Create Tables with Xsitepro version 2

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Xsitepro Version 2.0 has some great features for working with tables. The ability to enhance and customize a table has been greatly enabled in Xsitepro version 2.

Tables have long been the most popular way to design a website. Although those that command the web would like to see everyone using CSS, it still remains that working with tables is easiest and a great way to put together a quick website ranging from a simple salespage style to more complex forms of websites.

Xsitepro allows you to easily add or customize your site with css and I suggest you learn how to use it. The reason is because that is the direction webdesign is headed and it is most compatible with just about all the popular browsers. Websites load faster when using css, and I’ve been told that they are easier on the search engines.

Still for the newbie creating a webpage with tables is the simplest way to get started and organize a webpage. For instance you can draw out your webpage on a legal pad and visualize the page as a series or boxes or tables. It becomes easy to take your concept to webpage design.

Xsitepro really does make it easy to work with tables. In fact, the templates are all based on a table with a series of cells organized to give you a header, navigation tables, main table, footer tables plus a few extra with xsitepro ver. 2.0

I found a couple of videos that will help you understand the concept of tables and Xsitepro version 2.0, please check them out.

Xsitepro Version 2.0 Video 1

Xsitepro Version 2.0 Video 2

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Xsitepro Templates and Website Design

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Xsitepro version 1 and version 2 both work with templates to help you build a website.

The program comes with many templates, however, sooner or latter everyone wants to learn how to make templates for xsitepro. We run into a little bit of a snag since Xsitepro 2.0 has more panels which make up the template. This makes some Xsitepro 2.0 templates incompatible with Xsitepro version 1.0.

There is a nice Xsitepro tutorial in the help section of your xsitepro program and you can see the xsitepro tutorial here….just click on the link.

Let me go through the process of creating a xsitepro template.

  1. First imagine a legal pad of paper….and imagine that legal pad is your webpage.
  2. Now take the legal page and draw out your webpage.
  3. Header across the top
  4. Navigation panel on the left side
  5. Navigation panel on the right side
  6. Body Section in between the 2 Navigation panels
  7. Footer Across the Bottom

Ok…you have to use a graphics editor like photoshop to create the website you just designed on the legal pad. NVU is a free version of photoshop and will work just as well or you can use any graphics editor that will allow you to slice the image for use in a website.

After you create an image of the website with your graphics editor, you will slice the image into boxes or panels that will be used in the numbered steps above (version 2 allows for more slices or panels)

Let me backtrack a second. The whole purpose of designing your own template is to have something that looks good and doesn’t look like an out of the box Xsitepro template. So….when designing your webpage in your graphics editor keep in mind the fact that you will be slicing into component parts. Know what those parts are and where they are located. It doesn’t matter if its in Xsitepro 1 or Xsitepro 2.

The awesome difference in Xsitepro 2 is that you have additional panels or boxes to work with. This will allow you more freedom in your design and help eliminate the traditional xsitepro template look.

Finally, save the images and make sure you optimize them first so they load fast.

You can view Video Tutorials on how to make Xsitepro Templates by clicking on any of the links in this sentence.

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Create Squeeze Page with Xsitepro

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Xsitepro is an easy to use website builder.

If you can use Microsoft Word…then you can use Xsitepro. Just recently version 2 of Xsitepro has been released which is loaded with features that would make even the most experienced website designer fill with envy.

Squeeze pages are a necessity if you plan on making money online. A squeeze page is simply a short webpage with some information offering a free product of service in exchange for the visitor’s name and email address. You can use Xsitepro to easily create a squeeze page. Here’s a video which describes how to use Xsitepro to create a squeeze page.

How to Create an XSite Pro Squeeze Page


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Xsitepro and Adsense

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I was reading through the xsitepro forum and someone asked the question. “Is anyone making money with Google Adsense?”

This was the response:

There is a guy named Tim Gorman who made over $100,000 last year from Adsence with about 50 five page mini-sites.

He doesn’t use Xsitepro but he should because his sites look like ****.

He makes the sites and then uses article or “Bum” marketing to get traffic and ranking.

Here is a video interview he made

I suspect most people these days are not making very much money with Google Adsense. It takes a well established website or blog with substantial traffic in order to make some decent money with Google Adsense. The days of getting rich by placing adsense on your site and cranking out the sites are long gone.

I would go so far as to say that you might want to entirely remove adsense from you sites if you’re not making any money and try to monetize your websites in other ways…banners, sell space, affiliate programs, or your own products.

