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If you purchased and use Xsitepro then you have, at least to some degree, a desire to learn how to make money online. At times I think the phrase “make money online” is almost a curse word, however, once you’ve been online for a while you can’t help but see the blatant opportunities to make money online right in front of your. I won’t go over all the methods of making money online, but let me get you to change your nomenclature….that is, how you call the opportunity in front of you.

Your goal is to make money online. However, the reality of the situation is that you have the opportunity to build your own business online that will make money online. Something that’s never been available before in history. There are so many directions you might decide to go….there are so many different guru types telling you to do this or that, buy my product, join my membership or purchase my $2000 dollar course….there are even hands waving you toward the next greatest seminar when you only have to spend $5000 to get in and then spend another $10,000 to join their master group because you’re just the person they’re looking for…… ya right :)

I can’t help but be cynical at some of this stuff….grant it, many of these opportunities are legit! But how are you going to know?

I have an idea for you.

I just put up this page called “5 Bucks a Day”. Before you think that’s a joke, listen to me. Dennis Becker of Earn1KaDay internet marketing membership searched, bought products, went to seminars and still was behind the eight ball….that means in red ink to you whipper snappers :) Dennis worked on a strategy and concept that focused on making $X amount a day. In other words, how can I make $X Dollars a day. He started off low, thus the book, “5bucksADay”. He talks about the mindset and strategies needed to start making $5 dollars a day on a consistant basis. Next, increase your desired dollar amount….let’s say $20 dollars a day, then, how about $100 dollars a day and finally his new membership teaches you how to make $10000 dollars a day and the membership is called Earn1KaDay.

Anyway, Xsitepro fits in perfectly with this concept and you can start with this book, “5BucksADay”, it’s a free download and just might be what you need to get your butt in gear and start focusing on a goal you can accomplish. Success is very possible and trust me, dumber people than you have achieved these goals.5bucksaday

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