25 FREE Backlinks A Day Using SocialMonkee

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Submit your  content Every Day to 25 social  bookmarking sites, all on unique  C class IPs... FREE.Start creating 25 FREE High Quality Backlinks to your Xsitepro Webpages today with SocialMonkee a FREE firefox browser addon that works with a click of your mouse!

FREE Backlinks for Xsitepro Webpages

If you do everything properly when building your Xsitepro websites you have a better chance than just about anyone else when it comes to having a properly search engine optimized website and webpages. As you probably know, Xsitepro automatically does things to make the search engines happy.

On-page SEO is a big part of getting your websites indexed and ranked in the search engines. Its almost a given that this part of your seo efforts will be done. As I said, Xsitepro does most of this for you and there’s been plenty written about onpage SEO if you need to know more.

Off-page SEO then becomes one of the most important aspects of your total Search Engine Optimization efforts. Off-page seo consists mainly of backlinks, that is, keyword rich anchor text links that point back to your webpages or website. As a result of this there are many services that offer backlinking that you can pay for. There are software applications that cost 100′s of dollars that can automate backlinks to your site. Of course you can contact the owner of a site similar to yours and ask for a link back to your site….this method takes forever!

Bad Backlinks

In short, there are many ways to get backlinks to your site. An important aspect of backlinking is the quality of backlinks. If a site with unrelated content links to your site….well, that link isn’t valued much by the search engines. If you have 500 backlinks from a blogger blog to your site….take a guess. The search engines are smart enough to know that these are unnatural efforts aimed at producing backlinks for the sake of backlinks. In essence, they aren’t content related.

You can learn much about backlinking for googling the subject. Just know that you need them and the better the quality of backlink the higher up in the SERPS you will move. Click Here for good backlinks!

Unique C class and IP’s

At this point I hope you see the need for backlinks and might be wondering “How can I get high quality backlinks?”

I know how you can get 25 FREE high quality backlinks a day. These will be on different ip addresses with different c class domains. In other words, these will be high quality and unique backlinks.

A couple of guys were messing around and put together a process that they now call SocialMonkee which can be used to get 25 FREE backlinks a day by simply clicking on an icon in the address bar of your FireFox browser. A window pops up and you enter 3 titles, 3 descriptions and 3 sets of tags all using your desired keywords. The whole lot is then spun together to give you 25 unique backlinks for the page that the browser is on! That’s how you get 25 FREE backlinks with SocialMonkee.

300 Backlinks A Day with SocialMonkee

They also put together a version of SocialMonkee that will allow you to make 100 backlink submissions 3 times a day. Only a small fee is needed for this method although you’ll do just fine with the FREE version of SocialMonkee. One of the benefits of upgrading your SocialMonkee account is that you will get a links report and an rss feed for each submission. This is powerful! These links and the rss feeds can be used with various applications to get more link juice to your sites, blogs and their respective pages. More link juice means more traffic and more respect from Google! Click Here to upgrade now! You can see a more thorough review of SocialMonkee ….just click on the link.

Your Xsitepro webpages will soar to the top of the search engines when you start getting favorable backlinks so I urge you to sign up for the FREE versions of SocialMonkee and start building your own backlinks for free! Check out the Review of SocialMonkee…..

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Google Images Traffic Explained by Niche Profit Classroom

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I ran into a couple of videos from Niche Profit Classroom that talked about Google Images Traffic. That is, they speak of using google images as a source of website traffic. The videos refer to blogs, however, the same principle applies to standard html sites or sites built using Xsistepro.

The videos are around a total of 24 minutes and discuss the details of developing traffic using Google images. This is great teaching and something that you will find a lot of from the folks at Niche Profit Classrooms. I can’t recommend the membership strong enough if you’re interested in developing a solid, long term method of making money online. NPC really uses a simple process, however, they provide the details necessary to make their methods work. The process is basic, find something people want and give it to them. The trick to the success Niche Profit Classrooms is that they give you each step you need to take to make the process work. I could babble on and on about NPC, you’d do better to visit Niche Profit Classroom and try it out for yourself.