In the above quote the poster refers to Tim Gorman. I just purcased some video and audio classes from Tim, he creates his wealth by using a modified Article Marketing formula. It’s close to Bum Marketing, but he has smartly created a substantial income for himself and family by working with articles and marketing with articles.

It’s amazing to see the power of pure persistence and sticking with a simple and single monetization model. Article Marketing has definetly paid off for Tim :)

Tim is a great guy and spoke 2 years on article marketing. He’s in the service and works his internet marketing business part time……amazing for crappy looking sites :)

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XSP Cheatsheet Version 2.0

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Xsitepro Tips and Tricks.....using xsitepro to its fullest

Xsitepro Tips and Tricks.....using Xsitepro to it's fullest

It’s almost here, XSP Cheatsheet Version 2.0!

Somebody asked?

Is this ebook worth the money?

Here are some of the responses from those who have version 1 and version 2 of XSP Cheat Sheet.

I learnt quite a lot from it and would recommend it to anyone. I have read it numerous times and find something new each time.

Shane I just purchased XSP and I am still learning it. At first I was going to ask for my money back because I felt that sales letter type sites were the only kind of sites that one could make.

After playing with XSP a little I now see that’s not the case at all. I figured I could get some more tips from the cheat sheet.

I have absolutely no regrets whatsoever in obtaining the XSitePro Cheat Sheet. It’s excellent and will help you get your website indexed and ranked quickly. It’s also helped me no end in putting things in perspective.

James Schramko, who wrote the Cheat Sheet, is also extremely helpful and offers loads of helpful videos and other advice.

However, please just don’t take my word for it. Check out this link from Michael who also endorses the XSitePro Cheat Sheet and who says it’s worth every cent.

You can go to the Xsitepro forum or messageboard and do a search for XSP Cheat Sheet and see that almost 100% of the responses are overwhelmingly positive. This manual allows you to go deep into the workings of Xsitepro, in some ways, it’s just another way of reviewing the information that is already out there, often times that’s what it takes to make the information digestable. I’m sure all of us have had a teacher or speaker that has tried to teach us something and we just didn’t get it….then along comes teacher/speaker “B” and all of a sudden we get it!

……That’s what XSP Cheat Sheet can do for you. It will reveal Xsitepro like you’ve never seen before :)

I found a place where you can pick up 20 Xsitepro Templates for less than a Big Mac!

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XsitePro Version 2 Templates

July 6, 2008 by  
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XsitePro Version 2 Templates

XsitePro Version 2.0 is a new version of Xsitepro and is one of the easiest programs to use if you are interested in getting a presence on the world wide web. The best part is that it uses premade xsitepro templates for creating any type of website. Xsitepro comes with some prepackaged templates, but these templates have what I call the xsitepro template look….they almost look cheesey!

“The Xsitepro Template Look” is usually characterized by a square website page. The top of the page is composed of a table that is the basis of the header, it can be filled with an image or typically it just has a background color and you can type a page or website description in it, and then you will see a navigational column which is basically just a table with a contrasting colored background and is positioned on the left or right side of the page, to recap, the xsitepro webpage template is composed of tables with colored backgrounds which in turn gives the xsitepro template a very square edged and boxy look, square box across the top, square box on the sides, square box on the bottom and square box in the middle Then there is a section where the body is displayed with is another table with a white back ground. Some of the xsitepro templates have a 3 column format which really makes the template stick out as the typical boxy and square edged standard xsitepro temlate. And to finish the template design off, there is a table across the bottom of the page that is has a colored background and you can add various link components and text for footer content. Xsitepro has features most other website editors don’t, when finishing off the header you can add various linking componets to attain the search engine optimzation.

xsitepro custom .xse template If you’ve gotten this far I have some good news for you, there are some designers that create some awesome looking templates for xsitepro…and I’m one of them! Even though many of the templates available today for xsitepro are of some variation of the format I discussed above, some with images in the headers and various shapes for the navigation tables….try as they might, it’s really difficult todisquise the standard xsitepro template look. Now you’re wondering….if I use Xsitepro am I stuck with this design flaw?

You can pay a website designer who specializes in Xsitepro templates to custom design a template that will look like any other website or better. It is an expensive undertaking because the designer first has to design the look of the website in a program like photoshop and then “slice” the website image and convert it into a Xsitepro Template file so you can the import it into your Xsitepro program.

I’ve seen people pay $25 or $50 for a custom xsitepro template….but it looks like crap. Expect to pay anywhere between $200 and $500 or even more for a great looking xsitepro cutom template! Yes, I know it’s expensive, but a good designer…someone who is good with photoshop and xsitepro can create a template for xsitepro that looks just like any other template or even better and bottom line, no one will be the wiser, they won’t be able to tell that you are using XsitePro Version 2.0!

