Xsitepro Version 2 Video Tutorials

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xsitepro200-1Here’s a quick look at the Xsitepro Version 2 Video Tutorials

You can have full access to these xsitepro tutorials!

Lesson 1: Managing Projects and Web Sites
This first lesson will ease you in gently by showing you the basics of working with XSitePro. You’ll learn how to add, rename and delete a project, add and edit metadata, add, rename and delete a web site and how to export and import web sites. You’ll see how easy it is to work with multiple projects and you’ll even learn how to move your work from one computer to another, from a desktop to a laptop for example. (6 minutes)

Lesson 2: Page Layout
In this lesson you’ll see the power of the page layout tab and how it helps you to create the overall look of your site quickly and easily. You’ll learn how to separate ANY web page into sections and how to adjust the elements in each section to meet your specific needed. You’ll also find out how easy it is to add navigational menus, and you’ll get your first look at the Designer window. To finish off you’ll preview what’s been done so far. (8 minutes)

Lesson 3: Adding Web Pages
The third lesson covers creating and editing web pages. You’ll learn how to add and manipulate web pages, the importance of keywords and page descriptions and how to specify whether a page appears on either the left (or right) navigation menu or on the menu that appears at the bottom of the page. We’ll also share a few tricks-of-the-trade such as how to insert category headings and links to external pages to your navigation menus. (5 minutes)

Lesson 4: The Designer
This is where we add the actual meat of your website such as the text and graphics of your pages. You’ll learn how to enter content into the Designer section of XSitePro, what each of the buttons on the Designer toolbar are for and how to insert design elements such as shaded boxes, graphical bullet points and lots more using the right-clicking Design Wizard. You’ll also learn how to switch between Design and Source views just in case you want to tweak your html code. (6 minutes)

Lesson 5: Special Pages
This lesson starts off by showing you a time saving technique for creating product pages and then moves on to introduce a very powerful timesaving feature in XSitePro called Sub-Pages. Clever use of sub-pages allows you to create huge, well-organized, professional-quality sites in a fraction of the time it would take in any other software. To finish off you’ll be introduced to the auto-updating site maps and how to easily add articles manually so that they all follow the same style and layout. (5 minutes)

Lesson 6: Affiliates
In this lesson you’ll discover two powerful ways of using the web pages you’ve created to help you make money. You’ll see how XSitePro makes it simple to manage all of the information for the affiliate schemes you are a member of and how it allows you to add correctly formatted affiliate links on any page you want, with just a couple of mouse clicks. You’ll discover an amazingly simply way of inserting Google Adsense into your pages and how you can quickly and easily format the Adsense ads to suit the style of your site. (6 minutes)

Lesson 7: Search Engine Optimization

In this lesson, you’ll learn about the importance of the search engine optimization (SEO) phrase, how to appropriately choose it and how to make use of the SEO table inside XSitePro. You’ll learn how to use the Suggested Actions list to make sure your web pages are search engine friendly. You’ll also learn how to generate reports about the search engine friendliness of your site and learn how to fine-tune your search engine optimization settings. (8 minutes)

Lesson 8: The Other Tab, Volume 1
In this video lesson you’ll find out how to improve the navigation and file structure of your web site. You’ll learn how to add a breadcrumb Trail to your pages just like the professional sites have and how to customize your Navigation Bar to meet your specific design requirements. You’ll also pick up some file management tricks such as adding new files with the File Manager, changing file name conventions and customizing the page titles. (8 minutes)

Lesson 9: The Other Tab, Volume 2

In the ninth lesson you’ll find out how to build powerful pop-up windows that appear only when you want them to appear and stop appearing after the conditions you specify have been met (when an order has been placed for example). You also learn how to set up redirects, how to add scripts, handle robots, set up a links page and add your own or a ready-made privacy statement to your site. (8 minutes)

Lesson 10: PowerPack Features
In this penultimate lesson you are introduced to a collection of features created especially for power users. Don’t worry if you are an inexperienced user as this video will explain everything clearly in language you are sure to understand. Learn all about creating a specially formatted XML site map that could give your Google rankings a real boost. Discover how to use the Import Pages tool to incorporate pages into your site, including pages that were not even created with XSitePro. Find out how to use Tokens to automatically insert certain kinds of text into your pages and learn how to use the Multi-Page Creation Wizard to quickly create an effective site structure. (10 minutes)