Anyway, just wanted you to know that you can use Google images to create a unique stream of traffic to your websites. Xsitepro inherently optimizes images, however, there are a few things you can do. One big thing is to actually use images. Stick an image in the content section of each webpage. Place images in the right and left sidebar. Another place you can use an image is in the Main Panel Header.
Use google images to develop website traffic explained in Google Images Traffic
Although Xsitepro properly optimizes images it is important that you understand how to manually optimize your images and why you need to optimize your images. Only by understand the “how and why” of image optimization will you be able to develop an effective google images traffic plan of action.

If you want to get the most of traffic from Google images for your Xsitepro websites I suggest you pick up a small report called Google Images Traffic. The ebook thoroughly discusses how to manually optimize an image for your website. Although Xsitepro does much of the image optimization work, you need to know what keywords and text should be used when trying to get the biggest seo (search engine optimization) advantage.

Google Images Traffic” also talks about different strategies for developing websites that are primarily composed of images. You’ll learn how to pick the appropiate type of image and then how to create a site which is focused on images with the intent of developing google images as a traffic source. Anyway, its a great little ebook and well worth the small price.

Grab a cup of coffee and watch these two videos which teach how to develop traffic from Google images.

Google Images Traffic Video One

Google Images Traffic Video Two

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How to create Google Images sitemap and receive more traffic to your website

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Once you’ve created a website you should think of driving traffic to it. You can come up with anything to attract people to your website. You begin to dig the internet, read “drive traffic” articles, try them, invent and try new methods, some of them work, some don’t, again come up with new ideas and so on.  And naturally the number of visitors to your site is always low. One of such known techniques is creation of XML sitemap and its submission to Google.  With help of this Google indexes the webpage faster, consequently keeping more pages from your site in its cache, ready to present those to your potential visitors at any second.  The importance of XML sitemap is long ago tested and proven, though there were some opinions of skeptics, according to which, its vice-a-versa and XML harms the website.  However, all those opinions finally and once for all were proven wrong.

Check out Google Images Traffic for more image info!

It was not by accident that I spoke about the usability of XML Sitemap, thus now I am going to talk about its one type-Image Sitemap’s efficacy.

You have probably noticed that the traffic to your site was brought not only by the Google’s search results, but from Google Image’s search results as well.  People attempting to find one picture, found it in your website. So, have you ever considered that you could bring more traffic to your website with the help of images? That is, to somehow help Google index more pictures from your website, so that in the future more people find pictures on there and become visitors. There hasn’t been such opportunity until now; it was only left to hope that Google would index the images. But now, Google declared that it is possible to add images to your existing sitemap. Earlier, when there was an image URL in your sitemap, Google was bragging about it in webmastertools, instead, now even encourages it. Consequently, question arises-how to add an image in your already created sitemap. Of course, you may open a Sitemap file and manually add that information, using text editor and learning XML language. But what if there are more than 1000 URLs? In this case of course this process needs to be automated.

Google Images TrafficLooking for appropriate tools and trying to find programs that create nearly 5 or more types of sitemaps I stopped on Sitemap Writer Pro program. There I found a very useful tool, which lets you to add images to primarily created Sitemap.

The usage is quite simple. Downloading the program from this location: http://www.sitemapwriter.com/downloads/SitemapWriterPro_5.1.1_Setup.exe, installing  and set to work. Click on Open button and select our sitemap file. In the opened Sitemap Type menu we pick Google Images and straight to OK. We see our URL list and empty information- Quantity, Image location URL, Caption, etc in front of it. This all concerns the image information.

And now, the most magical moment. By clicking Ctr+A, we select all the page of the sitemap and click on add Image button. The program automatically starts adding all the pictures of each page to a Sitemap file. Here, we’ll see that the program is adding design elements also, which are quite unnecessary for us. For that, there are few parameters offered, with help of which you may add only images that are indeed are necessary.

About the Author
By: larozhfuko

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Google Images Traffic Revealed!

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Google Images Traffic

Google Images Traffic Exposed

Do you want tons of FREE high quality traffic?

I am sure, you do!

I just found out about this method which uses ordinary pictures to drive traffic to your website(s)

- NO special images required. – NO special photoshop skills required. – NO need to take your own images.