How would you like to get your hands and 2 of these customized Xsitepro Templates each and every month without paying those outrageous prices? If you become a member of Niche Health Products you will get 2 awesome looking templates that you would never expect to be used with Xsitepro. This is a Private Label Rights membership and you get a ton of material along with the templates. In fact you get 2 complete minisites that are built with these templates, each minisite comes in 4 different versions!

This is where it gets exciting…not only do you get the plr materials you also get the .psd or photoshop master files for the templates…you can make your own templates from these files. The .psd files are the key to creating new templates for the experienced Xsitepro and photoshop user, you’d be amazed at what you come up with when using these files. The only way to comprehend what I’ve been talking about is to take a look at FREE XsitePro Templates and actually see a much more elaborate survey and see some real live websites built with Xsitepro templates used for Niche Health Products.

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Video blogging with Video Utility Poster

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Video blogging with Video Utility Poster

Blogs and Video Blogging should be part of your Internet Marketing Strategy when using Xsitepro. Both have rss feeds and both can be used to create, funnel and drive traffic to your money sites. I want to share my thoughts on Video Utility Poster review…it’s a great program that will give you the edge on your competition.

Video blogging can accomplish many tasks. An easy and fast way to start video blogging is by using Video Utility Poster, a unique software application provided by the developers at Authority Site Center.

By using Video Utility Poster you can get into Video Blogging within minutes. It’s important that you use video blogging as a means to an end. That being, producing quality content for the readers of your blog. If you simply start embedding a bunch of unrelated, junk, or garbage videos….you might have guessed, you’ll lose your readers, your most valuable asset.

Why use Video Utility Poster ?

No problem, do you have a good number of blog visitors, they can get tired of reading all the time and a relevant video will spice things up. Remember nobody wants to watch junk videos, but videos that are related to the theme of your blog will attract new visitors and help you keep the ones you already have.

The main reason to get into video blogging by using Video Utility Poster is that it will save you a ton of time. You can keep your blog content flowing easily with Video Utility Poster, if you have a hot topic just do a quick search using the keyword of choice and up pops a selection of videos for you to choose from, all you have to do is click, drag and drop into your post. It really is easy to use Video Utility Poster, in fact, you probably already guessed I was using Video Utility Poster to create this post, I got a little carried away because the video I found was so interest….normally all you need is a couple of sentences before the video and after the video.

Check out the below video and watch Jack Humphrey discuss the Video Utility Poster and show you what happens when you start video blogging…’ll be amazed at how fast he found himself number 1 on Google’s front page !

Invest in Video Utility Poster quickly and you will be able to change the look and feel of your blog overnight, move up in the search engines and start making more money!!

Video Utility Poster


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Xsitepro or WordPress

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The question always comes up whether someone should use Xsitepro or WordPress. Well, there are some very subtle differences and some very unique differences between wordpress and xsitepro.

First Xsitepro is a website editor that builds static website pages. It’s good for the newbie and experienced website builder, especially with the advent of Xsitepro Version 2.0 and WordPress is a blogging platform. WordPress is more of a dynamic type of website. Actually, it would be smart if you learned how to do both, because you can use static websites and a dynamic websites together to create a flow of traffic to the website that makes you money….whether it be a blog of static website.

XSite Pro Web Sites vs. WordPress Blogs–Which is Better?

If you’re not sure about whether XSite Pro is for you, why not attend one of the upcoming webinars? No cost, and you’ll get a feel for the features. You can sign up here. Dates are July 2,4, 8, …

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Xsitepro Version 2 Webinar

July 3, 2008 by  
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You might not have heard but……

Xsitepro Version 2 is out.

Yep, Xsitepro Version 2 is ready for you to download or upgrade. If it’s early enough you can sign up for one of 2 webinars coming up in the next few days. If you miss the live presentation, you should be able to see a playback of the webinar….not sure though you’ll have to check one of these links.

That’s right. XSitePro version 2 has finally been released into the eagerly-awaiting arms of a huge and growing loyal base of supporters.

- Want to know exactly why this application is taking the Internet Marketing world by storm?

- Want to know why people are getting SO excited about this product?

- Want to say a bunch of money and do your own website design and development?

- Want to at least know what you don’t have and could have?

Just take 5 minutes of your day to check out the page below and you’ll know exactly why. And I guarantee you’ll thank me for it :-)

Click here to watch a new Webinar on XsitePro Version 2

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