Lesson 11: Publishing
In this final lesson you’ll learn how to publish your site to the Internet. You’ll be taken through getting a web domain name and hosting account and how to enter all of the relevant information into XSitePro so that it knows where to upload your site to. You also discover why the Extra Publishing Details screen is a great place to store all of the other information relating to the domain in question. (10 minutes)

You can get full access to the xsitepro video tutorials, just click on the link

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Video Camera Buyer’s Guide

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Your Video Business Starts with the Right Camera

Before you can start using video on xsitepro….you need to make
it first and if you’re going to make promotional videos of people, places
or things….then you might want to know “What kind of Video Camera
and equipment do I get? Check out the link a little further down for a
free ebook and video on chosing the right camera.

Check out this insider video. It’s by a guy with a business
that has submitted more than 3 million Web videos in two
years—so he knows what he’s talking about when it comes to
He calls it “The Video Camera Buyer’s Guide: What to Buy
and Where to Get It.”

He’s got a killer way to start a full or part time Web
video business that I’ll tell you about in a few days.
But this is where it all starts…with the right camera.
He goes through all of them in this video from the new Flip
cameras and Webcams all the way up to the HD “prosumer”
models-and everything in between.
Plus he shows you which microphones to use and what the
must-have accessories are.
This is great stuff—especially if you’re looking to make
money with Web video:

P.S. This is exactly the type of content video he teaches
people how to make and blast out all over the Web to
generate leads, top search rankings and $$$. You’ll see
what I mean:

Grab your free Video Camera Guide today!

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The Traffic Geyser for Massive Website Traffic

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Traffic Geyser is celebrating their birthday! And you will benefit.

Check out their new programs for teaching and certifying you on all things video. Listen, I wouldn’t just throw a link to Traffic Geyser if it wasn’t of great benefit. You could build the best website or blog in the world, might be the prettiest, might have the best content and maybe even has some of the best graphics in the world…..but it is worthless without any traffic. Traffic Geyser is one of the fastest ways to get sustained website traffic to your website. Invest in yourself and your business by investing in Traffic Geyser!

Using Videos to Dive massive traffic to your website by auto submitting to 100′s of video web 2.0 directories.

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Website Traffic with Video!

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If you’ve never used video for website traffic then you are missing a major component of your website traffic strategies. I’m sure you’ve seen what happens when a video goes viral starting from Youtube. Imagine if you had your video on hundreds of video sites and blogs, imagine if you could get close to a major viral video.

Most marketers don’t use video correctly. If you employ the correct game plan for your video submissions then, over time, you’ll develop a steady stream of traffic to your website.

Using a video submission service like Traffic Geyser you can get your blog posts and website pages on the front page of google….in fact, you can get number 1 and number 2 position. Imagine what type of traffic you could pull into your site if you were number 1 or 2 on google……imagine what would happen if you could stay in these top positions. Well….Traffic Geyser shows you exactly how to do this!

Xsitepro is a fantastic program for creating websites and webpages that are properly optimized for your keywords if you use the program correctly. But, it takes a while to show up in the listings. By using Video correctly with your Xsitepro websites you will soar almost instantly to the top positions in Google. Traffic Geyser is a professional application and group designed to teach you about using video for search engine rankings as well as a method to submit and get your videos listed on hundreds of video directories and other Web 2.0 Social Sites without any type of spamming.

Using Videos to Dive massive traffic to your website by auto submitting to 100′s of video web 2.0 directories.

[vodpod id=ExternalVideo.742558&w=425&h=350&fv=]

more about "The Traffic Geyser for Massive Websit…", posted with vodpod

vodpod id=ExternalVideo.742558&w=425&h=350&fv=

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2 Xsitepro Templates Each Month and…..PLR Articles

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Are you an Xsitepro user?

Do you want to further explore Internet Marketing?

Don’t know what niche or subject to get into?

