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Email advertising has become a very reliable way to boost revenue. Unlike traditional paper mailings and leaflets, email updates and advertisements need only be created once and then sent out to everybody on your mailing list.

It’s important to be very clear on something from the outset though; this is not spam!

Spam is junk email that is sent out to any email address that the originators can get their hands on.

E-mail newsletters, ads and updates have become a very refined way to reach current and potential customers.

Spam is an axe while targeted emails are a scalpel.

Many will have already realized that emails are now able to display HTML in the body of an email. So, if you use a high quality web design program, you can quickly create professional looking email advertisements.

And in addition, once you have created one, its a simple step to save it as a template for future reuse.

This will create a unity of design and give your advertisements a unique appearance.

Now before you can transmit these professional communications, you must first have an emailing list. That is where email capture comes in.

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet, you’ve seen email capture forms. They’re the little boxes that essentially say, “Hey, do you like what you’re seeing and want to receive updates? Give us your email address and we’ll tell you.”

Once your email address is entered onto the list, and confirmed (called “double opt-in” you’ll start receiving the email advertisements and updates.

The best part about this system is that the people who decide to sign up for the list are already heavily disposed towards visiting your site or purchasing items from your business.

After all, if they didn’t like your website, they wouldn’t have signed up. This small little email capture box is building you a list of potential customers that are very likely to either visit again or purchase items.

The best part is that email capture forms are incredibly easy to enter if you’re using a high quality web design program.

Just a couple clicks of the mouse button and it will be created. And just like all other components of your site, it is able to be modified to fit in with your website design and color scheme.

Email captures are automated systems, too, so once you’ve created it once, you can just sit back and watch your customer list grow.

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