Just be able…. to follow simple instructions!

You can get started, right now…


Telling you anything more about it would spoil the surprise. But I can say this…

This isn’t your ordinary traffic method that you have heard about a million times

It’s all laid out for you here, step by step… Google Images Traffic

The best part is, it won’t even cost you more than the price of a Big Mac meal, to
get this one of a kind images traffic system.

If you have a website or blog you already know that images increase traffic and keep people on your site or blog. Everyday people use Google Images to find and search for interesting images.

This simple book teaches you how to take advantage of google images to deliver untapped traffic to your blog. It’s not a big book….but this report is packed with “to the point” methods and tricks to get your images optimized so they show on top of the search engines.

Use this book and the Google Images traffic to get more traffic to your website or blog or use it if you do work for clients. Google Images is a hidden goldmine of traffic and if you can get a few images in ranked, you can just direct the traffic!

Why does this work so good? Here’s the key….not everyone has images on their sites. Furthermore, have no knowledge of image optimization and therefore their images simply aren’t optimized.

There’s nothing tough or complex about getting traffic with your images, however, you must know what Google and Google Images is looking for.

Google Images Traffic gives you the code you need to optimize your images and tells you exactly how to use it. It may seem a little strange at first, but you’ll catch on fast and it will be rewarding to see your images turn up in the google search for your keywords and keyword phrases.

Maybe you don’t know what you would do with the extra traffic. Well, Google Images Traffic will even give you some hints on how to monetize you new traffic.

You might even be a newbie or have been lurking around forums trying to figure this internet marketing stuff out. You’ll find some quick tutorials on how to properly research and buy a domain, set up a wordpress blog, use Google Trends to pick a subject that is guaranteed to give you traffic and how to use that information to post your first blog with your first images. It really doesn’t get much easier. Actually, I skipped some details. You’ll get a link to a awesome looking free newspaper type template and 3 essential (free) seo plugins together they exponentially get your images indexed and ranked on top of the search engines.

There’s only ONE catch!

The author says the offer is open to the first 250 people only, so you need to hurry, before it’s late.

Honestly…..I have no idea how long he plans on keeping the price so low…but if you hurry you can pick it up for peanuts.

Get Google Images Traffic today! Click Here

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Easy Product Launches According to Robert Plank

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Email Marketing and Product LaunchesI got an email today from Robert Plank about product launches. He says, “All a product launch is, is a bunch of emails.”!

Robert Plank has a unique twist and just about everything, but one thing I know….he does what he says and it works. Yep, he’s one of the unique IMer’s that actually talks about what he does and how he makes money. Some might think he’s a little harsh or a “take no prisoner type of guy”. Truth is, he knows what works, he tells ya and then doesn’t want to hear any whining about why you’re not making money!

If you’re on any internet marketing lists, then you know all about “Product Launches”, and you’ve more than likely been abused by them. Honestly, I can spot a product launch before it even hits my inbox…..I don’t care what they’re promoting, I won’t open any of their emails.

Plank sent me an email that really simplifies product launches…makes it easy for simpletons like me to wrap my head around. You don’t need to go through some big process if you have a product or service to promote. Robert makes it real easy, in fact he talks about how he simplifies the process of product launches. Instead of telling you about it, I’ll just paste the email here: (hope its ok with Mr Plank)

All a product launch is, is a bunch of e-mails.

It doesn’t have to be any fancier than that.
None of this “on day 17, tell them you just
remembered about a leaked chapter of the e-book
you just wrote…”

Screw that!  That’s too much stuff to remember.
If you’re launching something, just think of five
reasons they would want what you’re offering.

Or five things that would STOP them from buying
and your reason why that objection doesn’t matter.

Then that’s five quick e-mails.  At the end of
each e-mail give them a place they can go and

The problem with “product launch formulas” is
you’re expecting people to open and read every
single e-mail you send them.  They just won’t.

People are subscribed to so many lists.  You
might say one wrong thing in today’s e-mail and it
gets filtered.

Or they just don’t notice your e-mail.  Or they
open up your e-mail in one tab, along with a bunch
of other e-mails in other tabs, and forget about
clicking on your message… oops.

