proper keywords and implement all the built in SEO practices that Xsitepro offers. I’m trying to say it takes time, effort and knowledge in getting on top the SERPS….Xsitepro gets pages indexed, can help and is just as effective as wordpress.

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WordPress Unique Review

If you are an Xsitepro user, you know and understand how easy it is to set up a site with Xsitepro. However, I wonder if you realize how powerful it is to add a wordpress blog to your site. There’s several ways to do this, you can use Xsitepro to WordPress or you can simply add a wordpress blog via cpanel and link to it from your Xsitepro site. Either way, you’re missing out on some powerful linking and other symbiotic benefits from working with xsitepro and wordpress.Nothing  beats Xsitepro’s power in organizing and setting up static content while nothing beats WordPress when dealing with dynamic content.

I ran into a powerful plugin that creates unique content from duplicate content…..nothing you’ve used before. Anyway, rather than talk about WpUnique or WordPress Unique…..check out the rest of the post and do yourself a favor and grab a copy today!

“Just Think…Your Blog Post Ranked and Indexed
In Less than 5 Minutes Even When Using
PLR or Reprint Articles….or Any Content
By Just Pasting It Into Your Blog!”

wpunique-uniquecontentI’ve been using a new wordpress plugin called wordpress unique or wpUnique for the past couple of months with outstanding results. In fact, this is one case where I’d prefer to be selfish and keep this information to myself….however, the wpUnique has been released to the public and by virtue of the fact that “It Works!” I’m sure everyone will be using it….so, jump to the front of the line and grap a copy of WordPress Unique today!

Simply said, WpUnique is a wordpress plugin that automatically creates unique content from any blog post you place on your wordpress blog. It amazingly converts a unique version or any PLR article or duplicate content you feed it! However, the article looks exactly the same as the original plr or duplicate content….. the magic happens behind the scenes, in the html coding of the blog!

Seriously, this thing works so good I wish no one else knew about it….it works by using something called “html encoding” and alters the blog post on the html version and makes no change at all to the Visual Version of the blog post. There are other features that allow you to further alter the blog post in an effort to create a more unique blog post and in an effort to monetize the blog post. These are all options that are completely controlled by you! The entire plugin, all the features, can be applied to the entire blog or it can be applied to a single post….. giving you the ultimate control of your blog posts.

I think I’ve been using wpUnique for about 2 months…maybe more, and in that time there have been at least 4 updates. These haven’t been cheesey little updates but major upgrades to the plugin. Steve Fullman has gone all out on this baby and has made wpUnique a premiere wordpress plugin, in fact, Steve originally offered WordPress Unique on the warrior forum in the WSO section. It’s been one of the most successful wso’s that I can remember…..I’m surprised it took him so long to create an affiliate program and offer the plugin to the general market!

Testing Wordpess Unique on Blogs

I’ve been testing wpUnique on 2 well established blogs and 2 brand new blogs. I can get a blog post indexed ….literally in minutes on the established blogs. It doesn’t matter what the article is….it gets indexed. For instance, I get an article a day from one membership. The owner of the membership usually already has the article indexed on his blog in the SERP’s. And sometimes a couple of days will go by and the article is indexed on another member’s blog. In both cases I search for the “title” of the article in google or the first sentence. Often times there are 5 or more other results in the supplemental results….but as you know they do not show up unless you force them to.

This is the cool part. I’ll copy the article into a blog post exactly the same as it was sent. Next I tick the box for wpUnique to “Uniquify This Post” That’s the only option I use…there are other options such as:

  • Uniquify Comments
  • Auto-Spin This Post
  • Keywords to Cash Links

I haven’t use any of those other options and then I “publish” the post. I’ll check Google for the “Title” of the article or blog post and voila…..my post is on top of the SERP’s….that’s right….WordPress Unique altered my post so that in Google’s eyes the post was actually different than the posting’s previously indexed. That is some powerful stuff. Like I said….I wish I was the only one to know about this. I didn’t think the SERP circumstances would last very long, however, all articles and posts have maintained their positions! I almost feel guilty using wpUniqe :)

In the interest of full disclosure, I need to report that WordPress Unique did not work the magic as fast on new blogs. As with any new site or new blog, the new blog really needs to be indexed by Google before you’ll start to see your articles in the SERPS. WpUnique still works, it just might take a little longer for the results to show up.

You might be confused and wondering exactly how wordpress unique works. You might think that it changes your plr article or blog post somehow. Maybe you think the wpunique spins new content out of your blog post. Actually, the plugin has grown to include many features since its inception, but the main way it changes the content is by doing something called “html encoding” which changes the html view of the post but not the actual words. I’m not sure how, but to the search engines, the content appears unique enough to be considered different than the original article or blog post.

