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There are a lot of xsitepro users who have taken the course XsiteprotoWordpress and turned their website into a multiple platform site, the static Xsitepro portion and a WordPress Blog.

There are many reasons for doing this and I’ve seen some really nice looking sites that are indistinguishable for each other, ie, you can’t tell the xsitepro portion from the wordpress portion.

articlestalkermanI ran across a program that allows you to autopost full articles to your blog postings. A program called Article Stalker will go out and collect 1000′s or keyword rich articles which you can then further organize for your use. Article Stalker puts these articles into a RSS feed which is then used by a plugin like Slick Autoposter to deliver the articles to your blog.

There’s a couple of benefits to a system like this:

  • First, you will always have activity on your blog and it will happen at a random basis
  • Since it’s an rss feed you can go in and edit the feed with your affiliate links or special ads, you can do this at the beginning, end or middle of the article.

I know the creator of Article Stalker and Slick Autoposter and I’m pretty sure he is going to really limit the number of units sold. It’s for a good reason, Ed is a behind the radar type guy and he doesn’t want his script out there being abused by unscrupulous marketers….therefore ruining the value of the script. So…..I would jump on this because it will be tool you can use for a long, long, long time!

Take a look at what one Article Stalker User said:

I’ve purchased a few of Ed’s products (I Come Clean, Slick WP Autoposter, Web 2.0 Backlinks Loophole). ALL great – all do (or show) exactly what Ed states they do.

In fact, Slick is in my core group of plugins that gets uploaded to every blog I install.

So, I had NO qualms about grabbing Ed’s Article Stalker… I’ve been wanting a system that would manage a server-side database of keyword targeted articles to help streamline content-harvesting for my networks.

articlestalkerbox300I purchased. Ed sent me an email notification the day it shipped. The very next day it was in my mailbox.

I uploaded Article Stalker to one of my servers and set it up – No database to install, no cron job to set up – EASY BREEZY.

I’ve been ‘stalking’ articles with it yesterday and today and it’s working like a charm.

Now… what I generally do is build out my sites in niched ‘groups’ or ‘networks’ – Its a building plan that works well with my strategy of having a ‘hub’ or ‘authority’ site surrounded by ‘feeder’ sites for backlinks and traffic generation back to the hub site. I have developed an organized, streamlined system for building this way.

But after using Article Stalker

I can see that it is streamlining my system MORE and making it even FASTER. YAY!!!

We LOVE it when that happens! Right?

Right now I’m using (breaking in) Article Stalker with a brand new 7-domain network installation. Stalking articles yesterday and today, It’s located a few thousand articles tagged to keywords for this niche, and I’ve set up a dozen keyword-targeted feeds with it so far.

This morning, from scratch, I installed a CUSTOM WP blog completely, and filled it with content, and it’s LIVE. The articles are lovely, full-length, keyword rich articles – both pre-dated and post-dated out for MONTHS.

I can now ‘clone’ the settings to the other ‘feeder’ sites, run a few Article Stalker feeds through Slick on those, and I can spend tomorrow finishing the hub site, and I’m done. A complete, monetized 7-site network installed, set up, and launched! In two days!

I can say, unequivocably, that I LOVE ARTICLE STALKER!

1. Article Stalker is easy to install and use.
2. Article Stalker works – Just like Ed says it does.
3. Article Stalker makes my work easier.
4. Article Stalker save me Time.

And items 1-4 will equate to ME making MORE Money.

As the saying goes… Time is Money!

People, whether you’ve got an old site that needs updating, a new site needing content so it can be launched, or a zillion sites to get up and ready for traffic…

Get Article Stalker.

Just do it!

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