They might even read your e-mails out of order.

So my advice is just send them whatever is
easiest for you to write about.  The order you do
stuff in doesn’t matter.  All that matters is you
send more than one e-mail.

Big hint: one quick e-mail to your list doesn’t
make it a launch!!!

Here’s something interesting.  I had my first 25K
month back in 2007.  You know what I did?  I
e-mailed my list with a different offer every day
for an entire month.

My goal was an average of a thousand bucks each
day.  Some days I offered new products.  Some
days, old products.  Some days, resale rights.

Was I dead tired at the end of that month?  You
betcha.  Did I hit that 25K goal?  Yesirreebob.

Did my income take a huge drop the next month?
You better believe it.  You can’t offer resale
rights every single week and expect that offer not
to get worn out.

Instead of having one offer a day, just have one
offer a month.  Five launch e-mails for each

If you want to do 1 e-mail a day for 5 days,

But even an e-mail every other day for 10 days is
fine.  Or one e-mail every third day for 15
days… now you’ve spent two weeks launching a
product, great job!

I will allow you to re-mail for the same offer.
In fact, you have to if you want people to read
your stuff.  And next month, you can do it all
over again.  Just blend your content and pitch!

Did you like what I told you today?  Great, let’s
keep that party going if you haven’t joined yet:
Robert Plank Copywriting, Email Marketing and Product Lauches

Have a super duper fantastically terrific day,

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Unrestricted PLR to Entire Membership Site

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Unrestricted PLR to entire membership site (*Deadline*)

This is limited but as Xsitepro users, this package of PLR
Membership information could be useful to you in many ways.
Memberships are big money makers and this package is really
worth the time to investigate.

Remember the old peanut butter cup commercials? "You got your
peanut butter in my chocolate...", etc...

The perfect combination of ingredients makes for a great
product, right? Well, in our marketplace right now, two of
the biggest trends happen to be PLR products and
Membership sites.

Put these two things together and you get a firestorm

Right now, Jimmy D. Brown is offering a limited number of
PLR licenses to...

    *** An ENTIRE 3 month membership course! ***

Completely written. Ready to sell.

In the PLR package, you will receive

 - the salesletter
 - 12 content lessons
 - autoresponder emails
 - 5 e-zine articles
 - Free report
 - Download pages
 - 2 solo mailings
 - An ENTIRE fixed term membership course...ready to go!

** And you'll have unrestricted PLR to it all!

Details Click Here

In the membership course, "More New Sales", there are twelve
weekly lessons teaching members how to maximize sales
potential in any market. This course was written by a
seasoned sales veteran, based on years of trial and error.
Each lesson is 5-8 pages in length, with concise, actionable
chunks of information geared toward fast results and long
term success with customers.

Here are just a few things you can do with your UNRESTRICTED
PLR license...

* You can setup your own fixed-term membership site and sell
  it for $19.97 per month! 

* You can convert all of the content into a product to sell
  such as an ebook, physical course, audio product, etc. and
  claim as your own.

* You can sell RESALE RIGHTS licensing to your membership
  site, product or whatever else you create from this content

* You can use this as an incentive to get people to buy another
  offer of yours or to create a "deluxe package", "upsell" or
  "backend offer".

* You can sell the content on ebay, the Warrior Forum special
  offers section, offline, in another membership site, etc.

* You can convert the content into blog posts, ezine articles,
  viral reports, training tutorials, giveaways and more.

The only thing you CANNOT do is sell PLR licensing to the
materials in this package. 

Check out the details here at
PLR Membership Site

WARNING:  This offer will be permanently removed on Friday,
July 30th @ 10PM CDT and will no longer be available for

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Squeeze Page Basics

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Squeeze pages are basically one-page websites that offer you something in exchange for filling in your contact details. The page will also contain (at the very bottom) the business privacy standards and possibly other information like contact details. The squeeze page is designed so that the visitor will be compelled to take a very specific action. So, to be effective it should have a catchy headline, a story or some content that immediately catches the interest of the reader, examples of how the product or service is helping others, testimonials, and the bonuses the reader will get it he or she takes the action you desire. There is no navigating on the squeeze page. Your visitor will just follow it through and take action, or will decide to leave the site.

