scott-frame-shadow-croppedSpend most my time in the field of Internet Marketing…..learning how to marketing on the interent most effectively and then taking those concepts to brick and mortar businessess.

I’ve been creating website graphics and website templates for the past 5 years, it’s become a passion and rather than work with many clients I’m able to be selective and work with those interested in creating unique and quality sites.

One of my clients needed Xsitepro templates….I found her tooth and nail, finally she insisted and purchased Xsitepro version 1 for me. I learned how to created templates for version 1 and I quickly became a believer and follower of Xsitepro….it’s a fantastic program that has opened the internet to many who might not have tried creating their own sites.

If you need to contact me please use http://www.spgraphic.com/contact/feedback.php and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

You can skype me at scott.parat

Favorite Programs

I created www.TheXsiteproGuide.com as a result of purchasing Xsitepro and participating in the Xsitepro Forum. I saw the immediate advantage of developing sites with Xsitepro and wanted to dig into it further. As any software grows in usage, the needs of the users gets further defined. Xsitepro has many uses and comes with great documentation, however, in practical use there are always many questions.

The Xsitepro Guide caters to many different groups of Xsitepro users starting with:

-Offline Business Owners
-Internet Marketers
-Experienced Users

The beauty of Xsitepro is that it is so flexible. However, it’s this very flexibility that can cause confusion with Xsitepro users. In my testing, Xsitepro is just as powerful….if not MORE powerful than wordpress. Understanding how to use this FLEXIBILITY is of key importance when trying to make the most of Xsitepro Websites….and this is what I try to teach.

Part of Xsitepro’s flexibility comes from the ability to use templates. Although it comes with many templates, many users are looking for custom templates. This is one area that I have excelled at and can show anyone how to create a template from scratch or convert an existing website design into an Xsitepro Template. The power of Xsitepro templates goes deep, at the beginning level you don’t need to know any html, however, for the experienced website designer Xsitepro offers many advanced tricks when converting, developing and using templates…all of which I can explain.

Offline marketing is a current hot topic with internet marketers. This involves selling partial or complete website services to brick and mortar stores. Xsitepro is perfect for developing local business directories. I have Xsitepro Business Directories that allow anyone to go out and sell a variety of offline marketing packages to their local brick and mortar businesses….actually some sell their services around the world. One big benefit to using Xsitepro for offline marketing is that the system is proprietary and helps you keep a customer for life. Most marketers who sell offline marketing will sell listings by the month so this creates a perfect source of recurring income.

Internet Marketing has grown by leaps and bounds over the past 10 years and what might have appeared as an unseemly type of occupation is now becoming a business and service desired by many. The value of having an online presence has received a high priority amongst many entrepreneurs…and Xsitepro provides the platform. The Xsitepro Guide reveals the Xsitepro Method. Internet Marketing has many aspects and those different components are desired not only by other internet marketers but by all businesses. Xsitepro provides the perfect platform to create SEO optimized websites with little effort. Learning how to make the most of Xsitepro in all internet marketing endeavors can sometimes cause confusion. As someone who has worked with standard html (dreamweaver type) sites or wordpress I know exactly how to implement and inject Xsitepro into common Internet Marketing practices. The Xsitepro Guide can help anyone interested in using Xsitepro to exploit all aspects of internet marketing.

Xsitepro 1 had some very standard and Xsitepro looking themes. Xsitepro 2 really improved the platform by which templates could be designed yet the provided themes still looked very amateurish to some. The Xsitepro Guide focuses on the continuing development of Xsitepro Themes. You can learn how to create and develop your own theme or can order customized Xsitepro Themes.

In short, The Xsitepro Guide hopes to discover and work in areas that need further investigation and development of the entire Xsitepro system, while it will provide much help for the newbie….we can help the most experienced web designer get the most of their Xsitepro system, whether by using the Xsitepro system itself or using 3rd party products meant to enhance the development of your Xsitepro websites!

I welcome any requests for custom templates or anyone seeking help with their Xsitepro program.

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