Best Software for Building websites – Desktop or Online Application?

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Website builders can usually be broken down into two main categories: desktop software and online applications.

If you’re looking for a software, then technically you’re looking for a desktop application you can use to build websites. However, I’m going to assume that you just need something to build website with and you want to know what is the best you can get to do the job.

So lets look at all the categories plus I’ll tell you what I use to build my websites.

Desktop software

These are more used by professionals and web designers who have a bit of experience with html, css and other code.

If you’re a beginner looking to build websites, unless you plan to learn a whole lot of code first such as html and css, then this would probably not be the best choice.

Another minus is that the best desktop web design applications are usually very expensive and can run you anywhere from $499 and up.

Although there are open source (free) applications such as Kompozer and Amaya, Adobe Dreamweaver is often seen as the industry leader. Other notable desktop software for building websites are Microsoft’s Frontpage and Xsitepro for internet marketers.

Online Applications

Many online applications are What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) meaning you don’t have to deal with code – you just design the website the way the final product will look.

This makes these types of website builders ideal for beginners. Your site is usually hosted by the website offering the service but with restrictions. To get rid of the restrictions you usually have to pay a hosting fee with that website.

Some of the best online WYSIWYG website builders in my opinion are Weebly and Yola as you can do a lot with them that you can’t do with others. For example, Weebly allows you to add a blog and even import your own templates, add maps and advertising with ease.

So what do I use to build my websites?

I use neither of the above mentioned. What I use to build my websites is what some might refer to as a blogging application and others as a content management system (CMS).

You’ve probably heard about WordPress and if not you’ve more than likely visited a website or blog built with WordPress before.

For the beginner, WordPress is the ideal application because you can just forget about most of the design and choose a template of your liking from many of the tens of thousands available for free online.

Depending on what you’re going to do, this is perfect for getting a website online in a matter of minutes.

“But I don’t want a blog?”

I know I said it was a blogging application but you can build a website with it if you want or just a blog or both. Plus, it doesn’t have to look like a blog at all and you can totally make it look like it wasn’t build with WordPress.

I have an article directory built with WordPress, I have a friend who has a salespage built with WordPress and another who almost exclusively uses WordPress to build his webstores.

And if you’re not convinced that you should use WordPress, please see my 6 reasons why you should use WordPress to build your websites. Need training on how to make money with your WordPress website? Everything is on this page:

Jay Gumbs is an internet marketer who has been designing websites with WordPress since 2007. His websites are used for his affiliate marketing endeavors which has allowed him to work full time from home. You can check out one of his WordPress based websites at
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