At this point, some squeeze pages will have a pop-up window incorporated to invite you back to the page by promising you a discount, an extra bonus, or some other benefit that the visitor will have a hard time passing up.

There is a lot of information about the best way to create a squeeze page or to have someone do it for you. Many internet marketers leave this work to established designers who understand exactly what kind of pages convert visitors into leads and/or sales. Others prefer to do it themselves. In either case, there are certain elements that are crucial to having a good squeeze page.

I prepared a FREE package of Squeeze Page Resources.
It starts with a FREE ebook called Squeeze Page Stupidity
Click Here to Get Your Book and other resources!

The headline, of course, is the most important factor. It’s been said that you have eight seconds at the most to capture your visitor’s attention. If your headline doesn’t do that, then the rest of the content on the page is pretty much useless. Keep in mind that the headline does not have to be “hypey”, but it does need to be compelling. Also, you don’t want to put the features of the product or service you are offering in the headline. Rather, you want to tell the visitor why he must have whatever it is you are offering, so speak in terms of benefits to him or her. Most squeeze page headlines are in red, and they can then be followed by a smaller sub-heading.

The rest of the squeeze page is about further convincing your visitor that what you are offering is not to be passed up. By the end of the squeeze page, he or she should feel he or she is going to be getting a tremendous deal just by giving you his or her contact information. Customer testimonials are necessary, as well as other examples. You also want to make sure that the visitor knows that there are limited items of whatever you are offering on your squeeze pages, or that the price will be going up soon, or both. If you don’t give them a deadline, they will often just think that they will come back to it later, and then they never do.

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Keyword Snatcher Review …4 Hours Left!

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Only 4 hours left to get your hands on Keyword Snatcher!

Today is the last day you can purchase Jonathan Leger’s “Keyword Snatcher”….the new keyword tool that uses the Google, Yahoo, Ask, Bing or Amazon search window to come up with unique new search terms. This Keyword Snatcher Review will give you some unique insight into how you might use this application.

It doesn’t matter if you use Xsitepro, WordPress, Dreamweaver or some other method of creating a website or blog. The fact is you need to use proper keywords in your content. And although there are many keyword tools out there…. almost all of them use the data from Googles Free Keyword Tool. Keyword Snatcher gets its data from another source …. so you get a whole new angle than the 100′s of thousands of other article writers and content creators. This is the cheapest most expensive tool you’ll ever get your hands on, so don’t wait click here now!

See my Review of Keyword Snatcher for more information along with a video on how it works.

I’ve seen some questions about Keyword Snatcher that centered around the use of these keywords such as:

“How do I determine what is a valuable keyword?”

“Isn’t the rating system used by Keyword Snatcher too arbitrary?”

For those of you who aren’t comfortable with Keyword Snatchers rating system or just would like to get more statistics for these keywords I did a quick video on how to use Niche Taser to get more statistics on your Keyword Snatcher Keywords.

I’ve worked out a deal with Austin Delaney, the author of Niche Taser ….only $7 until Sunday of this week 6/27/2010 …..Make sure you use the discount code SCOTTPARAT

Grab a copy of Niche Taser and you’ll find it’s a handy tool. Use the discount code SCOTTPARAT

Don’t forget Keyword Snatcher is only available to the end of Today….FRIDAY 6/25/2010!

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Keyword Snatcher Reviewed

June 21, 2010 by  
Filed under Keyword Research

For my first review I wanted to give you a thorough Review of Jonathan Leger’s Keyword Snatcher. It’s not just another keyword tool because of the type of keywords it produces, yet it’s not a keyword tool that will cost you 100′s of dollars or a monthly fee…..at least not yet. I’m hurrying this review of keyword snatcher because it will only be available for 5 days! I know what you’re thinking….ya, ya …here we go again. Another pathetic scarcity tactic trying to force me to buy. I agree with you….I absolutely hate those types of tactics and marketing tricks.

I can tell you that Leger’s serious about only selling it for 5 days. I’m not exactly sure why or if he will ever make it available again.

