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Xsitepro Tricks

Xsitepro has on the market for a while now. It all started with Version 1, which was a smashing success and lead to a totally new application in Xsitepro Version 2. The new version is awesome, allowing many of the custom features older users of version 1 requested.

Xsitepro simplified the process of building a website and getting it on the internet…..just about anyone, including your Granny could build a website now! You’ll find Xsitepro Version 2 stands up to programs like Dreamweaver, Frontpage and NVU, however, these other programs don’t compare to the ease of use you find in Xsitepro. Many newbies owe their web presence to Xsitepro.

As Xsitepro developed and it’s use has been simplifed by other users there have been a pile of 3rd party applications, courses and ebooks to help explain and make the use of Xsitepro even easier. Every week I search around for a good Youtube video that will further explain how to use at least one aspect of Xsitepro, most are really helpful.Check out this video, it will help you build better sites.

I found this resource very helpful…..Xsitepro Version 2 Tips and Tricks The Deep Dark Secrets of Xsitepro! Website Design Software (xsitepro) Website Design Software (XSitePro) .opaque { -moz-opacity: .8; } .opaque { -moz-opacity: .8; } “Way beyond my expectations.” Harold ReadTennessee, USA “I love the improvements – great job!!” Barbara USA “Fabulous. More features than I probably will be able to use in a long while.” Brian KurtzTaylor, MI “Fantastic! This is a vast improvement over the original version.” Brenda HarnessUS “Blown away by the incredible features.” Woody LongacreTempe AZ, USA “Amazing! I LOVE it!” Colin GreenSydney, Australia “Great improvement of a superb product” Ed JacksonWoking, UK “Very impressive! I have been using the SBI site builder, which in itself is an impressive tool. After seeing the new version of XsitePro though, I can honestly say that it is second to none, in terms of functionality and features.” Cesar CamposSydney, Australia “Absolutely amazing! I thought I’d seen the “BEST” website building software in XSitePro v1 – version 2 just takes website building and developing to a whole new level. Sheer brilliance!” Alan HowellsStoke on Trent, UK “EXCELLENT” Deanna Wisconsin, USA “It looks awesome. The best just got better.” Simon Wiltshire, UK “WOW!!!” Judie Brown Washington, USA “I can hardly breathe! There is SO much stuff. I’m choking with excitement!” Harold Jaynes Washington DC “WOW! FAR-OUT! GREAT! TREMENDOUS! This is coming from a web developer, not a novice! I have so many clients that I have put on hold – waiting for the added

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