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I’m a very sceptical person and I hate spending money. To remove
the mothballs from my wallet takes not just an insect the size
of a spider, but an animal the size of an elephant to get me to
part with any money.

I have been online now for over 12 months trying to make a few
pence. Like everyone else I want to give up the day job. Yawn,
how many times have I heard that I hear you say. In the process,
I’ve learnt about webhosting, domains, autoresponders, marketing
and website development (to name a few).

All these cleaver ideas seem great but I get overwhelmed when I
try to put any of them into action, which idea shall I try
first, how do I actually make it work on the site ?

My main problem, it seemed, always came back to being able to
develop websites with all this clever coding on to be able to
get the results. I’ve tried buying a website from someone, but
then when I wanted to change anything it meant wading through
great amounts of source code and continually pestering the
developer, who by now was busy on another website. I’ve also
tried my hand at Dreamweaver but heck , 12 months to learn
dreamweaver or 12 months learning how to make money online.
There’s no contest really. Again, I looked at buying other site
building software such as isitebuildit, but something just
prevented me from following it up, it was that Spider in my
wallet again !

Then I found XsitePro and to my astonishment I actually parted
with my money relatively easily. I downloaded the free manual,
read through it and it was this that persuaded me. It was
exactly what I was looking for. It’s set up very much like a
widows application where you can add files, delete them or move
them into subfolders etc. It operates as its name suggests, as a
Total Site Management package, ideal for the affiliate marketer
who wants to test out markets before developing a full website.
All my ideas now get captured in my XsitePro software. Add a
project as a new idea and then its there until you decide to
develop it. Each time you open XsitePro you can develop the idea
you want to that day. Develop a one page mini-site,
article/product pages or a full scale website. Publish when
ready and you’re suddenly an affiliate marketer ready to
concentrate on promoting your sites.

All you need to get started with the software is to follow the
tutorial, which is provided and you can even publish a test site
without a domain and hosting of your own. You will need to
purchase a domain name and hosting to publish your own site with
the XSitePro software, but this can be achieved for less than
£20 per year. I’ve purchased several domains and set up hosting
for a few of them, but didn’t get any further for a long while,
until I found XSitePro site building software.

The only downside I can think of is that to purchase the
software you need to visit a typical in- your-face sales page,
but don’t let that put you off. The software really is good, and
being relatively new (released earlier this year), it can only
get better with free updates, as the forum members have their
input as to future improvements. The members forum is also a
great place to ask questions and there are regular “experts”
that provide their knowledge free of charge, alternatively there
is a help system available from the owners.

Get XSitePro and start promoting it with your first website now.
It’s likely to be the must have tool for all affiliate and
online marketers in the near future.

I hope you have as much success with XSitePro as I have. Wishing
you all the best. Katy from If you have any comments
on this article or want to let me know about your successful
XSitePro websites email me at

Find XSitePro here:

Find niche markets using Keyword analysis from Google and
Overture. A must for all online marketers.

I am a working Mother of a 2.5 year old, who has a passion for

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