I mentioned the reason he’s limiting the number of users is because he doesn’t want this very unusual technique to get abused and possibly ruined with Google, Yahoo and Bing. You can purchase a copy on June 21 through June 25 2010 and then it goes on the shelf. Like I said, I hate that kind of tactic, but I believe Jonathan Leger to be an upright moral person with no intent or desire to rip people off….. he’s a good person with good intentions and all I can do at this point is trust his judgment. I can say this because I’ve either purchased, beta tested or owned quite a large handful of his products and he is one of the most creative software and application designers in the Internet Marketing World.

Keyword Snatcher digs up keywords that most webmasters have no idea even exist. This keyword research tool grabs the data from the keywords that are suggested when you type in a keyword in the search box at either Google, Yahoo or Bing. Typically a drop down of 10 related keywords that have actually been used to search for something will appear before your eyes….these are keyword and keyword phrase suggestions. See the image below:

Keyword Snatcher a new keyword research tool by jonathan legerIf you were to type “summer a” you would get a whole new series of keywords related to “summer”

New Keyword Tool Keyword Snatcher

You could go through the entire alphabet and find new keyword ideas…. in fact you can even suggest searches such as “summer trip” and get something like:

Keyword Snatcher Review

Ok….the cool part of all this is that these “suggested keywords and keyword phrases” typically will not show up in the Free Google Keyword Tool! That’s big because they don’t show up but they actually exist and Google doesn’t tell you about them. These keywords won’t bring in 10,000 searches a month but give you a way to super-optimize any niche….yep, just about any niche will reveal these kinds of keywords.

One problem, up until now you needed to do this type of keyword research manually. Type in your keyword, hit the space bar, or add a letter, or even another keyword. Next check out the 10 suggested long tail keyword phrases and copy them down. If you’re thinking that’s going to take forever….you’re right, it takes a long, long time to do this manually.

Leger figured out a method to automate the task. Better yet you can configure the tool to dig deep….real deep. You can end up with a list of keywords that is 1,000 or even 5,000 phrases depending on your niche. Plus Keyword Snatcher has a method of rating the quality of the keyword in all the search engines….you end up with just enough information to make some intelligent keyword choices.

In my Keyword Snatcher Review I do a screen capture video of the process above and reveal how Keyword Snatcher works. I give this tool high marks for what it currently does and for what it will be developed to do because Jonathan Leger is always behind the scenes adding new features and upgrading. But don’t buy it because of what it will do…..get it for what it currently does.

See my Review of Keyword Snatcher:

Keyword Snatcher Review

Don’t forget this will only be available for a couple of days….hope you find it in time :)

Look at what some of the users of Keyword Snatcher have to say:


Hi Jonathan,

I’m very impressed with how versatile Keyword Snatcher really is,
with regard to how fast it pulls in over 3,000 keywords on my chosen
niche and how “up to par” these keywords truly are.

I’ve purchased all your software and I have to say this is another
sleek piece of software you’ve manifested indeed!

Please keep up the good work.

Best regards,

Dr. John Chen


Great Keyword Harvester From Jonathan…

This keyword tool is a breeze to use and quickly produces
bucketloads of keywords for you to put into use.

I have used other keyword tools but this one does produce a
comprehensive list of keywords along side of which are the details
of where they rank in the Google, Yahoo and Bing popularity lists.

These are the suggestions that appear when you are typing your
keyword into the the search engines. You can if you wish just opt
for just one of those search engines.

Even if you have other keyword tools this one will be a good

Nige Evans


I’m loving this Software Jon…

I’ve been using the new software and am finding lot’s of keywords
in my niches that I just didn’t have before! I’ve got more than I
know what to do with to be honest!

This is a cool tool simple to use and best of all beats Google’s
freebie KW tool hands down for great phrases! Support brilliant as

Lynne Ivatt


What an Eye Opener!

So many products in the internet marketing niche are heralded as
“game changers” yet they prove to be nothing more substantive than
a flash crowd, gone from the scene before you know it.

With Keyword Snatcher, Jon has TRULY produced an absolutely
remarkable tool. It is not only destined to be a genuine game
changer, I predict that ultimately Jon’s Keyword Snatcher home
run will be a Hall of Fame inductee.

