Keyword Snatcher Review …4 Hours Left!

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Only 4 hours left to get your hands on Keyword Snatcher!

Today is the last day you can purchase Jonathan Leger’s “Keyword Snatcher”….the new keyword tool that uses the Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing or Amazon search window to come up with unique new search terms. This Keyword Snatcher Review will give you some unique insight into how you might use this application.

It doesn’t matter if you use Xsitepro, WordPress, Dreamweaver or some other method of creating a website or blog. The fact is you need to use proper keywords in your content. And although there are many keyword tools out there…. almost all of them use the data from Googles Free Keyword Tool. Keyword Snatcher gets its data from another source …. so you get a whole new angle than the 100′s of thousands of other article writers and content creators. This is the cheapest most expensive tool you’ll ever get your hands on, so don’t wait click here now!

See my Review of Keyword Snatcher for more information along with a video on how it works.

I’ve seen some questions about Keyword Snatcher that centered around the use of these keywords such as:

“How do I determine what is a valuable keyword?”

“Isn’t the rating system used by Keyword Snatcher too arbitrary?”

For those of you who aren’t comfortable with Keyword Snatchers rating system or just would like to get more statistics for these keywords I did a quick video on how to use Niche Taser to get more statistics on your Keyword Snatcher Keywords.

I’ve worked out a deal with Austin Delaney, the author of Niche Taser ….only $7 until Sunday of this week 6/27/2010 …..Make sure you use the discount code SCOTTPARAT

Grab a copy of Niche Taser and you’ll find it’s a handy tool. Use the discount code SCOTTPARAT

Don’t forget Keyword Snatcher is only available to the end of Today….FRIDAY 6/25/2010!

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Keyword Snatcher Reviewed

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For my first review I wanted to give you a thorough Review of Jonathan Leger’s Keyword Snatcher. It’s not just another keyword tool because of the type of keywords it produces, yet it’s not a keyword tool that will cost you 100′s of dollars or a monthly fee… least not yet. I’m hurrying this review of keyword snatcher because it will only be available for 5 days! I know what you’re thinking….ya, ya …here we go again. Another pathetic scarcity tactic trying to force me to buy. I agree with you….I absolutely hate those types of tactics and marketing tricks.

I can tell you that Leger’s serious about only selling it for 5 days. I’m not exactly sure why or if he will ever make it available again.

I mentioned the reason he’s limiting the number of users is because he doesn’t want this very unusual technique to get abused and possibly ruined with Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can purchase a copy on June 21 through June 25 2010 and then it goes on the shelf. Like I said, I hate that kind of tactic, but I believe Jonathan Leger to be an upright moral person with no intent or desire to rip people off….. he’s a good person with good intentions and all I can do at this point is trust his judgment. I can say this because I’ve either purchased, beta tested or owned quite a large handful of his products and he is one of the most creative software and application designers in the Internet Marketing World.

Keyword Snatcher digs up keywords that most webmasters have no idea even exist. This keyword research tool grabs the data from the keywords that are suggested when you type in a keyword in the search box at either Google, Yahoo or Bing. Typically a drop down of 10 related keywords that have actually been used to search for something will appear before your eyes….these are keyword and keyword phrase suggestions. See the image below:

Keyword Snatcher a new keyword research tool by jonathan legerIf you were to type “summer a” you would get a whole new series of keywords related to “summer”

New Keyword Tool Keyword Snatcher

You could go through the entire alphabet and find new keyword ideas…. in fact you can even suggest searches such as “summer trip” and get something like:

Keyword Snatcher Review

Ok….the cool part of all this is that these “suggested keywords and keyword phrases” typically will not show up in the Free Google Keyword Tool! That’s big because they don’t show up but they actually exist and Google doesn’t tell you about them. These keywords won’t bring in 10,000 searches a month but give you a way to super-optimize any niche….yep, just about any niche will reveal these kinds of keywords.

One problem, up until now you needed to do this type of keyword research manually. Type in your keyword, hit the space bar, or add a letter, or even another keyword. Next check out the 10 suggested long tail keyword phrases and copy them down. If you’re thinking that’s going to take forever….you’re right, it takes a long, long time to do this manually.

Leger figured out a method to automate the task. Better yet you can configure the tool to dig deep….real deep. You can end up with a list of keywords that is 1,000 or even 5,000 phrases depending on your niche. Plus Keyword Snatcher has a method of rating the quality of the keyword in all the search engines….you end up with just enough information to make some intelligent keyword choices.

