Secret…..How I Learned PHP!

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plankblog-300pxlSomeone asked me, “How do you know so much about PHP?”.

Short answer…Robert Plank! And he has a course called Hypnotic PHP designed especially for interent marketers, actually marketers of any kind can use the material you learn in this course about how to use php effectively to create more sales and bring in more money!

Back to the above question…….it really gave me a good laugh!  I really don’t know a whole lot about how php works, but I can copy snippets of php code and use them when building websites.

About three years ago I heard the term “php include” and was introduced to the concept of using it to build websites. I was totally baffled by the thought and the concept.

Now I use php includes in just about every website I build, and I use php includes easily in my Xsitepro websites. Sometimes I’ll insert a php include that points to an empty file, at the beginnning, middle or end of a webpage. As long as the file that is being “included” is empty, nothing will show. However, you can add anything to that empty file, at anytime, and the content will immediately show up.

Let’s look at the code for a simple php inlcude.

php include (“page.html”);

Where ‘page.html’ can be any page with text or html coding. For instance, let’s say you insert the php include in the beginning of your website article. If ‘page.html’ doesn’t include any content, your webpage will simply consiste of the basic article. However, if ‘page.htm’ had the following html coding:

<p>This article about php includes is one of the best I’ve seen, be sure to read it completely and check out the rest of the articles about php coding on this page.</p>

You would then see the above sentence wherever you inserted the php include.

It’s really amazing what you can do with php includes, and this is only the very basic of basic php code snippets. In one of Plank’s warrior forum blog posts he reveals a very simple php code snippet designed to rotate images, text, files or just about anything on your webpage. A simple piece of code that brilliantly rotates content….that means keeping information fresh on your website without having to edit it constantly.

Bobby Plank (I bet he would hate being called that….I kinda enjoy annoying him :) ) has produced a brilliant set of tutorials in the form of pdf’s and screen capture videos covering a gamut of php code for the internet marketer. Too many products to mention…but that is my secret source of figuring how to use php when building and designing websites.

My goal with this blog about Xsitepro is to help as many people as I can. In some cases that might be a newbie who doesn’t know the meaning of ftp…..or maybe you’re more advanced and are interested in learning how to use things like php includes…..hopefully, I can add to your knowledge which will encourage and help you to build the most effective websites available! Keep in mind, xsitepro is a platform or application used to build websites……very good websites, but they only become very good once you began to learn and implement things like php, advanced html coding and maybe a little javascript. So….make sure you invest some time in learning how to create one extra effect…..and that my friend will cost you the price of an ebook, seminar, video series or maybe a webinar or two.

So….check out Robert Plank’s blog, he has a lot of coding and marketing information there that won’t cost a penny. His latest post is on an unusual approach to membership sites….worth checking out. Also, he has all or at least most of his products listed in the right navigation bar….check those out, buy them one at a time and learn how to get a jump on your competition.

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Adding Scripts to Xsitepro

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Scripts are generally small pieces of code (often Javascript, or another programming language) which, when inserted into your Web page content, give a specific piece of functionality.

XSitePro itself has some scripts built in (Image Galleries, Random Quotes, News Scrollers, etc.) but you may choose to use third party scripts in your Web pages, in which case you may find you need this particular advanced page setting feature.

Many scripts freely available for your download and use, in your Web page(s), require specific pieces of script code to be copied and pasted into specific positions in your Web page’s HTML code – or else the script simply will not function.

Note: You will generally be informed of this when downloading, or copying, the script.

Using the controls on this tab is very straightforward. Essentially, if you have been informed that in order for a script to work on your Web page you must copy a certain piece of code into your page’s ‘Head’ section, ‘Top of Body’ section or ‘Bottom of Body’ section you’ll be able to do just that, right here on this tab.

While not essential, a basic knowledge of the terms ‘Head’ and ‘Body’ sections (within a Web page’s HTML code) is useful if using this tab, in the advanced page settings.

Unlike the ‘global’ script settings for your site’s pages, accessed via the Global Scripts button on the Other Tab, the settings on this tab, in advanced page settings, give you control over script code placement at an individual, page-by-page level.

The user guide will inform you further…just know that there is an easy way to add tracking codes, popups and other 3rd party scripts to your xsitepro sites without having to jump through hoops :)

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Custom Xsitepro Templates

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Xsitepro is a powerful website editor and builder. It uses templates and you can see here the custom template designed for displaying articles and images related to Alternative Health.

You can contact me for your custom xsitepro templates. If you want a site that really stands out, then you need a custom xsitepro template!

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Xsitepro Guide Transferred from

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Specializing in Custom Xsitepro Templates,  The Xsitepro Guide …a blog transferred from a blog. One the blog I wanted to post a couple of articles an keep a diary of xsitepro, problems and solutions. I didn’ t think it would be a big deal.

Time passes and I added images, along with pointing people to the correct products to purchase or examine, I even lightly promoted my xsitepro templates.

I was woefully ingnorant of the rules in, basically you can’t have any affiliate links or post anything about making money or selling. If they find a blog like that they delete it. Well, I was promoting and had a few affilaite links so I unknowingly broke the law, they took down my blog. However, I was about to export all the posts and comments and I’m going to be back at it in full swing before the year ends.

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Hello world!

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Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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