Jim Navary


Does Jon Leger Ever Sleep?

Every time I think Jon has developed the perfect tool he moves
ahead and trumps himself again. This time he has made a definite
home run. I set up dozens of blogs to run with automatic software.
I have been using two of the most popular paid keyword tools to
search for keywords and at most usually get a list of around 180
or so.

The more keywords I can add the better traffic I can receive. Jon’s
new Keyword Snatcher has the ability to find hundreds and in many
cases thousands of longtail keywords automatically in minutes. But
the tool does so much more.

You will ignore this tool at your peril.

You have to see it to believe it. I understand this will be a
limited release product. Make sure to check it out before it is gone.

Chet Hastings


Over 1000 new keyword phrases found!

What an ingenious and valuable tool. I’ve been spending way too
much time looking for keyword phrases to have articles written
about on a niche I’m working on.

Jon offered a beta version of Keyword Snatcher to me, so I figured
I’d give it a try. I was able to find not quite 300 keyword phrases
using the Google tool.

Then I started up Keyword Snatcher, typed in my 2 word root phrase,
clicked one button, and 20 minutes later it had returned 1291
phrases. The beauty of it is that only 400 of them were found on
Google, the rest were from Yahoo and Bing (mostly Yahoo).

This is great, and is now my go-to keyword tool!

Dennis Becker


Google Hides, But Not From The Snatcher…

I can’t believe how many more decent keywords that the Snatcher
found compared to when I had only used the Big Boy’s keyword tool.
Really helped get my creative juices flowing for new custom articles.

Richard Killey


Keyword Snatcher Saves Me Time…

Before Jon came out with Keyword Snatcher I used to manually try
and find these keywords. Obviously that is a hit and miss process
and I missed tons of keywords that way.

Now, with Keyword Snatcher digging down into niches and finding
great keywords has become a one click process. I was amazed on the
first time I sparked it up it returned over 30 keywords that I had
missed for my niche.

Truly a great tool and a real time saver like all Jon’s tools.

Leanne King


Out Performed the Competitor…

I ran several keywords through the Keyword Snatcher and a similar
software currently on the market. Keyword Snatcher pulled almost
double the number of keyword phrases as the competitor. These were
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Thanks for continuing to build valuable tools for us “non-techy”
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Justin Connor

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The Confirmed Opt-In Myth

January 28, 2010 by  
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Confirmed opt-in as defined by SpamHaus, who is one of the most respected anti spam organizations in the world:

Known as “COI” in the legitimate bulk email industry, also known as “Confirmed Opt-in”, “Verified Opt-in” or sometimes “Double Opt-in”.

Before I go on, just let me say as an Xsitepro user you surely are practicing good internet marketing habits….aren’t you? It really doesn’t matter what you’re trying to accomplish online, I can’t think of very many circumstances that you shouldn’t be building a list in an effort to keep in touch with and possibly sell something in the future. Since many Xsitepro users are trying to build websites for the own brick and mortar businesses, they aren’t too savy when it comes the the techniques involved in internet marketing. Anyway…..regardless of what you are trying to do, you should have an email capture form on your website…preferably on the front page to start collecting names and email addresses. Email marketing is here to stay and gives you many options to build your business…..using a professional company is of paramount importance and Aweber is the King of Email Marketing!

The next issue for email marketing is delivering all your email and one function of that is the double optin form. This means the website visitor first leaves their name and email address and hit submit. Next they get a message in the email inbox asking them to confirm their desire to receive email from you…..its a bit of a hassle but it makes you safe and someone can’t sue you for spam. There have been many myths about the double opt-in and this article should clear that up for you :)

With Closed-Loop Opt-in the Recipient has verifiably confirmed permission for the address to be included on the specific mailing list, by confirming (responding to) the list subscription request verification. This is the standard practice for all responsible Internet mailing lists, it ensures users are properly subscribed, from a working address, and with the address owner’s consent.

In the event of “spam” accusation:

The Bulk Email Sender is fully and legally protected because the reply to the Subscription Confirmation Request received back from the recipient proves that the recipient did in fact opt-in and grant verifiable consent for the mailings.