Here’s a view of a post that has been “uniqified”….it looks as standard as any blog post:


Here’s a view of the same blog post from the “source code” view….as you can see the text has been changed to the html encoding.


So…if you need to know how it works…now you know :)

If you’re like most of us you just need to know THAT WpUnique works….and I attest to the fact that it does!

WordPress Unique has many other features….I think I’ll discuss those in another post. Suffice it to say, these other features serve to further change your blog post so that it becomes even more unique and thereby overcoming the duplicate content issues. WpUnique also has features that helps you to automatically monetize your blog posts with affiliate links and keywords or keyword phrases.

Check out these videos, they’ll help you gain a better understanding of WordPress Unique, how it creates unique content and how some of the features work!

I don’t do this often, buy click on WpUnique and grab a copy of this awesome plugin and watch it work it’s magic!!!

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Article Stalker Reviewed with Xsitepro

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There are a lot of xsitepro users who have taken the course XsiteprotoWordpress and turned their website into a multiple platform site, the static Xsitepro portion and a WordPress Blog.

There are many reasons for doing this and I’ve seen some really nice looking sites that are indistinguishable for each other, ie, you can’t tell the xsitepro portion from the wordpress portion.

articlestalkermanI ran across a program that allows you to autopost full articles to your blog postings. A program called Article Stalker will go out and collect 1000′s or keyword rich articles which you can then further organize for your use. Article Stalker puts these articles into a RSS feed which is then used by a plugin like Slick Autoposter to deliver the articles to your blog.

There’s a couple of benefits to a system like this:

  • First, you will always have activity on your blog and it will happen at a random basis
  • Since it’s an rss feed you can go in and edit the feed with your affiliate links or special ads, you can do this at the beginning, end or middle of the article.

I know the creator of Article Stalker and Slick Autoposter and I’m pretty sure he is going to really limit the number of units sold. It’s for a good reason, Ed is a behind the radar type guy and he doesn’t want his script out there being abused by unscrupulous marketers….therefore ruining the value of the script. So…..I would jump on this because it will be tool you can use for a long, long, long time!

Take a look at what one Article Stalker User said:

I’ve purchased a few of Ed’s products (I Come Clean, Slick WP Autoposter, Web 2.0 Backlinks Loophole). ALL great – all do (or show) exactly what Ed states they do.

In fact, Slick is in my core group of plugins that gets uploaded to every blog I install.

So, I had NO qualms about grabbing Ed’s Article Stalker… I’ve been wanting a system that would manage a server-side database of keyword targeted articles to help streamline content-harvesting for my networks.

articlestalkerbox300I purchased. Ed sent me an email notification the day it shipped. The very next day it was in my mailbox.

I uploaded Article Stalker to one of my servers and set it up – No database to install, no cron job to set up – EASY BREEZY.

I’ve been ‘stalking’ articles with it yesterday and today and it’s working like a charm.

Now… what I generally do is build out my sites in niched ‘groups’ or ‘networks’ – Its a building plan that works well with my strategy of having a ‘hub’ or ‘authority’ site surrounded by ‘feeder’ sites for backlinks and traffic generation back to the hub site. I have developed an organized, streamlined system for building this way.

But after using Article Stalker

I can see that it is streamlining my system MORE and making it even FASTER. YAY!!!

We LOVE it when that happens! Right?

Right now I’m using (breaking in) Article Stalker with a brand new 7-domain network installation. Stalking articles yesterday and today, It’s located a few thousand articles tagged to keywords for this niche, and I’ve set up a dozen keyword-targeted feeds with it so far.

This morning, from scratch, I installed a CUSTOM WP blog completely, and filled it with content, and it’s LIVE. The articles are lovely, full-length, keyword rich articles – both pre-dated and post-dated out for MONTHS.

I can now ‘clone’ the settings to the other ‘feeder’ sites, run a few Article Stalker feeds through Slick on those, and I can spend tomorrow finishing the hub site, and I’m done. A complete, monetized 7-site network installed, set up, and launched! In two days!

I can say, unequivocably, that I LOVE ARTICLE STALKER!

1. Article Stalker is easy to install and use.
2. Article Stalker works – Just like Ed says it does.
3. Article Stalker makes my work easier.
4. Article Stalker save me Time.

And items 1-4 will equate to ME making MORE Money.

As the saying goes… Time is Money!