Maybe you purchased Xsitepro just to manage your own personal or business website but now see the potential of xsitepro and how easy it is to build websites….on top of that, you’ve discovered the bold new world of internet marketing and you are thinking you’d like to explore it further and build some websites in other areas of interest to you that might generate some additional income.

Let me suggest that you use your Xsitepro program to build a series of health related websites, stick an email and name capture form on each website and start building a list. You could even add a wordpress blog to your xsitepro website, ideally, you would want your blog to seamlessly integrate with your website.

Your list could be based on health subject or some aspect of healthy living.

Search for affiliate products that might cure or help with the specific health topic and promote it to your list related to that health product or send it to multiple lists or even all your lists.

There are many health related products that are distributed through distributors. You can join that company, and promote that particular product. The key is that you first build a list. I joined and use a product called GoChi which is a hybrid of Goji juice. I’ve gotten tremendous results, so I can honestly promote it in an effort to help others like me.

A big problem in implementing the above business model is coming up with the content for your health subject, things like articles or ebooks and putting together the needed websites.

Well….I have the solution for you. A PLR membership called Niche Health Products provides you with 2 Health Related topics a month. Each month you get the following for each subject:

  • 1 Custom Designed Xsitepro and HTML website template
  • 1 Custom Website already built with 10 PLR articles ready to upload
  • 20 additional PLR articles
  • health snippets
  • Full Graphics Package, header, footer, ebook covers & more
  • 1 PLR ebook on the specific subject
  • high paying keyword list
  • Bonus Articles

The articles, ebook, and minisites provided by Niche Health Products are of excellent quality. You will not find better written PLR articles and with the keywords provided you can focus in on specific long tailed keywords which will bring visitors that are more likely to take action.

Let me tell you that one of the most valuable aspects of the Niche Health Products membership is the fact that you get 2 custom designed Xsitepro website templates. Do you realize that if you were to have a custom xsitepro template designed for you it could cost you up to $500 per template. You get all the images that make up the templates. You get the source code images so you can actually edit these images and create a new custom version of the templates. As an xsitepro user you will find out that the website templates are the main component of creating a website with Xsitepro Website Software….and having custom templates allows you great flexibility along with giving you the freedom you need to create many variations of a Health Theme. Check out this video for a little idea of what you’ll be getting, template wise:

You can see a full size video here.

There’s many things you can do with your Niche Health Products membership. You could develop you own minisite virtual real estate empire. You could use the templates on other websites you own. You might want to create websites for health professionals using the content rich minisites and articles as fodder for the search engines. Of course you’d want to encourage the health professional to join NHP through your affiliate link for additional monthly recurring income.

Don’t miss this opportunity because Kim puts a cap on the Niche Health Product membership in an effort to keep the competition low. I’ve only touched on a small number of ways to use your NHP membership, with a little imagination and creativity you could really make the most of this valuable PLR membership.

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Adding a Verticle Line with Xsitepro

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The big problem is can Xsitepro add a verticle line in a webpage…my first thought was NO, but after reading what was needed, I do believe there is an answer, here is his question:

Hi everyone, how do I get this bar in the middle of the main page?

It is definetly on the main page and not right panel. How do I split the main page into 2 seperate columns? 1 with my text and 1 with adsense as shown?

There area a couple of ways to accomplish the above desired result in xsitepro….I talk about a few below.

If the right side is an actual panel….then the line is part of the template. In other words, it is part of the graphic that makes up the template. There is no coding that will make that happen….anyway, none I can think of.

One way you could do that is create a table to place the main content in, and only show the right side of the table border.

Or…put the table in the right column and make the left side of the table….the only one visible.

Xsitepro version 2 allows you to define many attributes of a table, so if you were to create a table in the main content, align left….and place your content in it. Now put your mouse over the border line of the table until the cursor turns into a 4 pointed cross……right click once, then left click and on the top of the window is “table properties”……the first tab is attributes, go to the bottom and in the boder space enter “0″….also make sure the border color is the same as the background of your main content area….in most cases white. Next click on the “Style” tab. Go to the Border tab, the second radio button allows you to choose any side of the table, you would want the right or left side depending on where the main table is. Pick the pixel width and color. The next thing you’ll want to do is go to the Margin tab, and place a number like 5 pixels for margin…..this will push the text away from the line. Chose whatever width you think looks good.

