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Offline Marketing Consulting and Xsitepro are naturals! People use Xsitepro to build websites for any subject that comes to mind. One of the most exciting and potentially profitable niches of Internet Marketing is Offline Marketing. Using Xsitepro you can build simple websites quickly for local business owners. The profit potential is really exciting. The website can be simple or complex. Often times the local business owner simply wants a web presence and with xsitepro you can that easily. Where it gets really exciting is when you explain what a website can do, giving them the option of setting up an autoresponder, using a service like Aweber, to grab names and email addresses……You should see their eyes light up!

Remember the dot com boom? We’re experiencing something similar today with offline marketing. Local businesses are starving for the internet marketing skills you possess as an offline consultant and they will pay handsomely for the knowledge and wisdom an offline marketer has because they know you can put them online with results! Most of the time business owners will not have a clue where to start, however your local business merchants are in for a surprise once they find out that you are truly an offline marketing expert and you are willing to be their offline consultant for a fair fee. Remember, nobody really understands what we do, like keyword research, article writing, SEO, press release writing, setting up a PPC campaign, etc. and are so far beyond the comprehension of the offline business owner and they are more than willing to pay for it.

Become An Offline Marketing Consultant

Something like 85% of local businesses will began looking online instead of going to the Yellow Pages or the generic local yellow pages for anything that’s needed on a daily basis. This means that having exposure on the internet is invaluable to offline business owners. Sometimes you’ll find a local business will have a basic site and need the works, everything that an offline marketing consultant can provide….things like articles, seo, optimization, social networking and even press releases. While some offline businesses won’t even have a website! Either way, that is where YOU come in.

For instance, spend $300 online and you will get a website designed and uploaded with no problem. Some freelancers even offer prices as low as $67 websites and the design is absolutely brilliant! The Offline Consultant has a big benefit, you can charge anything over $500 to provide a website to a local business with the possibility of many upsells. After you plan, discuss and sell the local business owner a $1000 website, you next would have that guy who is building websites for $100 build the new site for you…..900 dollars profit! Becoming an Offline Consultant is exciting and this paragraph just touches the tip of the iceberg with regard to possibilities.

You can also do this with Optimizing the webpages for the search engines and why not start by doing everything yourself but you might want to consider outsourcing or you might find outsourcer’s that would gladly do everything you need for a small cost of the total project…this is something you should try.

Now Consider How This Benefits Everyone:

Let’s take a look at the enormous benefits of taking your internet marketing offline — You provide a big benefit for the local business owner and for that you will be handsomely paid by your offline clients. You can gain leverage by outsourcing the tasks and build yourself a substantial income by getting a stream of clients. You can make a residual, recurring income by collecting monthly fees from offline businesses for ongoing SEO services, keyword research, article marketing, maintenance, etc. Once you get a couple of local businesses sites up and running you will be known as the local authority when it comes to anything internet, customers will be chasing you down wanting to give you money!

We’ve just touched the tip of the benefits you will receive, however, I hope you can now understand the potential that is just waiting for you….that increase in income and your own business. I truly hope you take advantage of this opportunity and I hope it takes you places you never thought possible…..wishing you much success!

Offline Gold on Steroids is a popular ebook that discusses the options about being an offline marketer. The potential is really exciting and Offline Gold on Steroids will help you start making money with your internet marketing skills just as fast as you can take action!

If you are interested in becoming an Offline Consultant then you should consider this package of information, handouts which consists of the following:

  • Consultant’s Quick Start Guide
  • The “5 Mistakes” Report (PLR)
  • A series of 3 Follow-Up Messages
  • Offline Consultant Series Report – “Prospecting 101″ (PDF)
  • Offline Consultant Series Report – “Prospect Research Using Search Engine Tools” (PDF)
  • eCover Flat .psd file,
  • Get ongoing support,

Check out the Offline Marketer’s Pack, you will get organized in your approach and thinking, at the very least it will be a business model that you can use to launch your Offline Consulting Business.

By now you must realize that I’m very passionate about Offline Marketing. Check out the two resources, you’ll find both are very good resources for getting your started working with offline clients. You’ll be exposed to a variety of business models which will help you determine which direction you would like to develop your business.

It would be my honor to get your feedback if you purchase any of these resources, I’d like to see how things work out for you.

Best of Luck to All!

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