People, whether you’ve got an old site that needs updating, a new site needing content so it can be launched, or a zillion sites to get up and ready for traffic…

Get Article Stalker.

Just do it!

See more on article stalker reviewed!

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Xsitepro Affiliate Review Site Templates

April 17, 2009 by  
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Not too long ago I thought WordPress was the best way to develop Affiliate Review Sites…..boy was I wrong because I discovered some Xsitepro Affiliate Review Templates that are really awesome!

Many internet marketers are achieving success in affiliate marketing by using affiliate review sites. These sites are most easily built by using affiliate review site templates. If you search, you’ll find affiliate review templates for many type of websites such as:

  • Static Html Pages
  • Xsitepro Webpages
  • WordPress Blogs

Chris Rempel popularized the affiliate review method known as The Conduit Method by posting a free post in the warrior forum (paid section) on his method of developing affiliate review sites along with discussing how successful he’s been while using this method.

Affiliate review sites are developed when comparing at least 2 products. The main page features both products, preferably with images. The subpages are individual product pages that contain a detail description, review and user comments…..finally a call to action. The main idea is to keep the concept simple and repeatable. Kind of like setting up a simplified McDonald’s Resturant…..their model is simple and the same for each resturant.

I’ve found Xsitepro the perfect platform for developing affiliate review sites. Xsitepro uses a template system for building websites, so it becomes very easy to develop an affiliate review site if you have a xsitepro affiliate review site template. You can find a ton of xsitepro templates, but try and find an affiliate review template!

One source of xsitepro review templates is Chris Rempel’s Vip Essentials and contains everything you need to build a 6 fixure affiliate business featuring:

  • High-Converting, “Just Add Content” HTML Templates (includes Xsitepro Review Templates)
  • Specialized “Conduit Review Site-Maker” For WordPress
  • Step-by-Step, Brainless Targeted TRAFFIC Blueprints
  • Quick-Start Outsourcing Templates & “Cheat-Sheets”
  • SEO Action Plans
  • Easy to follow Instructions

Chris’s package is the best way to go even if you’re simply looking Xsitepro Review Site Templates. These are the exact products and procedures that Chris has used to develop the Conduit Method and is the way he achieved success with affiliate review websites.

However, if you just want to get your hands on affiliate review templates consider the below sources:

Xsitepro Affiliate Review Templates

WordPress Affiliate Review Templates

If you invest in a set of  these templates you could easily do 2 a week!  Start sending some traffic and watch what happens :)

This video will give you an idea how the WordPress Affiliate Review Templates works.

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Xsitepro or WordPress Blog?

October 30, 2008 by  
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I had a fellow xsitepro user wonder if he should use a wordpress blog or xsitepro….in a rather lengthy post I suggested he use both and add a blog to Xsitepro

Hi Richard….really sorry for the delay, I have some health problems and then I simply forgot to answer your questions :oops:

Thank you for your thorough posting on the forum.
I had been avoiding wordpress because someone told me
it is more difficult than xsite2.
So, I never considered WP.
They said that it was mainly for blogging.

Actually wordpress is simpler to use than xsitepro. Once you get it set up….all you have to do is enter your keyword enriched blog title and blogpost. Yes, it can be really advanced, but you can learn that stuff as you progress.

I would purchase a domain that is simlar to your subject matter…get a cheap one like a .info domain. Next get a cheap hosting account , but make sure it has Cpanel….this allows you a 1 click installation of a wordpress blog. Once up, you can start posting and learning how blogging works.

The big benefit of a wordpress blog is that search engines see them as valuable sites because you will be posting something on a daily basis. This attracts the indexing spiders, it is a way to get ranking for your website. Xsitepro doesn’t do this anywhere near as efficiently as wordpress.

I’m not very good with xsite2 but I’m trying to learn for the past week.

hey…stick with it. It takes time, its no different than being a doctor, lawyer, accountant, carpenter or plumber. They all spend a certain amount of time learning before they can become proficient. I will say that Xsitepro makes the task of building websites almost painless….of course if you know nothing at the start about how websites are built….you’ll need to learn a little and….just practice…practice….practice…. If you have to, get another 3 dollar domain and start a website with the explicit purpose of learning how to use xsite……if you blow it up, no big deal :D

All of the wordpress templates I had seen, I thought they were just “nice”.
Nothing that I really wanted to use.
However, I never really looked at the choices until today.

But, the link you pointed towards the premium theme WP temps caught my eye.

Yes, those are some awesome looking themes….but based on our conversation so far, I think they are a little out of your league. Now, you could have someone install one and show you how it works, but they would not be a good theme to start with if you are interested in learning how wordpress works.

