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To succeed at internet marketing you need a growing network of websites. These sites will feed each other traffic, pre-sell affiliate programs, generate adsense revenue, and grow your opt-in e-mail lists.

There are several ways for you to do this, but they all require a basic skill set. I’m assuming you know the basics of hosting, getting a website, and creating one. If you have no idea how to do any of this, it isn’t that hard.

I will be showing you some tools later on that let you create websites and actually “SEE” what you are doing as you do it. So don’t worry, if you are not quite sure how to put up your own website, get a hosting account and all that other “scary” stuff you: it is really quite easy, and you will learn about it in this guide…

Get a reseller or Bulk Hosting account

The first step in your Blue Print should be getting your first website. Make this one a learning experience, but you should also set things up so you have room to grow NOW. Why would you pay 20 bucks to host a website when you can host 50 websites for just a few dollars more?

There are many hosting companies that offer bulk hosting or reseller accounts. Hostgator, Towerhost, and many others. Many of them such as Towerhost have training videos to help you get started.

You will need to register a domain name prior to ordering your reseller account. Again if this is new to you, don’t worry. If you simply go to you will be walked through the few easy steps of getting your very own domain name.

Once you have your first web site hosted, you will want to start laying out your site.

Website Layout

Once you have your hosting and domain name situated, it’s time to start thinking about how your first site is going to look. There are quite a number of options in regards to how to find your “look”.

• Join a template membership site – This is not a good idea unless you are comfortable editing PHOTOSHOP files. AplusTemplates is affordable and they do have a nice selection. The membership is about worthless if you can’t edit the templates or pay someone to do it for you.

• Get Xarawebstyle4 – Awesome idea with very low learning curve. I use this on a regular basis still. I also suggest getting Xarax when you buy webstyle4. XaraX is about the easiest to use vector based graphic system out there -

• Get Dreamweaver or Frontpage – Frontpage has a low learning curve, but Dreamweaver gives you a lot more room to grow. If you have any students in the household you can get the full Dreamweaver MX suite for about $199.

There are dozens of books and on-line tutorials to help you learn it as well. Michael Worthington creates great videos on Dreamweaver as well.

• Don’t want to spend the cash? Try NVU: it’s free!

• Get XsitePro – you will still need a template and one of the editors above, but this product can churn out so many OPTIMIZED pages that it’s worth the investment

• Or if you just don’t have the time, energy, or skills to learn all that right now and want to get started, you might want to consider joining a program like Niche Site Special.. Niche Site Special gives you completed products and ENTIRE websites every single month. Since you have purchased this product , I have gotten Special Permission to get you a really nice discount on membership. Click on that link above, then come back here to get the discount if you like what you see. Discounted NSS membership.

• You can also hire someone to make your website – although this will get VERY expensive as you add more and more sites. A ten page targeted keyword niche site is about 300 to 1000 dollars. Services like Stmadeveloper offer affordable niche sites, but they can’t always meet demand – so you should probably have a back up.

• If you make sure your host has “FANTASTICO”, you can install with one click several content management scripts, blogs, and other scripts to help with making a website. One of the extra benefits of fantastico is that you can keep your forums, blog scripts, and contact forms updated to the latest version and NOT use a programmer.

• Last and not least you can code the sites yourself. It’s not that hard to learn HTML. There are literally thousands of on-line tutorials. Using a wysiwyg editor may be the easiest option for new learners. If you are willing to get started, but don’t want to put the funds out for expensive software, tools, or editors – go back up to the link to NVU and download it. You will need to learn a little, but NVU is a great alternative to hand coding.

To Your Success,

Haris Rana

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