Play around with the table options and you can do a lot.

People who are unfamiliar with working with tables need to understand what the alignment attribute does. Get a handle on that and the other options will be icing on the cake. If you want to see how the alignment works, create 2 or 3 paragraphs of text, place a table in the middle of it….add a small paragraph of text in the table. Now highlight the table and chose one of the alignment options, left, middle or right to see how it works and see how the text wraps around the table.


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Xsitepro and Paypal for Automatic Download After Payment

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Here’s the Question regarding setting up paypal buttons in Xsitepro

I have some software with resell rights that I want to sell on a website I have already built. I also already have paypal buttons set up for my own personal “website building” services. The problem is… I have to re-contact these people. This will not work if I am selling a software package with several different downloads. Does anyone know how to set up automatic download after a purchase is made through a PayPal button? You know… so I don’t have to manually send the stuff.

I answered and offered a free ebook about paypal below.

First you create a download page with xsitepro. On the download page you have links to the files that will be downloaded….ie, the products that were purchased.

When you make your paypal button…there is an option that will ask where you want the customer to go after making the payment…..you would enter the full url of the page you created in the first paragraph.

I put a paypal book up in this post, it’s free….plus the entire thread has some good conversation paypal buttons and how to download a product.

Something you might want to think about. Instead of sending your customer directly to the download page, you should create a page that has an autoresponder form on it so you can capture their name and email address….. now you can start building a marketing list. Once they fill out their name and email address they would automatically receive an email from you with the link for downloading the product they purchased.

You can use a product like Aweber or Getresponse for an autorepsonder. This is the way the big guys do it :)

Hope that helped


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Custom Xsitepro Template….well, almost!

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The below question and confusion regarding xsitepro and templates comes up often. Since Xsitepro uses a system unlike any other to build websites, having your custom website template designed correctly and put in the right format is of paramount importance. This is a conversation I had with an Xsitepro user looking to use his custom website image in Xsitepro

I am not the best at designing a sales site, so I hired a person who did a great job for me.

He has sent me the all the files in jpeg and html…

I have read here on the forum as well as looked in the guided and I do not see how
to import these files…

Do I do them one at a time and redesign the site with XSite or is there another way
to import the entire contents all at once…

I would appreciate any suggestions…

Then somone tried to explain how xsitepro uses templates and why you just can’t use an image or regular html.


Hi Brian:

The information you are seeking is in the big manual Part U Page 266.

I haven’t tried it yet, but as far as I can see, XSite Pro cannot import a full site prepped in another program, like dreamweaver. It can’t interpret the functions and paramaters used by the other program to understand what is required. It can do so if it is an XSite Pro product because it understands the formatting used.

Like me, unilingual English trying to read the manual in French or Italian.

I think you have to do some work. It is one of the larger sections in the manual.

You will undoubtedly receive better information from more expert persons than I, as they scan the forum.

Good Luck


Below is my suggestion to help Brian with is dilemma regarding converting an custom designed photoshop image into a custom xsitepro template.

Hi Brian

When creating a website with xsitepro most users will use one of the templates that are provided with the xsitepro program and use it to build their website with.

Others will purchase a xsitepro template and import it into their xsitepro program as their template for their new website.

Still others, like you, will have a custom template designed. Typically a template is created in photoshop or GIMP which are image editors. Next the image is “sliced” into pieces that then…..can be used in Xsitepro to build a template. This file is called an .xse file.

So…at this point you are half way finished. The guy who designed and built your website template finished the image part of the process….next it has to be “sliced” into sections and imported corrected into Xsitepro so that you will have an .xse file.

If you’re not following me, first you can’t use the files you have with Xsitepro.

Second …..the files you have need to be manipulated so that they can be used in xsitepro.

If you have photoshop of GIMP you can slice the images you have yourself….I have a series of videos that shows you how to do …see Make Your Own Templates

If you rather have someone do it, I can do what is needed, send me a PM, otherwise there are other people on the forum that might be able to help you.

Good Luck


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