In my Keyword Snatcher Review I do a screen capture video of the process above and reveal how Keyword Snatcher works. I give this tool high marks for what it currently does and for what it will be developed to do because Jonathan Leger is always behind the scenes adding new features and upgrading. But don’t buy it because of what it will do…..get it for what it currently does.

See my Review of Keyword Snatcher:

Keyword Snatcher Review

Don’t forget this will only be available for a couple of days….hope you find it in time :)

Look at what some of the users of Keyword Snatcher have to say:


Hi Jonathan,

I’m very impressed with how versatile Keyword Snatcher really is,
with regard to how fast it pulls in over 3,000 keywords on my chosen
niche and how “up to par” these keywords truly are.

I’ve purchased all your software and I have to say this is another
sleek piece of software you’ve manifested indeed!

Please keep up the good work.

Best regards,

Dr. John Chen


Great Keyword Harvester From Jonathan…

This keyword tool is a breeze to use and quickly produces
bucketloads of keywords for you to put into use.

I have used other keyword tools but this one does produce a
comprehensive list of keywords along side of which are the details
of where they rank in the Google, Yahoo and Bing popularity lists.

These are the suggestions that appear when you are typing your
keyword into the the search engines. You can if you wish just opt
for just one of those search engines.

Even if you have other keyword tools this one will be a good

Nige Evans


I’m loving this Software Jon…

I’ve been using the new software and am finding lot’s of keywords
in my niches that I just didn’t have before! I’ve got more than I
know what to do with to be honest!

This is a cool tool simple to use and best of all beats Google’s
freebie KW tool hands down for great phrases! Support brilliant as

Lynne Ivatt


What an Eye Opener!

So many products in the internet marketing niche are heralded as
“game changers” yet they prove to be nothing more substantive than
a flash crowd, gone from the scene before you know it.

With Keyword Snatcher, Jon has TRULY produced an absolutely
remarkable tool. It is not only destined to be a genuine game
changer, I predict that ultimately Jon’s Keyword Snatcher home
run will be a Hall of Fame inductee.

Jim Navary


Does Jon Leger Ever Sleep?

Every time I think Jon has developed the perfect tool he moves
ahead and trumps himself again. This time he has made a definite
home run. I set up dozens of blogs to run with automatic software.
I have been using two of the most popular paid keyword tools to
search for keywords and at most usually get a list of around 180
or so.

The more keywords I can add the better traffic I can receive. Jon’s
new Keyword Snatcher has the ability to find hundreds and in many
cases thousands of longtail keywords automatically in minutes. But
the tool does so much more.

You will ignore this tool at your peril.

You have to see it to believe it. I understand this will be a
limited release product. Make sure to check it out before it is gone.

Chet Hastings


Over 1000 new keyword phrases found!

What an ingenious and valuable tool. I’ve been spending way too
much time looking for keyword phrases to have articles written
about on a niche I’m working on.

Jon offered a beta version of Keyword Snatcher to me, so I figured
I’d give it a try. I was able to find not quite 300 keyword phrases
using the Google tool.

Then I started up Keyword Snatcher, typed in my 2 word root phrase,
clicked one button, and 20 minutes later it had returned 1291
phrases. The beauty of it is that only 400 of them were found on
Google, the rest were from Yahoo and Bing (mostly Yahoo).

This is great, and is now my go-to keyword tool!

Dennis Becker


Google Hides, But Not From The Snatcher…

I can’t believe how many more decent keywords that the Snatcher
found compared to when I had only used the Big Boy’s keyword tool.
Really helped get my creative juices flowing for new custom articles.

Richard Killey


Keyword Snatcher Saves Me Time…

Before Jon came out with Keyword Snatcher I used to manually try
and find these keywords. Obviously that is a hit and miss process
and I missed tons of keywords that way.

Now, with Keyword Snatcher digging down into niches and finding
great keywords has become a one click process. I was amazed on the
first time I sparked it up it returned over 30 keywords that I had
missed for my niche.

Truly a great tool and a real time saver like all Jon’s tools.

Leanne King


Out Performed the Competitor…

I ran several keywords through the Keyword Snatcher and a similar
software currently on the market. Keyword Snatcher pulled almost
double the number of keyword phrases as the competitor. These were
not junk keywords but useful phrases I can use to build and expand
my content. It’s fast too.

Thanks for continuing to build valuable tools for us “non-techy”
internet marketers.

Justin Connor

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