Now, I’m debating if I want to make a particular site totally with WP or to combine
the 2.

It really depends on what you are trying to do, what type of site you want to create, and to some degree your skill level. I will tell you many marketers are turning to wordpress. However, if you are selling a product it would be easy to start with xsite and create the salespage for your products. You can always add wordpress latter….the purpose would be for creating a site with lots of activity therefore enticing the search engine spiders.

Sorry to bother you with these questions but I don’t often find someone that is open minded
about many choices. Many times they are 100% something (dreamweaver, xsitepro, etc)

No problem….I feel bad that it took me so long to get back to you. By the way, I’m really a dreamweaver guy, but xsitepro is really starting to grow on me and I think it is probably as perfect as it can get for someone in your position.

Good luck and let me know if you have any more questions…will try to get back to you a little quicker :)

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Thank you for your thorough posting on the forum.
I had been avoiding wordpress because someone told me
it is more difficult than xsite2.
So, I never considered WP.
They said that it was mainly for blogging.

I’m not very good with xsite2 but I’m trying to learn for the past week.

All of the wordpress templates I had seen, I thought they were just “nice”.
Nothing that I really wanted to use.
However, I never really looked at the choices until today.

But, the link you pointed towards the premium theme WP temps caught my eye.

Now, I’m debating if I want to make a particular site totally with WP or to combine
the 2.

I haven’t seen any examples of where they were combined.
Maybe, I didn’t realize it when I saw it.

Is WP more difficult to learn and use than xsite2?

If you combine them, does it eat up bandwidth?
Or, am I better just keeping them separate?

Sorry to bother you with these questions but I don’t often find someone that is open minded
about many choices. Many times they are 100% something (dreamweaver, xsitepro, etc)

If you rather send it to my email, it is


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Why is Xsitepro Better Than Site Build It?

October 17, 2008 by  
Filed under Xsitepro and Blogging

I ran into a post in a blog at Internet Marketing Tips and thought I’d post it here. It has to do with a question that a fellow posted at the xsitepro forum asking “What should he use, Xsitepro, WordPress or Site Build It….below is the question in full.

Hi there XSITEPRO Folks:

I hope all is well. I’m hoping you can please give me some impartial advice. Recently I’ve gone into business marketing the rock and roll photos of 40 years with photographer Don Aters.

Besides out existing sites and blogs we were considering one devoted to the sale/auction/wholesaling of the photos. We’ve talked with and emailed Site Build It.

My question please is you good people here obviously found XSitePRO the best way to go and I’m curious as to what attributes made you become a customer? Without badmouthing Site Build It, if you could be kind enough to tell me why they came up short it would be appreciated.

I want to make the right decision obviously and it isn’t only about the investment. There is an incredible amount of time and devotion that I give any project I’m affiliated with.

May all of you have the best results possible! Thanks for your time.

All the best,
Craig Fenton
Author Jefferson Airplane Take Me To A Circus Tent
Jefferson Starship Have You Seen The Stars Tonite

Hey Craig….had to check out this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xhYk9PEmXA brings back some memories! Amazing how music let’s you transfer through time to relive an old chapter of your life :)

First I wonder what your experience is with building websites?

I think I can share some unbiased thoughts about website design and building.

First I wonder what your experience is with building websites?

Let’s assume you have little to no experience building websites.

Secondly, I learned to build websites and web design with Dreamweaver and today it is still my primary method of building websites, it took a long time to learn but you can do anything with it….but with the advent of XsitePro Version 2 is coming in a close second.

To be clear, I would not recommend Dreamweaver to anyone with little to no experience with building websites, unless you really want to commit and spend the time necessary to learn a little html and the Dreamweaver program.

When I first started out I purchased books…..bookstore type books on html and desperately wanted to learn how to build a webpage. This was almost 8 years ago. Sometime after that I looked into Sitebuild and almost invested in their system. It looked very good and still looks good. They were ahead of times with the approach they take.

However, as someone mentioned above, Sitebuild can be quite complicated and there is a pretty steep learning curve. Once you’re into their system you won’t be able to jump out of it…..I didn’t really understand that at the time I was looking into it, but based on what I’ve heard others say….this fact is true. They do seem to have a happy following though.

One thing you need to understand, if you are an inexperienced website designer or webmaster, you will experience some type of learning curve. Initially the program will seem strange and awkward to work with….doesn’t matter which one you’re looking at. The issue should be, which one will allow me to create a website with ease and quickly. Which program can I learn to use with the least amount of effort.

