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When you consider how much time you alone spend on the internet, then multiply that my millions of others, it becomes clear how many interenet browsing hours are expended each day around the world. And each one is a money making opportunity.

By having your own website you are someone who provides such content, and as more people visit your site, it will become more attractive to advertisers wanting to promote their products.

For many website owners, advertising is their main source of income, so integrating advertisements into your site from the outset is a good way to get a foot in the door here.

Putting Up Ads

Of course, to say, “Advertise on your website” is a complicated piece of advice. Who do you set up advertising on your site? How do you receive payment?

Well, if you design your website with software that has an internet marketing focus, you won’t have to worry about a lot of those specifics. And that’s because they should come bundled with built-in advertising options, including implementation of Google AdWords, Amazon Product Advertising, and Oxado advertising.

Using these advertising options is a great way to earn income, and the best part is that the software code that makes up these advertisements will automatically display products and suggestions optimized to appeal to the viewers of your website.

A wise strategy for designing different pages for your website is to create a template file. This file will have all of the universal content that is featured on all of your pages.

For example, if you design a website that has a navigation bar on the left hand side, a banner across the top, and an advertisements column to the right-hand side (a very common design strategy), you can create a template file that has all of that built in.

To add a new ad, simply upload the template you created and insert the new wording/banners, and your new web page is created.

What makes the template system even more efficient is that you can insert your advertisements into the template file and then never have to worry about inserting them manually ever again.

Many web site hosts start off doing it in their part time, so you want to make as much money for the least amount of time spent as possible.

By using a template and advertising solution like this one, you’ll be making money in no time.

All of these features come included with Xsitepro 2, the website builder of choice for millions of people.
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