Numerous myths have circulated regarding confirmed opt-in and its effects. There are many misconceptions out there, and we’d like to help clear those up.

Myth 1: My List Size Will Decrease Because Of Confirmed Opt-In.

Some addresses entered into your form will not confirm — that much is true. The percentage of addresses that don’t confirm depends on many factors, including the quality of your traffic and how effective your thank-you page, confirmation message and incentive for confirming are.

Percentages aside, there are compelling reasons that having fewer addresses on your list is a good thing.

Sometimes Less is Better

I know. You may be asking, “How can a decreased list size be a good thing?” Well, let’s consider:

5-20% of all web form submissions are undeliverable right off the bat.

This means that of your total list size you can cut that by 5-20% because these email addresses are simply dead. Remember these are not temporary undeliverable but permanent dead addresses.

Now, add on the bogus and malicious sign ups that undoubtedly will happen. For example, someone comes to your website and decides to put in bob@aol.com. Well, bob@aol.com was once a real email address and because you were not using confirmed opt-in you are now classified as an unintentional spammer.

A recent study by MarketingSherpa and KnowledgeStorm found that only 68% of users always enter a valid email address.So, nearly a third of respondents knowingly enter bogus email addresses.

- Source

ISPs do not differentiate between unintentional spammers or actual spammers. The potential for you to be blocked or even worse, blacklisted, remains the same.

Less Can Be More Too

A study done by AWeber shows that using confirmed opt-in also reduces unsubscribes and complaints. This means that you keep more of your subscribers (the ones that actually want your email).

Read more about that here.

Myth 2: My Mailing List Is Different! I Don’t Need Confirmed Opt-In.

Let’s be clear, confirmed opt-in is for all businesses, plain and simple. Anyone collecting subscribers and in turn sending email needs to confirm that those people intended to sign up to your mailing list and want to receive your email.

In this age of email regulations and massive volumes of spam email, deliverability can be an issue. Why increase your chances of not getting delivered by putting yourself at risk.

Myth 3: No One Else Uses Confirmed Opt-In. Why Should I?

This is simply not accurate. Our own campaigns here at AWeber use confirmed opt-in for all email marketing activities. When someone signs up for a Test Drive of AWeber, they must confirm.

After setting up an account, if they want to receive our customer training email course, they must confirm. The same goes for our affiliates and their email training. Even when someone subscribes to our blog, they must confirm.

Ok, but AWeber must practice what they preach, who else?

If you want to sign up for the mailing lists of these organizations you will need to first confirm:

CNN Microsoft
Oprah, CNet bellagio.com
IRS.gov weather.com
ign.com maxim.com
tgifridays.com olivegarden.com
pbs.org visitpa.com

The list goes on and on…

Myth 4: Subscribers In My Market Don’t Know How To Confirm.

The simple solution is to tell them. The first page after someone fills in an opt-in form, commonly called a “thank you page” should tell the visitor exactly what to do next. Often this is done most effectively with a picture showing visitors what the confirmation email will look like.

An excellent example is our test drive sign up video on the thank you page showing visitors what to do.

One variation of this myth is:“Subscribers in my market don’t know how to click an email link.”

Honestly, if they can’t click a link then you probably should be marketing your business offline. If someone can find your website online I guarantee they can click a link.

Myth 5: My Sales Will Decrease Because Of Confirmed Opt-In.

Have you tested this assumption? The answer is always, “No, but I just assume” or “No, my colleague told me it would hurt sales”.

It’s best not to assume anything, but rather to seek out your own answers by testing and observing your own campaigns. We have found from our own testing that while the raw number of email addresses on our list declined when we switched to confirmed opt-in, sales did not.

This means that the people who did confirm were the ones that truly wanted the information that they had to offer and the ones that didn’t were not left to bloat the mailing list.

Grow Your Business Without Risk

Will your results be exactly the same as AWeber or even anyone else? This can only be determined by proper testing and measuring.

Use confirmed opt-in as an opportunity to make sure that your lists are 100% clean and that you know without a doubt that 100% of the people receiving your mail have specifically requested it themselves.

Spend your time and energy building your business with subscribers who want to hear from you rather than dealing with issues created by people who don’t want to hear from you.

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