Of course, if you’re into being a geek like some of us, then you’ll want to know…how and why everything works. But I can tell you with XsitePro this isn’t necessary.

With [b]Xsitepro[/b] you can get a website up and running by using their “Recipe” type instruction. Do A, B, C, and D and you’re good to go. Want to add a page….do F and G and follow that process. Need to add images then follow steps H and I, now upload.

Of course that sounds easy, and in reality it is. However, as I said, there is a learning curve….get a handle on the basics and you can get a site up and running in no time. Because Xsite allows for easy editing, you can totally transform your website in the furture when your talents and creativity are increased.

[b]There is one big downfall.[/b] If you need help after you get your site uploaded, there is no way for someone to log into your account and edit the site and make the changes you need. You have the forum that has a bunch of very helpful people and xsite support, which I’ve not had to use….so I can’t comment on their support capabilities.

In a word, out of all the programs available for building websites, I would wholeheartedly recommend Xsitepro for building and maintaining websites. It is by far the easiest I have used in 8 years. And perhaps one of the most important aspects of XsitePro is the ease of maintaining your website once it’s up and running.

By maintenance I mean, adding pages, adding images, changing the structure of your website. Instantly changing the entire look of a website with a few mouse clicks in no time. Or just keeping the entire image, look and feel of your website the same in all your pages.

If I remember correctly sitebuild was very helpful in assisting the internet marketer pick a niche and focus on developing that particular market through proper seo techniques. At the time, when first developed, they (sitebuild) were one of the only groups using an organized approach for accomplishing niche targeting and proper seo techniques. Today it’s been the approach copied by every successful marketer.

Since you’ve already chosen your niche, this isn’t an issue. One of Xsitepro’s claim to fame is the way it builds and links pages. The importance of this relates to creating properly built webpages or websites with current search engine optimization techniques (SEO). While using Xsite I was really impressed with tools and the automatic creation of webpages that fit seo guidelines most expert webmasters and seo experts would be proud of. For you this means you’ll get your pages indexed by the search engines faster and which means you’ll be getting organic search engine traffic and by practicing some of the other seo techniques you could find yourself on the first page of google. This may not sound like a big deal now, but only a couple years ago, one had to pay big bucks to get a seo expert in to optimize your website and webpages….it could literally cost you thousands of dollars….with Xsitepro, the seo is just part of the automatic process of building a webpage and website.

I imagine you’re looked at WordPress. WordPress blogs have evolved into full Content Management Systems (CMS) and it creates webpages that are food for the search engine spiders. Satisfying search engine spiders is the first aspect of creating website traffic. The hardest thing about using a wordpress blog is creating the blog. There are tons of tutorials that will tell you how to install a wordpress blog, if you’re not comfortable with this you can always pay someone to install a blog…..wouldn’t cost you any more than $50. Installing a wordpress blog with on your website is more intimidating that it sounds….it really is very easy. Also the selection of themes (templates) is beyond comprehension, you can change themes and therefore the look of your blog with a click of your mouse. If you want a blog with a different look you can purchase one of the wordpress themes available or you can have a custom theme created.

Using wordpress as a platform for your website gives you many options, it doesn’t have to look like a blog….in fact you can create a static website with xsitepro and merge it with a wordpress blog. XsiteprotoWordpress is a comprehensive tutorial that teaches you how to seamlessly merge your xsitepro website with your wordpress blog. This is one of the best tutorials I’ve seen on the subject, complete with a written tutorial and video tutorials!

I’ve already gone too far with this post, however, let me say that the combination of wordpress and xsitepro is a powerful solution to your website building and development. Xsitepro might provide the static pages you need while a WordPress Blog will allow you to post or add pages and content on a consistant basis making your website a search engine magnet! For instance you might post an image a day, week or month and have the link on your blog go back to the xsitepro portion where they would make a purchase. At the same time, you can post daily with snippets of text that are keyword specific for anyone interested in purchasing the images or material that is related to Jefferson Airplane. The blog posts are important because they keep those spiders coming back and you’ll eventually get ranked for keywords people would use to purchase your products….all free traffic! While it’s true that you could do both operations in either an all xsitepro website or wordpress blog….the combination of xsitepro and wordpress allows you to capitalize on the expertise and superior aspects of both platforms, giving you a superior website.

In any case, do yourself a favor and grab a copy of XsitePro….even if you do sitebuild. Start learning how to use xsitepro and I guarantee you’ll build more than one website :)

Hope this helps a little


More on Xsitepro at Xsitepro Templates

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