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Are you an Xsitepro user?

Do you want to further explore Internet Marketing?

Don’t know what niche or subject to get into?

Maybe you purchased Xsitepro just to manage your own personal or business website but now see the potential of xsitepro and how easy it is to build websites….on top of that, you’ve discovered the bold new world of internet marketing and you are thinking you’d like to explore it further and build some websites in other areas of interest to you that might generate some additional income.

Let me suggest that you use your Xsitepro program to build a series of health related websites, stick an email and name capture form on each website and start building a list. You could even add a wordpress blog to your xsitepro website, ideally, you would want your blog to seamlessly integrate with your website.

Your list could be based on health subject or some aspect of healthy living.

Search for affiliate products that might cure or help with the specific health topic and promote it to your list related to that health product or send it to multiple lists or even all your lists.

There are many health related products that are distributed through distributors. You can join that company, and promote that particular product. The key is that you first build a list. I joined and use a product called GoChi which is a hybrid of Goji juice. I’ve gotten tremendous results, so I can honestly promote it in an effort to help others like me.

A big problem in implementing the above business model is coming up with the content for your health subject, things like articles or ebooks and putting together the needed websites.

Well….I have the solution for you. A PLR membership called Niche Health Products provides you with 2 Health Related topics a month. Each month you get the following for each subject:

  • 1 Custom Designed Xsitepro and HTML website template
  • 1 Custom Website already built with 10 PLR articles ready to upload
  • 20 additional PLR articles
  • health snippets
  • Full Graphics Package, header, footer, ebook covers & more
  • 1 PLR ebook on the specific subject
  • high paying keyword list
  • Bonus Articles

The articles, ebook, and minisites provided by Niche Health Products are of excellent quality. You will not find better written PLR articles and with the keywords provided you can focus in on specific long tailed keywords which will bring visitors that are more likely to take action.

Let me tell you that one of the most valuable aspects of the Niche Health Products membership is the fact that you get 2 custom designed Xsitepro website templates. Do you realize that if you were to have a custom xsitepro template designed for you it could cost you up to $500 per template. You get all the images that make up the templates. You get the source code images so you can actually edit these images and create a new custom version of the templates. As an xsitepro user you will find out that the website templates are the main component of creating a website with Xsitepro Website Software….and having custom templates allows you great flexibility along with giving you the freedom you need to create many variations of a Health Theme. Check out this video for a little idea of what you’ll be getting, template wise:

You can see a full size video here.

There’s many things you can do with your Niche Health Products membership. You could develop you own minisite virtual real estate empire. You could use the templates on other websites you own. You might want to create websites for health professionals using the content rich minisites and articles as fodder for the search engines. Of course you’d want to encourage the health professional to join NHP through your affiliate link for additional monthly recurring income.

Don’t miss this opportunity because Kim puts a cap on the Niche Health Product membership in an effort to keep the competition low. I’ve only touched on a small number of ways to use your NHP membership, with a little imagination and creativity you could really make the most of this valuable PLR membership.

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